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Hey there ladys and gentlemen of tan hope everythings well with you all the few that are still on the forums now that tan doesn’t provide anime content and has a new site but some good came out of it like new shows and whatnot so it’s go on 20 years that tan was created wow now thats been a long while so with it being that long wanted to make a tribute to tan for its wonderful serviceits shown to us all so celebrate with us by telling us why you joined why you like tan or post heart :heart: felt thanks to tan and it’s staff and with that being said also want to take a moment and thank you tan member for being here and being part of this terrific community thank you


I originally had joined back in 2012 when I was living in Haines City FL and switched to Bright House from Dish. Once I learned how to navigate the software, I noticed there was an On Demand Anime channel. Please note: before this my anime was limited to ASA/ Toonami and whatever was playing on toonzai or G4. My mind was blown that there was a dedicated network exclusive to Japanese animation. At the time, I had just gotten my first computer and was surfing the web and noticed TAN and the forums. I immediately signed up for an account under the name eurekasevenfan (my #1 anime at the time), and if memory serves correctly, my first post was in the 2012 VOD Missing programs thread.

Everyone was so nice here, and I felt there was a new place where I felt welcome. Sadly, I had to move to Intercession City FL, where the only options were Comcast or Dish, so unwillingly I had to bid a farewell to one of my second homes.

As luck would have it, Comcast picked up Anime Network in October 2016, nearly 10 months after the Funimation channel dispersed.

Upon finding this out I immediately bought a subscription and rejoined the forums. Where I was warmly welcomed back by all y’all.

As you stated @Kyouta, the boards are nowhere near as lively as in days gone by, but it’s still a beautiful Eden where anime lovers can converse about anything from their favorite shows, to new series, to even live action sitcoms!

To all the regulars and Mods: you guys are like a family, and I truly am glad to be a part of it.



Hey @maousadao always good to see you and glad that you are staying on the forums and not just upped and moved to hidive only and also good that you’re doing well and how far is it from your new place to your old house was it a big transition so I’ll tell you guy on why I joined but for the life of me don’t remember how I found the anime network site must have been browsing the web for anime and stabled on to the site actually sign up in 2005 but they mess up my user account and had to start over but dragon ball was my first anime and from then on was hooked

Back in the day business was boomin there were a lot of action and excitement going on in the forum but now really there’s not a lot of activity around here and plus they moved the content so now theres even less but all is good have my regulars and my mods to keep me company :grinning:

And thank you tan and the community for a good fun little ride it’s been real fun hang out with you guys


Annoying that I can’t see my first post easily on this forum software. As it’s a reply… Easy to see all my topics though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I happened to noticed Anime Network on AT&T’s U-Verse’s VOD listing. I didn’t sign up right away as I needed to pay for it, and I didn’t want to just add to my bill like that. At some random point, one of the freebies I happen to catch caused me to just order the package ($7). Sometime later, I found the website and the forum. When an episode of a show I was watching didn’t come through, I saw the VOD topic and ended up making my first post.

Now, I don’t know how long it was, but eventually, I subscribed to the online service as well. So there was a time I was paying a total of $14 to TAN. There was a point where the shows on VoD wasn’t worth paying for if I had the online service, and AT&T changed their VoD menu in such a way that it was an OUTRIGHT PAIN to navigate TAN, that I decided to cut my VoD service. I think it was mostly the lack of dubs at this point on VoD. Eventually, that dub-less drought would hit the online service as well.

At some point, Sentai seemed to be ignoring TAN online and was putting their stuff on CR only, or CR was just the better place to be in general with no exclusives here, so I ended up canceling my service here. This was before the redesign, however. When I had a reason to resubscribe the online service, I didn’t feel like messing around with Paypal (needed a password reset at the time), and by the time I did resubscribe, HiDive came about with everything I wanted from TAN’s online. Never left the forums.


TAN is my homepage on every single electronic device I use :slight_smile:


that’s awesome fillet

so the next step is to get an TAN tattoo lol


Ha! Yea, I can think of some funny pieces that would fit the bill :stuck_out_tongue:


look its fillet tattoo jk


I don’t personally have any ink, but if I ever do get a tattoo, that would be on the list of ones to get.


I would sport that, f’ sho :wink:


its no longer TAN now its the color purple and black
and its been that way for a while

what color is it going to be next Any Guesses ?


Sounds like a bruise…red? As in go for blood?


they should have a special 20th anniversary layout on the site

they should mixes up all the forums that they had in 2002 til now all in one website

what do u guys feel about that idea


Honestly that would be awesome!


theres a while before the anime network 20th
but should talk to slowhand now and ask how we can get the 20th website in action