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Suddenlink VOD users: VOD navigation changed (at least in WV Region)


Suddenlink has changed the menus around for their VOD system. Here is how to access Anime Network.

Subscription VOD
Same as before, users can tune directly to Channel 995 or go to Channel 1/Channel 999 and select “Anime Network On Demand”

Free VOD
Here are two ways to find Anime Network Free VOD.

Step 1.(Option 1) Tune to Channel 1/Channel 999 and select “Free!”
…(Option 2) Tune directly to Channel 996

Step 2.(Option 1) Select “Cutting Edge” category and select “Anime Free” for a list of programs.
…(Option 2) Select “All Channels” category and select “Anime Free” for a list of programs.

I hope this helps anyone who has wandered where Anime Network is. We also have “Adult Swim On Demand” in the “Cutting Edge” category and the “All Channels” category on Channel 996 or “Free!” from Channel 1/Channel 999.

It looks like Suddenlink is transitioning to the Channel 1 system & categories that Comcast/Time Warner use.


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


You are welcome. This came as a shock to me today and if it wasn’t for me reading on how Comcast/Time Warner puts Anime in the Cutting Edge category I wouldn’t have known where it went.


zidanetribal2000 wrote:

I think all the major companies have a Cutting Edge catagory now.
Charter added one a few months back, though, Anime Network is still in the Premium section.


I read about Charter re-doing theirs. When Suddenlink acquired the WV-VA systems from Charter they still used Charter VOD setup and contracts until they could set up their own. I knew Suddenlink would re-do theirs since they usually copy Charter’s layouts.

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