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Strange flavor beverages


thought this was cool



Pepsi Twist! Wow haven’t had that since the 90s
Does Pepsi even make lemon flavored cola anymore?

Now that you mention it, I wish this was still around:


Veguely remember the pepsi lemon twist but thought this was interesting


They made this soda and I’m thinking it’s kind of like the cucumber drink Pickle_Juice_Soda


Guess I’m the only one here who actually drinks pickle juice…


You might not be my guess there might be a few member here that do but uses to buy those single pickles but now mostly buy sweets




Neither of these are that great…


well it sounds good aleast


maybe what vampires drink


Is DRY the brand name? I’d hate to drink something that makes me thirstier…


think that’s the brand name @MaouSadao but you never had Canada dry ginger ale before


these might be good


They’re ok. There are Dr Pepper and A&W Root Beer ones too, which are really good.


would have to try them all and definitely the grape and dr pepper


Ok, I’ll play.


images (1)


Their friend My little pony will cheer it up




I think that flavor can be found in the freestyle machines too. Gonna double check the next time I go to Wawa.