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What Happens On TAN Stays On TAN

Hey to all the members online doing there part in keeping safe
hope everything is going well as can be expected
and having more time to themselves its always a fun experiance

But for the time being i that it would be a lil fun if we Post what U imagine that goes on behind closed taps on yout PC as to what conspiracies that goes down what U download ur files

what i think that goes on in TAN is that they have the new finish and pulished website for TAN and they R keeping to themselves and laugh at R pathetic excuse on a what u call a website

i cant prove it yet but the truth will be heard one day mark my words

Let ur imagine run wild and free and make ur own fun out of it

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Your rite! They probably do hve a better sight. The 1 there using niw is not working right.

Its all a cunspearicy :laughing:

I think that you all are secretly geniuses and you purposely spell words wrong. u no wat eye meen? it lyk hoo kairs aboat it peepul cans udderstand us. wee may luk lyk ideats butt it two munch werk too yoos meh brane.