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Super GALS / Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran

###Super GALS / Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran

Genres: comedy, romance, slice of life
Themes: Troublesome Teens
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 52
Vintage: 2001-07-04 to 2002-09-26

Plot Summary: Ran Kotobuki is well-known as the #1 gal in Shibuya, and she lives to shop, eat, and have as much fun as possible. But she’s not all faux nails and para para; in the midst of all of her goofing off, she protects Shibuya from all manner of undesirable people, and she often devotes herself to helping both friends and strangers out of trouble, big and small. Of course, she’d rather be eating free food and scoring good deals on clothes, but getting someone out of a big pinch can be just as fun for her. Because of this, she’s widely respected by the denizens of Shibuya, and although she may look (and even act) a bit shallow, she’s got a big heart and a sense of justice that could put her Police Chief father to shame. But she’s not interested in that line of work, much to her family’s dismay. All she wants is to hang out with her best friends Miyu and Aya, and continue spending her days as Shibuya’s #1 gal.

ANN Info Page

[quote]Anime On DVD review
Super Gals is the kind of show I wish we were getting years ago but the market just couldn’t handle. It’s not heavily culturally based, but there’s a lot to it that adds to the feel of the show. The comedy in general though is pretty broad with only a few really culturally specific pieces. The broad comedy works well here and it’s highly addictive. I spent more time shaking my head and laughing at what was going on than I usually do. I can’t wait to get another volume.
Grade: A-[/quote]

[quote]Anime News Network review
Although it has its fair share of oddities, SuperGALS! is one of the most unique shoujo series to come into existence. Filled to every crack with cultural insights and accompanying humor, the series delivers its messages faithfully and energetically. Packed with just enough teen angst and frivolity to balance each other out, this is certainly a fun and emotional show for girls everywhere. Guys may enjoy it too, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost at some of the girls’ antics. In a market filled with magical girl shows, SuperGALS! most definitely does a good job in differently presenting the theme that “love and friendship” conquers all. Even if you still find yourself rolling your eyes at times.
Grade: A[/quote]

RightStuf Links
Super Gals Season 1 DVD Set (English Dub/Japanese Dub)
Super Gals Season 2 DVD Set (Subtitle only)

Super Gals OP/ED:

And finally one of ADV Films’ most cherished otaku favorites is finally premiering on Anime Network (if it has before, it was way before my time)! :slight_smile:

This is truly an amazing slice of life, shoujo, comedy series that has garnered a very passionate cult following for a reason.

One of the best english dubs, and indeed ADV dubs of all time… featuring a cast of all-stars from ADV’s stable.

A truly exquisite, memorable and charming series that will forever be one of my favorites.

Hope you all enjoy it as much as some of us old-timers did in past. :wink:

This is one of the few ADV series to never been on AN (Saint Seyia, Gatchaman, the also coming in june soul hunter) so this makes me happy that is finally going to be on. It didn’t play here on cablevision ever at least and I don’t remember it ever seeing it on other schedules way back when I was reporting by e-mail to AN. I wonder since lost universe was apart of this deal that maybe SG season 2 was also. Wasn’t mention in any press release if so and that is why I wonder and hope.

Should be both seasons as this is from Enoki who holds rights to both.
I kind of wonder though will it be like it was on the other place it was airing on and first season dubbed and second subbed or will it be all subbed this time? Honestly I think they may be better going all subbed that way the people in the lesser know won’t come here complaining when the second season starts to air subbed.

Gatchaman actually was aired on AN “free” VOD around when ADV’s first DVD’s of it came out but just a few episodes. Did not do very well and I seem to remember people complaining about such a old show. Dragoon may remember more.
Saint Seiya I think was because of it being a sub-license from Dic.

You know what I remember Gatchaman did air. I forget it was so long ago. Honestly I have had an on cablevision since the very start so it’s been several years now I been watching. It guess that goes more in the few never finished. I forget to post since it was early morning was those two were in the never will see them on AN with the rest of Arc The Lad (seems they adv no longer has it) and the un aired episodes of series lost to Funimation. More my fault then any. Sorry. I am really glad super gals and soul hunter are going to. I would like the dub of season to air but I am just glad that it is either way.

I can confirm that Anime Network has acquired everything, both Season 1 and 2, for Anime Network’s showing. :slight_smile: It’s in the stuck news thread in the VOD forum as well.

