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[li]Thread for Anime on Scifi Channel/SYFY[/li]
Feel free to make separate threads if you really think its needed.:silly:

I hate the name change

So I have been rewatching Gurren Lagann, it is still very, very, very, very, very, very, very good. Simoun is in his funk right now.

I gave up on Rave Masters. I guess it’s just not my kind of show. The dub does not diserve the hate it gets. Sure some of the side characters are eh, but Michelle Ruff, Yuri Lowenthal, and Crispin Freeman did a great job, as they always tend to do. Ruff was a great choice as the girl IMO.

The dub criticism isn’t towards the actors who are generally fine. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it great. These are not their gem roles, but it’s certainly at least serviceable. They are a veteran cast that knows what they are doing. Asking a VA to make a fart sound results in the same ham and cheese as opposed to a Shakespearean actor doing the same thing. The problem is the concept of the rewrites, and the poor material they came up with in trying to make it work for a certain demographic.

But most on the internet are not into subtleties and nuances, or some can’t express the articulation to differentiate the two, so they just say the dub or the voices suck (which in my opinion is not the case, veteran actors/actresses are veterans for a reason), instead of isolating to the root problem.

I don’t hate the dub either. I just found myself bored when watching it. I watched two eps last week, and yes I know that is a late start, but it just was not appealing at all.

Actually 3 OP’s for the Japanese one.

English OP “Rave-olution” by Reel Big Fish for Rave Master:

Like I said in a forums lost the dub cast is good it is just they got a bad script to work with.
Kind of like One Piece when 4Kids dubbed it I honestly thought the dub cast fit good just the script and rewrites and edits made it bad.

Personally, I’m quite enjoying Rave Master just as it is.
Sure it’s bit childish, and sure the script is a bit on the awkward side from time to time, but overall it’s actually rather quite enjoyable.
I’m certianly enjoying it much more than the TTGL encore, I didn’t like TTGL the first time around, and I like it even less the second time.

I didn’t like TTGL the first time around, and I like it even less the second time.[/quote]


My stance is clear on the encore showing of why I’m not watching it again, and I won’t retread that whole issue… :wink: but out of curiosity why do you like it less the second time - just cause you know what will happen already or something else?

I’m not the biggest TTGL fan and I think it’s highly overrated, but still a really good series that I’m looking forward to rewatching… once I get the DVDs. Like you though I would be tempted to fast-forward through the beginning episodes with HIM there (except the bath house episode). That one can’t be missed with HIM there to spoil it or not. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I’m still watching this show as well. It’s cute and good for an occassional LOL. I went into this understanding that the script left something to be desired, so I’m fairly happy with what I’ve seen so far. This is by, far, my easy viewing show right now. I’m just enjoying the ride, wherever it goes. :wink:

I don’t mind Rave Masters so much.

I went into it knowing how much it was it was ‘kiddy-ed’ down, so I’m just taking it for what it is.

It’s reminding me a little of Inuyasha with the “Rave-alution!” (Wind Scar), and the Demon Stones remind me of the Jewel shards… :pinch:

Slowhand: Hey maybe that’s why I don’t like it then :wink: .

Dragoon: Yeah you made some good points. It’s not an amazing dub, but it’s passable at the very least. The actors do a good job, I guess it’s the script and re-writes that are the problem. A few of the minor characters have kinda “silly voices” to them, but nothing too bad.

It’s the show that is the problem for me. I had really low expectations for it, and it still disapoints :frowning: . The main girl is a cool character, and the main guy is alright too, but I don’t care much for the plot. Probally not my type of show.

As for Gurren Lagann, the show is very overaited, and I’m a super-Gainax fan too. But I did enjoy it. Esecially after the time skip. The two episodes right after that were the strongest in the entire series IMO, although the last 1/3 of the show was very good.

As for the ending


Like I said last time, it went to far. It did another time jump, Nia “died” which was really sad, Simoun didn’t become the head of the country again which was lame, he disapeared which was lamer, and a lot of the other things just left a bad taste in my mouth. The PERFECT ending would have been when Simoun was marrying Nia. He should have kissed her and it should have ended. It kept going, and I really disliked where it went

Pretty much agree with you on all points Prede.

“but out of curiosity why do you like it less the second time - just cause you know what will happen already or something else?”

I think it stems from already knowing the outcome and knowing I didn’t enjoy it the first time.

At least you get to see HIM again. LOL

Well HIM has already passed.

You all are silly, TTGL is an awesome great show(I even grabbed the first LE set, the drill it GLOWS). From next episode on there is not a single weak moment, I liked the ending for one.

I keep forgetting these shows are on till after they are over. :frowning:
I had already seen Rave Master, well the un-cut Groove Adventures Rave, so I wouldnt really watch the cut dumbed down version, though it was still enjoyable dumbed down, my biggest problem was that it was not finished. Bad way to end, start a new arc then like 1-2 eps into it, nothing.

TTGL i want to see, Ill get around to it some day hopefully but i hate watching things from the middle.

You can always check out the TV Schedule & Reminder thread…

Slowhand: Since you magically know what’s playing and when, did they annoucne what will be playing when Gurren Lagann is over? I don’t feel like re-watching that show , and I gave up on Rave Masters, but be nice to watch something else on that channel.

My crystal ball is foggy at the moment, but I’ll keep you updated. :blush: