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When I saw Solo with my sister I told her the biggest problem with the movie was that there was no Danger element to it, since you know both Han & Chewy make it out in one piece, so no matter how bad the situation was, The suspense was lacking due to that very fact. It’s also the reason why Rogue One worked so well because you really didn’t know if the characters were going to survive.


IMO the “rule of prequels” (all new characters die, established characters live) was good for Solo as it guaranteed that there wouldn’t be any TFA’ing or TLJ’ing of fan-favorite characters.

I can agree that Solo was unnecessary.

But, After his disappointing depiction in The Force Awakens, IMO there was a market for Han Solo to be “cool” again on film, something that hadn’t happened since 1983.

Solo also helped undo the damage done to Han Solo on home media since Lucas’ 1997 retcon.

Star Wars can do teen angst well, as we saw with Luke Skywalker. It can also do it poorly, as we saw with Padme & Anakin Skywalker. Solo switched it up a bit and didn’t really have an angst angle: Han Solo didn’t whine his way through Solo.

I saw director Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland:thinking::fearful:


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June 10, 2018

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have you already bought tickets for Its a Small World: The Movie, and Epcot Center: the Movie also? cause everything that is a ride at Disney can make a movie, and that is how bad they are getting, every source of crreativity is gone form the days Walt was alive, and Disney jsut the biggest theives in the entertainment inductry.

if there was anyone with a single iota of creaive ability at Disney, they wouldnt be rebooting/remaking everything fr no reason. Just saw Jungle Book on TV lst night, didn’t wathc it, and it wasn’t on HBO, STARZ, etc; not even aired on any Disney channel yet, it was on TBS… Turner Broadcasting with commercials… the same place i saw Force Awakens, because Disney doesn’t even want to air their own dirty laundry on their own channels. That should tell you something right there.

But then again, these remakes are live actions, not like Tumblr-cats ROAR and Star vs the Forces of Evil with Jelly Belly characters.

I mean if they want characters that people will hate and love at the same time that look all the same and like a food item, i am sure Disney owns the California Raisins. and they looked better than Pickle and Peanut.


In fairness, Pirates of the Caribbean was a fun film, much more than the old ride. The much-derided fifth film (Dead Men Tell No Tales) was pretty much a brutally-honest biopic of Johnny Depp, and was a fun enough film last summer.

For the record, I did not see Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland in theaters. I saw it years later, when I heard a theory that the film was actually awesome but had just gotten a bad rap. I can say that theory was wrong, Brad Bird could not channel the “themepark attraction->feature film” magic that Pirates of the Caribbean had.

I really want to believe that this will not happen, that Cartoon Network is just trolling us. Thundercats already stumbled with the 2011 reboot, this pending 2019 reboot is just kicking the franchise when its down :cry:


John Boyega Speaks Out On Harassment of Star Wars Actors

June 12, 2018


"You’re not entitled to politeness when your approach is rude. "

Kinda thinking he missed an opportunity to use some Star Wars quotes. Like Darth Jar Jar’s “How WUDE!”

…Does John Boyega not understand how the internet works? Responding to people like this is just pouring gasoline on the fire.

"Even if you paid for a ticket! "
Maybe if Boyega et al would offer to refund tickets that’d smooth things over with the irate internet posters? :slight_smile:


Fandom is a partnership between the “Producers” of, in this case, the Star Wars franchise and the fans. You get this kind of bitterness when the partners have a falling out. In the past this would manifest with lower ticket sales and bad reviews, with the internet in play the falling out is much more public and made even more bitter.

In the end it means a reduced Fandom or possibly an end to the particular Fandom outright.

Mark Gosdin


George Lucas Admits Fans Would Have ‘Hated’ His Star Wars Sequels

June 13, 2018


“at least the whole story from beginning to end would be told”
What does Lucas mean by this? What story in Star Wars film wasn’t told like this?

