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Yeah, but if Celestial hasn’t seen Rebels or maybe even Clone Wars, he wouldn’t know where “he” has been during episodes 2+ :wink:

so as the resolution still ends with him dead, no need to take away his chance to find “him” wallowing in the garbage to be rescued by “his” brother :wink:


Yep, I didn’t see Rebels, though I saw some of Clone Wars (mostly just the 2008 movie).

As a pretty much movie-only guy, it seems mighty odd to me that you-know-who, after surviving getting sliced up and tossed down a hole, looks like he just decided to go his own way and become a generic space gangster in Solo?

Qui-Gonn seemed to suffer from lesser injuries yet he died.

…what was really weird to me, being a movie-only guy, was that they used the voice actor from the cartoons for you-know-who, instead of the guy who voiced him in the film.

Solo made it so that Han Shot First again, so that’s a positive.

…while I thought Solo was fun, I’d rather have seen a prequel about you-know-who, or a postquel about Boba Fett’s adventures after he fought his way out of the sarlacc.

Wrest that away from him somehow and release UHD Despecialized Editions of the Original Trilogy stat, before Disney assimilates all of Fox.


Yeah it is a severe money grab with the evolution of many different types of media. Christopher Reeves had a story as Superman and didn’ follow the TV series that came out before him or the comics directly, and the movies were able to stand alone. Now you have every form of entertainment is Pokemon, you have to catch them all to be able to follow what is going on. The worst being .hack// where you went from anime to comic to video game with built in anime you had to watch to understand he video game, then another anime, another comic series, another video game, another anime… NO.

The Harry Potter series was changed from book to movie and the movie follows its own plot sticking close to the books main plot, but in the case of Star Wars…

They made a good bit and entertained people with the comics and novels, and good for them. But when it comes back to the movie, none of that should be required to be able to follow or understand the movie, because they fanatics that will consume al of those are few and far between and doesn’t represent the whole that would see the movies. It really doesn’t help a property to split its content over too much area in so many forms of media.

Sure there is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” but you also can’t expect people to have to track down all these other things to be able to follow the content when in today’s world not everyone even has access to them. If it was just novels and comics you could buy in most stores to compliment the movies it would be one thing, but Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, Rebels on Disney channel, whatever else on Netflix… not everyone has all those things and will be able to have your story, and also most people don’t go looking to buy every cartoon from a movie, in that price for an animated series set like someone buying seasons of anime for things like Star Wars.

Marvel the movies should be ads to sell more comics, like anime is mostly ads to sell more manga. Star Wars should be selling extra stuff to keep the concepts alive until the next movie and all the ancillary products (toys, comics, novels, etc) are basically ads for the next movie, not required reading to understand the movie.

honestly, i didn’t care who shot first. I still have the unedited VHS versions of the original trilogy, just can’t watch it since my VCR died, and they don’t sell VCRs anymore. :frowning:


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June 17, 2018

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Wishes Darth Vader a Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2018


Alright even outside of the animated series and comics if you have an eye for detail his legs are robotic. Even if you’re like hey he should be dead if you catch that along with the mechanical sound as he stands up then you can put two and two together. Oh God I made a pun and I didn’t even mean to… actually I guess it would be 1 and 1 if I wanted to be more accurate even though that’s not the saying LOL.


I was thrown by the scene because it used the wrong voice actor for the character. The original voice actor was recently used in Amazon’s reboot of The Tick and I, having seen that, had the original voice actor fresh in mind when I saw Solo.

So if the film hadn’t explicitly said you-know-who’s name, I would’ve thought it was just a doppleganger.

…Maybe Solo should’ve had him as a doppleganger? As a movie-only fan, [learning that he lived now] I’d like to know what he was up to for the past ~30-40 years, and why he seemingly forsook his previous “team”. Maybe that’s the idea, to make people like me ask that and the Lando movie would answer that question, but odds are low that we’re getting a Lando film…

I’m sure that VCRs could still be scrounged up, my concern is that VHS won’t last forever (the last initial issue of 'em was in 1995). Though as far as I know, all the VHS tapes have been edited vs the theatrical releases, just no where near as bad as the “Specialized” editions.

