Hahaha! Victory is mine! Off of Fateddismay and back to Foamy!

[size=4]WELL [/size]now that I am back on my old account I will just re-post what was in my Fateddismay intro thread…

I’m looking to be checking out the new style of the forums and getting to know some of the newer people, as well as all the really old members that might remember me. lol My name is Bryan Stott, currently I am a Freshman at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and my major is Exercise Science. I am not familiar with most new anime series but I still love all the older ones I own on DVD. My favorites include; Outlaw Star, RahXephon, Saiyuki, Madlax, Full Metal Panic!, Blue Gender, Sorcerer Hunters, and a lot of others… Good to be back!


(I can do that too!)

Welcome Back, FoamyFreak!!

I’m sure most of the ‘old timers’ around here remember you! :slight_smile:

As always, browse around and jump in whenever you want… and thanks for re-starting your thread back up in ‘Fan Made Media’!!

Glad you’re back, this time stick around!! :laugh:

FoamyFreak wrote:

FoamyFreak, what’s up man! You don’t mind if I still call you that, right?

Is Exercise Science like physiology or something? You plan on becoming a physical therapist?

Nice to see you back.

Edit: Well damn Slowhand, and here I thought I was so clever.

Haha you guys and your jokes never get old… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a bunch!!

fillet wrote:

Edit: OMG you murdered Fated how could you?!?

Foamy has been around much longer… It was necessary. :stuck_out_tongue: I can still use it… Unless I ask for it to be deleted or something, if that’s possible. I think it is a possibility…

It’s teh Foamy!!!

The old gang coming back

I iz so happy. Be sure to meet the “new” members. they are awesome too.

Getting a little greedy with the intro threads are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

And er, what was your inspiration for the name “FoamyFreak” (dare I ask)?

You’re awesome dude, I just love your bod…teach me master!

Don’t worry outlander I’ll meet everyone who I can… :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean greedy?? Haha back in 9th grade when I joined I had a slight obsession with Neurotically Yours, AKA Foamy the Squirrel… That’s it… lol

Haha lift weights and eat!! Proper form and not really fast motion while lifting.

mmm… it would make me a hunk of meaty manwich when I am between two ladies all at once.

Yep. Gotta find myself two ladies to test that theory… :stuck_out_tongue:

good to see u back… i troll here once and a while i see ur pic and i will rise you my own later today!