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Strange flavor beverages


Did not know that we’ll guess it’s just apple pop thanks @maousadao for telling us


They apparently have these in the UK


Pokemon seltzer water.
I’d like a Charmander flavored one please. :yum:



OMG!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :skull:


Want to know what kind of liter bottle is that :thinking:


I actually just looked it up. It’s sold in 20oz bottles, but they changed the girl on the label:

$15 for 6 bottles plus $13.50 shipping…


Wow it doesn’t look like a 20oz 15 something dollars wonder what it taste like it might be cherry flavor


It’s red, so either cherry or strawberry would be my guess.


Yep it’s cherry according to the description.


In my opinion cherry pop has a better taste to it

Edit like strawberry fruit but just the strawberry :strawberry: pop don’t like to be clear



That’s what it taste like


Slowhand’s prophecy has come to fruition:

Almost wouldn’t notice it’s diet from the flavor alone!


Slowhand’s word is law.




Tried this it taste OK





Cotton Candy flavor? That’s pure sugar to begin with!


right but they probably watered it down to save them money on supplies you know how these big companys do