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Strange flavor beverages


alcoholic coke in japan

by Sherisse Pham @Sherisse
March 7, 2018: 6:25 AM


Mountain Dew flavored Mountain Dew Kickstart :upside_down_face:


Trust me. Don’t get this. It’s horrible!


Tried this flavor @maousadao it was good and think they are trying to be like the diet dr pepper with their diet coke having a sweet taste


Just picked these up at my local Wally World:

This was the only one they had too!
It’s a mild peach flavor added to Coke classic. You wouldn’t believe how well it works! The two flavors meld together in a symphony equivalent to a foodgasm from Food Wars. All in all: as long as you like both Coke and Peach, TRY IT!


Now for something healthy:

You’d think two bitter flavors wouldn’t go well together, but surprisingly enough they do! Of course you’ll have to like both cranberry and blackberry flavors…


havent tried that flavor but the pineapple was good


Another glass bottle Coke!

It’s not too bad. Unlike the Peach, which has a pleasant blend of Coke and Peach, the Raspberry is too underpowered. The Coke flavor masks most of the sweetness from the Raspberry flavor. Try it if you like raspberry, but the Freestyle Raspberry Coke is much better.


got to try them both


this is pretty good if you like green apple



postin it for today but its a day late

Yuzu Rum Swizzle


I thought they stopped making this brand!


That looks good. Root beer float in a bottle. :yum:


It is good!

Root beer float minus the creamy texture actually. Drank it all the time when I was a youngin back up in Maryland.

I also found this, something else I haven’t had in a very long while:


This is certainly strange don’t you think so @slowhand and @maousadao


My first question is “Seriously, Why?” Also yes.

I think it’s enough just getting cheese dust on my face eating from the bag. This is just…yeah no.


Didnt know you post in this thread snowy
Would have mentioned you

That would be cheesey and sugary ( salty )


Hmmm, that (Frostie Vanilla Root Beer) is available here, I’ll have to try it.

Mark Gosdin


Hey @mgosdin just seen a vanilla root beer in those smart touch screen fountain drink machines

What do you call them machines?

Edit that if you go to fast food places lol