RightStuf the licensor of Season 2 for DVD release chose not to dub it though, so Season 2 will be the only one available, which is a subtitle only version. Season 1 will be shown with the ADV Films dub. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be easier for us just to have both seasons subbed, so we can adjust to voices and what not. I will check it out, if it catches me, I may grab it.

My guess is that they are going to use what Enoki sends over which probably means Enoki only did a dub encode for the First season.

I got introduced to this series a few years ago when it was playing on Anime Selects. I watched about 2/3’s of the first season, but I have yet to buy the DVD’s. I will be adding them to my next Right Stuf order.

Mita, PP is right with the encoding plus that would still get the most accessibility anyway over sub. But the other thing is, even if the other option were available… ADV created a fantastic dub for it, it would only make sense that ADV/AN would like to highlight that fact, and for good reason they should. :slight_smile: Who knows though, they might have a sub-only version for the future.

As far as the DVDs if you want them new… might not want to wait to long, they have been out of print for years now and whatever RightStuf has (the handful of it) is likely the last we’ll ever get.

Super Gals debuts on Anime Network this week.

This one of the things on my backlog (at least ADV’s S1 set).

So, I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet.
It seems to be fairly fun, but it definitely hasn’t sucked me in yet.

Speaking of which, who does the voice production cast for the pilot episode?
I recognize Rebecca Forstadt/Reba West (Lynn Minmei, Nunnally Lamperouge/Vi Britannia, Sugar) as Miyu, but I don’t recognize anyone else.

Speaking of which, who does the voice production cast for the pilot episode?
I recognize Rebecca Forstadt/Reba West (Lynn Minmei, Nunnally Lamperouge/Vi Britannia, Sugar) as Miyu, but I don’t recognize anyone else.[/quote]

I believe that down in the depths that it says stuff about episode 1…

That was the first placed I looked, it’s not there, hence why I asked here.
The pilot is actually Episode 3, but it has a completely difference VA cast.

How about this?

IMDB is useless. (though I checked there as well before asking).

Ah so their is a pitch Pilot episode that Enoki or someone dubbed.
Far as I know this is the first time its been shown on TV or maybe anywhere.
I never even knew it existed.
My guess is they did a pitch episode for this and Lost Universe trying to get them on TV back in day.

Probably won’t find a dub cast listing for them.
Maybe Email and ask but its hard to say if even they have it.
Wonder if TAN got them by accident or something.

That was the first placed I looked, it’s not there, hence why I asked here.
The pilot is actually Episode 3, but it has a completely difference VA cast.[/quote]

It takes a few episodes to fall in love with it. :wink: Most of us got to really like it once it was in the teens.

Who are the VAs in the pilot episode? Can you post a list of the credits (assuming there’s a credit roll?). I’m curious about this. Thanks.

It takes a few episodes to fall in love with it. :wink: Most of us got to really like it once it was in the teens.[/quote]

Agreed it took a few episodes to really kick off but like you said once it hit the stride it was hard not to want to watch the whole thing in one go.
I remember finishing it then emailing ADV about releasing the rest to almost a month before RSI announced they had the second season. Which was pre-ordered the day it went up for pre-order

Second season set even has my real name in the thanks section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t let the sub only stop you from buying the second season. The Japanese is good and the subs are easy enough to read.
You know even after the second season I still wanted more.

Something weird I noticed is the thinpak set for season one has a preview for episode 27 but I don’t think the singles did.
Makes me wonder if ADV was planning on picking up the rest of the series if the season one thinpak did well. Which I don’t think it did.

Kind of a shame a lot of good series that happens to they don’t do well so only one series or season gets picked up.
Other odd thing about Super Gals is the second season was never even released on DVD in Japan.

Agree with everything you said. This is a classic and one of my all time favorites.

I ordered a bit after you did, so I’m also in the Season 2 thank you list. :slight_smile:

I’m still very sad that the awesome ADV dub was not on it, but I was able to still fall in love with this series’ charms irrespective of language. Season 2 even in subtitle format was still very enjoyable and it did not diminish the fun at all for me. Still… If there was one series, where if I could make one Anime wish for a dub… I’d wish that ADV Films could dub Season 2, that would make my decade. :slight_smile: