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Stream Anime Network on Wii


Is it possible to stream The Anime Network on a Wii?


No. Outside of the iOS devices, I doubt there’s a way to stream on any device without Flash.


I’ve only tried the standard Internet Channel. It is “Opera Powered”, using Opera/9.30 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 3642; en).

That browser is not sophisticated enough to bring up the, but can play clips and trailers on the Trying to watch an episode, however, brings up an error banner:
You need to upgrade you Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

Attempting to view TAN episodes on Hulu with the Wii brings up an error right away.
You are trying to install Adobe Flash Player on an unsupported operating system.

There is a way of using a Windows PC to transcode YouTube videos into something that the Wii can handle:


Admin says:

[quote]While you can access the site through the WII’s web browser, it’s not recommended for viewing.

We recommend to Wii users to check out our content on Hulu Plus. Here’s a link with all of the details:[/quote]


It use to work before like 5 to 6 flash updates ago. It was a horrible experience for me the way the video pages would load. I’d complain to Nintendo and tell them their browser needs a serious update.


With WiiU coming out and Nintendo bleeding money at the moment, any updates to anything for the original Wii are unlikely.