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This thread is designed for videos and/or pics containing advertisements.

Real or fake, funny or disturbing, new or old…anything goes.
You may hate them on TV but here they’re funny and badass.

CAUTION: The following submissions could contain suggestive/adult themes and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gotta start with an obvious one. :smiley:

Shake Weight - Official Video Ad


And I thought the one for women was suggestive…

well here’s an old one, but still funny nonetheless.
inappropriate for people who don’t like fish guts, or happen to be members of PETA.

That narrator sounds like Mike Rowe…


I always loved this Snickers commercial.



[video type=youtube]bevJr3Ra84Q[/video]


@Hornet: Oh lordy. o.O

Their Wiis would like to play.






Awesome Haissan. :smiley:


snowy, did you see that very last one? with the children? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


I loved that “Use Condoms” commercial Hassain. It is now one of my favorite ever.


Haissan wrote:

Yes. That was crazy. My post was directed to the others. I saw that last video last.


OK, here’s one of my favorites-and it actually ran on TV in Seattle back in the late 70s… and during the evening news! As they are so old, the quality is not good, but you’ll get the idea.

Here’s the first version of the spot:

And here’s the second version of the spot-as far as I know, It may have only run once… but it didn’t need any more runs!


Might as well follow in suit with my first post.
Before AXE, there was… Hai Karate
I loved this stuff as I grew up, it’s actually rather a shame that it’s no longer availible (save for expensive collectors bottles).

[video type=youtube]VAnU9zT87j4[/video]



Newshawk wrote:

[quote]nd here’s the second version of the spot-as far as I know, It may have only run once… but it didn’t need any more runs!

I don’t know much of the standards and practices of the 70’s. I just get a hint of it from Match Game but for some reason I’m surprised that pouring beer down her chest was allowed back then. Might be why they only aired it once.


@The Coffee God: It’s like the TAG of today. Even the taglines are fairly similar. Be Careful How You Use It----->Consider Yourself Warned.


Joey Heatherton for Serta

Joe Namath & Farrah Fawcett for Noxema

Cigars, cigarettes…

And, Marlboro…


Newshawk wrote:

Been years since I heard the name Rainer Beer. :slight_smile: