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[size=30]SMILEY TROVE[/size]

Sometimes words alone cannot convey something that you are trying to say… or you just want to spice it up a bit. That’s where the good ol’ smilies come in! If you happen to want some smilies that we are used to from the original variety, here is a little collection that I’ll start this off with. Feel free to add what you may have if you like. All the smilies can be either animated, non-animated, big or small. Release the smilies upon TAN!


Here’s part of the collection I have. A few of these I animated myself as well. There will be more after this…

[size=20]Animated Smiley Collection #1:[/size]




[size=20]Animated Smiley Collection #2:[/size]


[size=20]Animated Smiley Collection #3:[/size]