Edit: Also, VHS on a modern TV, even if the tapes work and are error-free, would look pretty bad.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure my set (the ancient 1995 THX remaster) was pan-and-scan cropped to be 4:3 fullscreen. I might’ve never seen Episodes 5 & 6 the way they were meant to be seen (before Lucas went cray-cray), because no “despecialized” versions of them (save for possibly a 1992 VHS) seem to exist? :cry:

I wish anime weren’t used to sell LN/VN/manga (it’s never the same; Rokka the anime was too different vs Rokka the LN), but I don’t know if the Marvel films [should be] designed to sell comic books, I thought they were there to get money from the casuals who don’t read comics (like me :blush:)


Sadly they want everything interlinked so as to force everyone to purchase everything. and fail to understand that:

  1. not everyone is interested in every form of media
  2. if one vessel really screws up with something it could ruin everything else that comes after it (see Solo failure after SW:TLJ)
  3. people don’t have time to consume all this stuff


That’s definitely an issue, one that I saw happen just recently when Dave Cullen, ragging on Infinity War, admitted that he hadn’t seen prior Marvel films, and those prior films addressed many of his complaints about Infinity War.

Though FWIW Solo was done reasonably well as a stand alone film: I reckon someone who had never seen any Star Wars could’ve seen that without feeling like they were missing prerequisite knowledge.

…for what it was, 2008’s theatrical film Star Wars: The Clone Wars did decently at the box office, and was made for peanuts. IMO the art style needed to have been less stylized, but still, instead of making it into a “pilot film” for the cartoon, maybe it would’ve been better to have made it a CGI movie series?


I just did some math based on weekends…

According to Boxoffixemojo for gross domestic, National Association of Theater Owners for average current ticket prices, and 2005 US consensus for age 13+ persons in USA to pay that price for ticket…

at $9.16 average per ticket for the gross domestic cume after a month, and assuming everyone only saw the movie 1 time each that bought a full price ticket, then only 6% of the age 13+ population of 295.5 million moviegoers saw Solo.

i don’t think 6% interest is really doing that well when you consider there were 2 holidays in the US during that time that would increase movie going. Memorial Day, and Father’s Day…


Rumor: Boba Fett Movie Probably Won’t Film Before 2020

June 18, 2018


REPORT: Disney, Lucasfilm Put Future Star Wars Spinoff Film Plans On Hold

June 20, 2018


Darth JarJar incoming now, since Disney owns the first 6 movies, and they will rewrite the original tilogy to be some moronic Rian Johnson or Ron Howard flop…


Are you drunk? :stuck_out_tongue:


The Darth Jar Jar fan theory is so fun that if it wasn’t what Lucas intended, it should’ve been. Adding that would fix the plot issues, so after that, just fine tune the delivery of the dialogue and presto, prequels no longer suck :rofl:

And if just one of the myriad guys working on Episode 1 had bucked up and told George “Meesa thinksa dat dis accent issa bit much”, it could’ve been :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know that the accent plays into the Darth Jar Jar theory, but I also know that the accent is so ridiculous and thick that I still have difficulty to this day understanding JJB.

After all, the DJJ theory stems from Lucas’ penchant for “cycles” and “opposites”. Darth Jar Jar is very tall to “oppose” Yoda being so short. So if Darth Jar Jar were the “anti-Yoda”, shouldn’t he have not had an iconic over-the-top goofy accent? :thinking:


Star Wars: ‘Multiple’ Standalone Films Reportedly Still in the Works

June 21, 2018


well if fake news from websites such as cbr are being added here, then here is more…


JarJar at least had character growth over the course of the prequels, it is more than the characters in 7 & 8 have shown.

and JarJar even furthered the plot. does 7 & 8 have a plot yet? I mean other than cloning the originals and prequels?

lonely vagabond on desert planet meets two bumbling idiots from outer space and goes on adventure to destroy giant evil space balls…

:thinking: oh, space balls, i get it now and it makes Brook’s movie even more funny now, and still a better standalone Han Solo movie :rofl:


That Jar Jar was integral to the plot of the Prequel Trilogy is what makes Darth Jar Jar so appealing. Fans hated Jar Jar, Lucas could’ve written him out, but instead he paid boatloads of money to CGI him into 2 more films. Maybe JJB really was, as Lucas famously said, “The Key to All of This” :thinking: :rofl:

As for plot, I certainly don’t know how Episode 9 is going to address the problem of Princess Leia being integral to the plot as of ep 8, especially as the character reportedly will not appear in Ep 9.