Is this implying that Lucas himself didn’t tell a story properly (“Darth Jar Jar” confirmed :wink: :roll_eyes: ), is it a jab at how TLJ didn’t build upon anything that TFA had setup…?


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June 14, 2018


Natalie Portman Wants to Meet Her Star Wars ‘Son’ Mark Hamill

June 15, 2018


I think he also did Incredibles movies?

sadly tumblr-cats is real, and like you said, the same is happening to Star Wars, i can’t even post links to half the things said by Disney and Lucasfilm/Star Wars people here due to not safe for work, like @paulskemp on twitter from June 11th.

Or the spreading of Disney persons like Brie Larson of Marvel commenting about how people didn’t hae a right to comment on “A Wrinkle in Time” because they were white and it was made for “women of color”, even though M l’Engle was white, wrote the book in 1962, about a white family featuring Meg Murray, who had 2 white twin brothers, and a white red-haired blue eyed daughter as apparent on the book covers of part of the series, and l’Engle never complained about those book covers being wrong, nor did she comment on the 2003 “Wrinkle in Time” movie staring white Katie Stuart before l’Engle passed in 2007.

Which there is all sort of things i could say about that or Larson thinking she “made” anything, but apparently in all these instances the actors and current Hollywood members think they are the creator of something original when they try to remake or reboot something they had NO hand in creating.

or trying to appease people in countries that don’t even like Star Wars because the don’t need “space samurai” since they have actual samurai like Toshiro Mifune said when he turned down the role in Star Wars, because the samurai culture and tradition means too much to Japan for him to take part… Yet Kelly Marie Tran (“a woman of color”) is doing some great service representing persons of Asia, even though market results can show… Asia doesn’t care for Star Wars… :confused:

and all this is much safer than the paul s kemp twitter account so be mindful if you search for that Star Was novel authors tweets because he gets extremely violent.

Star Wars personnel are just blanket attacking all fans at this point with such hateful things, that Disney is no longer family friendly… though since they own one of the worlds largest porn distributors (competitors of AES Holdings which owns the former branches of ADV), Disney has never been family friendly. :rofl:


I just got back home from seeing the new Star Wars Solo movie. I thought it was pretty decent. It takes place between episode 3 and episode 4. That rumor about you-know-who surviving isn’t really a rumor it’s canon.


But, if he survived, then what was he up to in eps 2+?


Crimson Dawn.

Edit: that and apparently looking to get revenge


no, he was dead. the events of Star Wars Rebels animated series with the Twilek led crew takes place after, and “he” meets a jedi on another world who finally dispatches “him”.

that is the only way he can exist now by making SWRebels canon, and thus it ALL has to be canon… how he survived to begin with and also his demise.

So disney is making you watch AL their stuff to get the Star War story, where prior to Disney you could choose your story, either just watch the movies, since Star Wars began as movies; or follow the EU.

so SW has become .hack// and you have to watch every movie, TV show, and read every comic to get the full story under Disney because all of them require parts of the story from other medium unlike prior to Disney Star Wars :facepalm:

Rogue One and Solo, are basically Disney’s attempts to rewrite the original and prequels without haivng the rights to the Fox owned movies, since George only sold Disney the production rights of future movies and Fox already owned the distribution rights to the originals since they are the ones that released them, George only had creative control and licensing control.

So when people say Rian Johnson is and did try to destroy everything that came before per KK, then yes that is what they are trying to do; anything to eclipse and make people forget what made Star Wars as famous as it is now. Thus the backlash from people towards Disney for their revisionist writing trying to undo things that have become a global property not just one mans story.


It’s not just Star Wars Rebels, he also showed up back in 2012’s animated series The Clone Wars as well as in comics. There’s nothing specifically that pointed out that he was unequivocally dead. It’s no different than Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi. There’s plenty of non movie literature that explains why Boba Fett is still alive.


What? :confused:



This takes place after Solo.

Edit: I guess I should say my original point was he wasn’t dead before Solo.