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December 21, 2019 / Japan Today

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Ron Howard Reflects on Making Solo: "It Was Almost a Rewrite and a Continuation"

I thought it was interesting that the interviewer makes the usual pitch about there being a recently developed “toxicity” in fandom but Ron Howard does not quite agree with it.

Fandom did not change, the product did. Ron Howard seems to say this when he says that both he & George Lucas are all about experimenting with the Star Wars universe and that

“You have to have the courage to sorta hear [the fans] but, y’know, tell the story you wanna tell.”

It should not take courage to give the fans what they want, so this seems to me that Ron Howard knew that the creative choices of Solo were going to get him raked over the coals by the fans. While this implies that he is “falling on his sword” and taking responsibility for making a film that failed with the fans, since he knew that the fandom would respond as it did then why didn’t he just avoid it by making a better movie for the fans?

…and I say this as someone who considers Solo to be the best of the Disney Star Wars Quadrillion.

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