…btw, did Star Wars ever address the Gungans? They’re pretty much like the morlock of Naboo, and the “Wakanda” of the Star Wars universe. Until Jar Jar Binks went to the Imperial Senate, did the galaxy really even know that the Gungans existed?

Spaceballs was a classic. It was a sad time when movie parodies went from Mel Brooks films to stuff like “Disaster Movie”.

Solo had the unenviable task of coming up with an origin story for Han Solo, something Spaceballs wisely avoided. While I’m rambling here, Star Wars is a case-in-point that we do not need character origin stories. Hollywood should take note :wink: :smiley:


maybe in all the other garbage media they knew about the Gungans, but as 2 showed, the Jedi didn’t know everything, because “if it doesn’t exist in the archives, it doesn’t exist”.

They didn’t even know the ewoks existed on Endor.

This is where the failing of the Disney fanfic comes into play, there is so much unknown about the single galaxy Star Wars takes place in. Maybe novels or the cartoons went into some of it, but the movies could have been set on another planet, that didn’t even feel the Galactic Empire, or the Galactic Senate.

I mean what happened when Naboo became a 2 representative planet because a new species was discovered? Why did the Naboo ever disclose the Gungans to the senate before?

The prequels do really ruin the story just to tell the angst teen mode of Darth Vader and insinuate he never grew up, but the original trilogy Vader is nothing like Ep 3 Vader, and no reason he would have calmed down if he was letting hate guide him.

This doesn’t mean Lucas would have done any good with his Whills control the universe and eat the force (aka midichlorians) trilogy, because that isn’t what people want. People don’t even necessarily want the continuation of the Skywalker saga, they jut want to know what became of Luke and Leia after Return, and that has not been satisfying for anyone. I mean when reports online and spoilers that Han died , people weren’t happy.

Luke being, not a nerf herder, but a scruffy looking thala-siren milker et all… sure doesn’t do anything to make any of the Disney trite less trite.

We were brought in by a Galactic War and a rebellion, and that should have ended with Return. we don’t need trillogies for each order preceeding Order 66 that killed off the Jedi, but that seems what Disney wants to give.

The First Order trilogy
2nd order trilogy will be next trilogy… and so on.

Palpatine is dead, get over it space nazis!

Like I said recently elsewhere, Vader being the Chosen One, has failed. Neo didn’t save Zion thanks to Ep 7 and 8.

He should have balanced the force, otherwise Disney is trying to discard every bit of lore that came before that makes the Star Wars universe. This means that Vader being redeemed should have been a sign that balance and the force equates to yin and yang. There cannot be light without the dark.

Force users must accept both, as shown by Yoda several times in all 3 trilogies. Qui-gon came back from death, this is an affront to the light side and becoming one with the force, but is a dark side power, or should be, thus teaching Yoda, to teach Obi-wan, means they all gained balance with the force; taking in and using both light and dark. Likewise Anakin, whom we see only prior to the SE editions before emo boy takes his place and the sparkly vampire jedi/sith. Was Hayden Team Jakob or the other, i couldn’t tell. :thinking:

7 should have been about Luke seking balance “like his father before him” as a jedi, an what it means. and like Empire they should have split to the restructuring of the galaxy government and such after the years of enslavement to the sith. I mean they did it before to recoup after sith rule and it seemed to go well. how long was it since the sith last ruled as Palapatine mentions “Once mor the Sith shall rule the galaxy and we shall have peace.”?

maybe if more places had Rey shield (puns intended), then they could protect form these wanna-be jedi and sith using mind tricks so often, or with FTL travel, and all the other things, just educate people not to be so damn weak willed since there is obviously such a technologically advanced race…

But art imitates life, so with modern social media making people dumber, you don’t even have to wave your hand to control the weak minds since they use technology as a crutch and reason not to both to learn anything.

Star Wars Ep 30 will take place Orson Wells Time Machine, where they are right before the cataclysm that creates the morlocks and eloi. that cataclysm obviously being social media. :wink:

the eloi are starting to breed even as we speak.


See my deal for what I wanted in the new trilogy would have been to focus on the new Jedi Order, and how, even though it was created with the best of intentions, was starting to go corrupt. Luke, after basically being politically maneuvered out of the new council, goes into hiding to train a new apprentice to face them.

Tldr: New Jedi Council are the bad guys.