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Hey TAN there is now a New Talent Contest going on in this particular thread
That we R having for the Great Talented Members here on this marvelous website
But the game is not UR typical Talent
Show No sir it’s Not
In this Game U will try to Guess the talent of the TAN Members
Person A can spin on their head like a break dancer with out getting sick
Person B No that’s not my talent can u eat on dozen raw eggs at once
Person C No that’s not my talent can u make a triple double chocolate upside down cake
I will start
Can u stop a cannonball with UR stomach like homer

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I wish :joy::joy::joy:

Can you eat 64 slices of American cheese in one sitting?

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Not USA cheese maybe Swiss

Can u ride an ostrich

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Can you twirl plates on you fingers?

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can u do Ventriloquism with a dummy