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Steelbook Suggestions

This topic is for Sentai Titles you’d like to see as Steelbook Collections.:

Title (Any Special added Features etc you would want to see added to guarantee you’d preorder it)

My Suggestions:

Trinity 7 Steelbook (Includes TV Series & both sequel Movies)
Princess Principal Top Secret Collection Steelbook (Includes TV series and all 6 sequel movies)
Girls und Panzer (Includes TV Series, OVA Series, Anzio OVA and der Film)
Girls und Panzer Finale Steelbook (All 6 Sequel Films Collection)
Muv-Luv Alternative Ultimate Survival Collection Steelbook (Schwarzes Marken + Total Eclipse)
RahXephon: The World Suffused with Sound Edition Steelbook: (Blu-Ray of TV Series + Movie, with the ADV DVD Extras (Cast interviews etc)

That’s enough for now, if anyone thinks of anything feel free to post


You probably knew this was coming…

To Love Ru / Motto Ultimate Ecchi Collection set 1 and TLR Darkness Ultimate Ecchi Collection set 2 (Each set would include their respective OVA’s, [Set 1 has the S1 OVAs and set 2 has the Darkness /2nd OVA’s] and an artbook for each.)


Majestic Prince (the original series + ep. 25 & the movie.)


Elfen lied has one already that’s off my list.

Another since I’m stuck with the damn subtitled one on crunchyroll. Keep the dub


What about Maburaho, or please teacher


Welcome @Lostkami!

Those are really good selections, however Please Teacher is licensed by Nozomi Entertainment, and sadly Maburaho has been out of license in the United States since ADV disbanded around 10 years ago.

We’d all love for you to hang around and chat about your favorite anime. Please feel free to introduce yourself to the forum family via a new topic thread in the Intros sub forum.

I hope to see you around! :grin:

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Gory artwork on the case

If you all do a Gate Steelbook, make the Steelbook look like a Military Manual, maybe an “Special Division Army” Rules of Engagement manual or something similar.

Cover being similar to something like this: