TAN to the Future!

Sorry for the cheesy movie pun, but look what I found!

Using the power of internet archives, I’ve discovered The Anime Network’s past incarnations!
These are just snapshots, so nothing more than the front page works on any of them…

They’re missing a lot of assets, pictures and stuff mostly…

[details=The first one that has any real structure is this one from July 29, 2003]

[details=This next one is from August 21, 2004 It looks like TAN got a bit of a face-lift!]

[details=That face-lift didn’t seem to last too long since it was changed once again. This image from December 31, 2004 shows a different design, complete with a video that still works]

[details=Moving ahead a few years, here’s one from September 29, 2007]
And now for the fun part:

[details=The forum: November 19, 2006]

[details=Another from December 28, 2008]
With a little searching, I can even find some profiles:

[details=Rai’s profile: November 19, 2006]

Check out that post count! :P[/details]

That’s all for now… I’m going to keep looking around :cheer:

OMG! I had to check for my join date-I do NOT remember all those PBs running around the place. No wonder Outlander was attracted here!

Maybe I can find your profile… I’ll give it a shot some time…