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Steelbook Suggestions

This topic is for Sentai Titles you’d like to see as Steelbook Collections.:

Title (Any Special added Features etc you would want to see added to guarantee you’d preorder it)

My Suggestions:

Trinity 7 Steelbook (Includes TV Series & both sequel Movies)
Princess Principal Top Secret Collection Steelbook (Includes TV series and all 6 sequel movies)
Girls und Panzer (Includes TV Series, OVA Series, Anzio OVA and der Film)
Girls und Panzer Finale Steelbook (All 6 Sequel Films Collection)
Muv-Luv Alternative Ultimate Survival Collection Steelbook (Schwarzes Marken + Total Eclipse)
RahXephon: The World Suffused with Sound Edition Steelbook: (Blu-Ray of TV Series + Movie, with the ADV DVD Extras (Cast interviews etc)

That’s enough for now, if anyone thinks of anything feel free to post


You probably knew this was coming…

To Love Ru / Motto Ultimate Ecchi Collection set 1 and TLR Darkness Ultimate Ecchi Collection set 2 (Each set would include their respective OVA’s, [Set 1 has the S1 OVAs and set 2 has the Darkness /2nd OVA’s] and an artbook for each.)


Majestic Prince (the original series + ep. 25 & the movie.)