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[size=6]Day 01 Down!
50 more to go!

[size=5]$47,816[/size] of [size=5]$320,000[/size]


[size=5]Update #1: Day One Update[/size]

Amazing first twenty-four hours, everyone! Thank you all for your early and enthusiastic support!

We still have a long way to go, but with 15% of our goal achieved in a single day, we’re confident that we’ll make it.

Next up we’ll be updating our FAQ with answers to many of the questions you’ve been asking. We’re also working on interviews and media to help get the word out. If there’s anybody who you want to see covering this project, please let us know!

We have many more awesome things planned for the duration of this campaign, including the release of eight more JourneyQuest episodes, all of the events at Gen Con Indy, a final push at PAX Prime, and various online surprises, but for now, thanks again and we’ll have more awesomesauce for you soon.



[size=5]****We surpassed $60k!


1.5k more and we will have hit the 20% mark in 2 days!


[size=6]Fan Supported dot Net[/size]
“Fan Supported And Creator Distributed”

ZOE started up a new site, geared towards buying products that are “fan supported”.

The list of stuff is short currently, but they’re planning on getting more creators involved.

[size=5]S.J. Tuckers CDs
Standard Action S1
JourneyQuest S1
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Aiden5 S1


[B][SIZE=“6”]DAY 3

We’re just doing awesome!
Hopefully it doesn’t slow down too much so we can make the target goal.


[B][SIZE=“6”]DAY 4

If we keep this rate up, we’ll meet several stretch goals!


[quote]Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

We are closing in on $100k! A huge thanks to everyone who jumped in and contributed so quickly—you’re making our goal look a lot closer![/quote]


[B][SIZE=“6”]DAY 5

Looks like it’s starting to slow down now.
We still haven’t hit 100k yet.


[B][SIZE=“6”]DAY 6

We didn’t make the 100k at the next day mark, though we did pass it a little bit after!
We’re at $100,609 currently.


[quote][size=5]Quality and Scope[/size]

Update #4
Jul. 24, 2012

We’re really excited about how far we’ve come since the days of the original Gamers film: from a one-chip miniDV camera to shooting in 1080p HD with a professional crew and gear. If you haven’t yet, we’d encourage you to take a look at JourneyQuest, our current show, not just because it’s awesome, but we want you to see the difference that having a budget makes. This new season is beautiful and epic and, while we can’t show you Hands of Fate yet (we still have to raise the money and shoot it!), we can show you what you can expect from our incredible troupe, the cast and crew who turn Matt Vancil’s words into moving pictures on the screen.

As several fans have commented, “You guys really went big this season!”

It’s true—and it’s because everyone’s support on our JourneyQuest Kickstarter made it possible. We can’t wait to do the same for Hands of Fate![/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 7

We’ve slowed way down now.
Still accomplishing about $6k a day though.
Looks like they may have to add more rewards again.


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 8

We’re still slowing down.
However, still accomplishing about $6k a day, which is still good.
They added another $100 reward, though it’s not as good as the others.


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 9

Down to $5k a-day now.
Seems the initial “get in now” fan rush has subsided.
From here on out it’ll depend on newcomers and old fans that just found out about another movie.


Curious about the new Gamers movie?
Troll in the Corner interviews Matt Vancil about The Gamers: Hands of Fate!


[quote][size=]Indie Talks Episode 6 – Matt Vancil[/size]

In this episode of Indie Talks we’re joined by Matt Vancil of the Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment as he talks about their latest project, Gamers: Hands of Fate! A full length, crowd funded feature film![/quote]


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 10

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 11

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 12

Slow going now.
39 days to go, but at this rate, we definitely won’t make it.


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 13

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 14

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 15

Unless we get quite a few more pledgers, we’re not going to make it.
Which is sad, but at least we could say we pledged more than the JQ2 Kickstarter at this point.
36 days to go.


[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 16

[b][SIZE=“6”]DAY 17

Now we’re down by $2k from what we ended at yesterday.
34 days to go currently $134,400.


Ahh, that’s why.
A Displaced Army slot ($2.5k) opened up.

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

The sad news for us: one Displaced Army slot just opened. The good news for you: one Displaced Army slot just opened![/quote]


Talk about promotion!

[quote]Dead Gentlemen Productions

Wow. Now THIS is a promo! Thanks to the LARP Inn for the boost![/quote]



Campaign update.
It’s for backers only, but I figured people would want to know.

[quote][size=5]The State of the Campaign[/size]

Update #8
For backers only
Aug. 04, 2012

We were seeing concern from people about the pace of the campaign even before losing a $2500 pledge today, so thought it might be a good idea to check in.

First, the good news. We’re not worried. Why not?

This is what we expected to be the slowest part of the campaign. It would be nice if we were getting more of a boost from JourneyQuest, but that’s a bonus. What’s coming up is what has us excited.

We’ll get to start sharing art from AEG soon for the Romance of the Nine Empires. It’s amazing and will make every one of you want to play this fictional game. That’s going to help bring in a big dose of reality and should attract some new attention.

We’re also preparing for Gen Con Indy, which is our big push. We have three(!) mentions of the campaign in the program book, including a full page ad. We have a video for the campaign running five times a day on the big exhibit hall videos. We have a great placement for our booth with some flashy banners and a huge TV. We’re sponsoring HD screenings in the Westin all weekend. We have the Gamers Live event on Friday night. We have a Dorkness/JourneyQuest double feature on Saturday. And we’re shooting much of the actual movie around the con, not to mention that we’ll be talking with tons of industry and media contacts to help boost the signal. We’re bringing a massive vertical banner with a QR code on it that can migrate with us to each event, where we can ask audiences to scan the banner with their smart phones, taking them right to the Kickstarter page. Oh, and we have several great panels going, too. Our audience is at Gen Con Indy and we expect to reach a ton of people!

It gets better… once the con is over, we can cut a trailer for the movie! Seeing the characters from Dorkness return in that should also help make this project real for many fans. We’ll share that trailer far and wide; it too will link back to the campaign.

It gets better again… we have a huge presence planned for PAX Prime, including a panel, a booth, screenings, and a “choose your price” DVD promotion that ought to attract attention as well.

Plus, we’re getting a big push for JQ2 ready to go, now that enough episodes are online to show that this current season is truly epic in scope.

That’s a LOT of cool stuff coming up and it’s why we planned this campaign to run concurrently with the JQ2 release and the summer con season. So don’t despair. It’s slow now, but we haven’t even begun to reach the full extent of the many thousands of Gamers fans out there who have been clamoring for this movie for over six years. Remember how excited you got when you discovered that we were going to make this movie? Many more people are about to get just as excited.

Of course, we can still use your help spreading the word. Are you part of a gaming community that loves Gamers and Dorkness? They probably will want to know about this. Do you have a connection to a blog that writes about new media distribution, women in gaming, Creative Commons, or independent film? They’d appreciate a tip. Maybe you can help us set up an IAmA… discussion on Reddit. Or you have an idea for a visual meme to create and share on facebook. You get the idea. Or the ideas.

So, yes, today was a little rough, but we barely had the time to get sad about it—after all, we’re busy with art approvals, costumes and makeup for Gen Con, plane tickets, movie scheduling, releasing weekly episodes of JourneyQuest, and keeping brave new content flowing here. Wiil it be a struggle to reach the end on time? Sure. Will we make it? That’s up to you.

Thanks for the support and encouragement![/quote]