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Steam Detectives / Kaiketsu Jouki Tanteidan


###Steam Detectives / Kaiketsu Jouki Tanteidan

Genres: mystery
Themes: Mecha, Police
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 1998-10-07 to 1999-03-31

Plot Summary: The scene is Steam City, a London-ish city which represents an entire civilization run by coal and steam power. Because of steam, the city is sometimes covered in a mist. Villains take advantage of the steamy mist to hide and execute their evil plans. Only a few dare venture into what’s beyond the steamy mist. They are known as the Steam Detectives: Narutaki (and his convertible all-purpose pistol), his nurse-assistant Lingling, and his Megamaton robot Gohliki.

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I watched this last year when it was on SVOD (also currently on SVOD).
At first, I couldn’t get into it, so I turned it on while I was working and half watched it. But by the eighth or so episode it started sucking me in and actually turned out to be a rather good steampunk series.
Not one I would highly recommend, but definitely worth at least one watch, especially if you like the older animation look.


At first I blew it off and did not really want anything to do with it to I started doing some research and went hunting for the singles. Well seemed like for the longest time there was always one single missing so I was going to go with the thinpak. Then decided no. Eventually when I ordered KSNW I noticed all the singles were in the BB for 2.99 so I got them and was glad I did as they have some decent inserts inside. Now can not remember exactly what they were but they are pretty nice.

The series as I watched I thought got better and better.
It’s not a perfect show and probably not something people will go away carrying a lot from but it is indeed worth a watch.

This is one of those series IMO proves why ADV was called the best in anime. Even on a series they probably knew would not sell high numbers they put a lot of work into it.

It’s been over a year since I watched and my mind is kind of :S .


I saw episode 4 last night, and have a few things to say

1.The supporting cast for the dub is not that good, that detective has one of the worst in and out accent I have ever heard

2.Episode 1 stunk, I seriously considered dropping it because it was that bad.

3.The background music is too loud and overused, not every second needs an insert song

4.Episode 3 was awesome, a love relation with a robot, and the love song, it was just great.

So I actually like it.


I watched part of volume 1 after getting 4 of them at fire sale prices ($2 each) but haven’t picked it back up - in part because I didn’t have 2 and 3, although I did pick up volume 2 cheap on eBay when I was trying to complete my Desert Punk set, from the same seller.


Started watching this tonight to get it off my backlog.

Though I remember the general storyline fairly well, I kind of forgot how it was all set up and the various intricacies of the series.


This series will be expiring/dropping off the Online Player on October 20. So, if you want to watch it, you should be getting to it.


Slowhand wrote:

:frowning: whimpers

But this does remind me that I need to grab the DVD set before they vanish. It’s one of the few holes in my ADV collection.