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Shows available on Sprint phones & is it even worth it now?


I have a Palm Pre and was thinking of getting the Anime Network. I was wondering if there was a seperate list of available shows than what is available on TV. I was also wondering if it was even worth it because of the recent collapse of ADV. I just want to know what the likelyhood of the service going to be around for a while is before i sign up. Thanks.


Whether it’s worth it or not is a Your Mileage May Vary situation.

The shows that are available on TV and VOD are available in the top menu, whether those are different enough for you to get on Sprint is up to you. But VOD and Online Player have the most shows as these are what’s driving the Anime bus for Anime Network.

As far as the ADV situation, the new companies formed from last month’s news is stronger than ever and Anime Network hasn’t been affected. But as with anything in the anime industry lately, there is nothing for certain. Personally I am not concerned. Anime Network has been more active now due to the new legal steps ADV took 3 weeks ago than it has in 2 years. So, so far whatever has been taking place has been a good thing.


I went ahead and added the service to my phone. But it seems like a lot of what is offered on the site is not available on my phone. I know i may only get one epsiode at a time, but right now i’ve had the same bunch of shows on my phone for a while now, at least a couple of weeks. I don’t know if i have to wait a full month before new content might come on, or if it;s something i need to talk to Sprint about. I also don’t know if there might be some special lineup just for mobile devices i might have missed.


Which shows do you have currently available?

I’ll ask Anime Network when they get back to the office early next week about updates to it.