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Strange flavor beverages


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I’ve seen cranberry ginger ale, but this is a new one for me:


Wouldn’t try this


Why not? That kinda sounds good. Like drinking garlic bread!


Lol do like garlic :bread: OK why not it won’t hurt to try but you will get bad breath



Coca-Cola is making massive changes to Diet Coke

January 10, 2018
It is rolling out modernized Diet Coke packaging and a new ad campaign, as well as new flavors


coca cola leading competitor coming out with a new one


I’ve had it. Tastes like drinking Red Hots. Guess cinnamon is the new flavor for Valentine’s Day :joy:


Have to try the Pepsi :fire: if they have some left


Never been a diet cola person, but willing to try them at least once when they come out.


Looked but didn’t see any Pepsi fire dang it


Isn’t Mountain Dew supposed to be lemon lime to begin with?


It’s Spriteafied Mountain Dew…

Edit #2

Looks like the new flavors of Diet Coke are already in the Freestyle machines. The Ginger Lime isn’t too bad actually.


Guess that’s what they are making a new sprite sounds cool

Ginger and lime might be a good combo


It’s a McDonald’s exclusive, and we just started it today:

Alongside this:

They’re both really great!


The sprite flavor sounds good have to go there just to try it

And did they recently start selling orange pop


Not your average banana shake


Picked this up at the store thought to try it and it kind of taste like apple it’s pretty good


Isn’t the name Apple Manzana a little redundant though? I mean Manzana is Spanish for Apple…


And, there you have it folks… I thought it was a combination of mango and banana… :rofl: