Greggo's game show goodness!

If this thread stays bumped (hint hint) I’ll be uploading links to my anime convention game shows for all you lovely people who love Anime Network.

Here’s my first offering: From Kamikazecon (and with full Anime Network plugs!) here’s the ¥25,000 Pyramid with your good friends Chris Ayres and Sami Inoue-Harte as the celebrities! (Our own spazzysam makes an appearance too!)

Oh, and I’m the guy hosting. (cough)

Part one:
Part two:



Oh man, that was classy Greggo. Wish I could’ve been there. I found the integration of Internet culture funny, you know your memes.


Wish I coulda been there to meet you greggo, but I was at the casinos that weekend. Didnt make as much as 25k, but we got pretty close haha.

That was great Greggo! :lol: Good job too Spazzysam! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m going to encode and upload the next part before I sleep tonight…because of ALL OF YOU!

Or because I already had the program up and haven’t quite finished the beer I was working on before I started part two.

You decide. xD

Waste not, want not. :wink:

I know what I’m thinking!

Here’s the next part of the Pyramid. And now I sleep. Enjoy!

Excellent! You make me want to play! :lol:

I request to play too. I demand it!

Hehe, well if you’d like to… ahem. I’ll let my friend Doug Morris explain.

Maybe he can come up with a game for us to play here!

And Greggo - didn’t you say you were going to sleep?

Yes, and I shall do that now.

This is Greggo saying to help control the fanboy odor, have your fanboy shaved and showered. Good night everybody!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Goodnight Greggo!

You’re… still…here…(at the time of this posting

Oh snap here’s more fun from Kamikazecon:

Nice Greggo! And I never want to see those flavors of Pocky either! :lol:

That was really cool Greggo. I even clapped.

And here’s the last part of Pyramid.

More to come! :smiley: