The Green Pigeon Strikes the Moon at Midnight


I’ll start by saying I type as fast as I think, so I tend to get wordy. Just skim through anything I put here unless reading books is your thing.

Though I apparently joined this site last year in a drunken stupor, I never remembered doing it until I tried to sign up again, only to find my email address was already being used. Heh, who knew!

Anyway, instead of trying to list favorite anime that I’ve seen in my 25 years of life, I’ll instead list what I’m currently watching thanks to this lovely website:

Daphne in The Brilliant Blue - Which brought me back to this site, because I’m not paying $1.00 per episode on youtube. Not that I can’t, but there are 24 episodes, and if that’s the case Id just buy the DVDs, which is unacceptable because I have a bad habit of playing Halo 3 while watching anime. Two disks cannot occupy the same tray!

**Ghost Stories ** - Hilarious dub. I was sold when they turned Momoko into an evangelical christian.

I like and respect dubs, and how good the dub actors have gotten recently. I especially enjoy Hilary Haag, Chris Patton, and Crispin Freemans work.

I go to subs usually if there is no dub, or if I want to see the script in its original format, especially in an anime like Ghost Stories where the voice actors did a lot of ad-lib.

I go to college for Information Technology, and I’ll be finishing that degree program in about a week, then going through Business Administration.

Thats about all I can think of this early in the morning. Time for work, gotta keep that Anime Network subscription going somehow :S

Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

Welcome, VercigenariX! (interesting name… care to explain?)

We are always happy when new people join, whether or not in a drunken stupor! (in fact, I think there’s a thread about that somewhere…)

Glad that you listed some of your fave anime, saves me from having to ask! Glad to see our titles there! :wink:

If you’d like to make a sig or have some of those cool little icons under your avatar, just go here:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/do,show/func,myprofile/

Feel free to browse around the forums and jump into any convo you like (but please use the ‘Search’ before you make a new thread, especially in the anime sections).

If you have any questions, just ask, and I’m sure that you’ll get a bunch of our many members jumping to answer. (However, my answer is the only one that matters :stuck_out_tongue: )

Please come back and post often!

Again, welcome to Anime Network forums! :kiss:

PS. For the uninformed… what’s “The Green Pigeon Strikes the Moon at Midnight”?

i dunno but i think the peson like the name

Hello. Post often

Please accept this dead cat as a welcome gift

Welcome. Be sure to eat outlander’s cat right away, as they tend to decompose quickly. I made the mistake of waiting until suppertime when he first greeted me.

please accept this dead bird from me

Hm, lots of messages after getting back from work. Lets see if I can reply to everyone at once!

deep breath

ShawnMerrow wrote:

Thank you! I like your quote btw, Flandre was adorable. I liked how her bedroom looked like one of the borg sleeping chambers from Star Trek.

Slowhand wrote:

Gladly, though I’m afraid there isn’t much to explain. You see, about 12 to 15 years ago when signing up for an online roleplaying game that I probably shouldn’t have been playing at that age, I horribly misspelled Vercingetorix. I liked it so much I’ve stuck with it for a long time. It wasn’t even the name I intended to use on this site, but now I’m stuck with it :).

I’m sure with enough interesting people I’ll become addicted to the forums and post often. There are actually a lot more titles that you guys have carried that I like, but the list is long and ridiculous as my tastes are eclectic. I literally found anime that was brought to the states way before I was alive (such as Prince Planet) and watched all the way through to the current stuff. The evolution over the decades is actually very interesting as you can see how western culture slowly influences Japanese art

Slowhand wrote:

Its a secret code that translates roughly to: The Iguana has landed!

animegirl95 wrote:

Gloria is awesome! And the gun you used to shoot this bird left a big hole…

Dead cat provider wrote:

Hey if its eadible I’ll try it!

Hentai wrote:

Nice name. Yet another thing I’ve probably watched too much of. Comedy gold!

Welcome to you! Hope you enjoy yourself - & us! :laugh:

LadyOfWicca wrote:

I’ll try! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello! It’s great to have a new member, or an old member who just realized they belonged here! Plus, Hillary Haag fans are always welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.

BTW, you should check out our drunk posting thread…lol

Hello VercigenariX/Vercingetorix, can I call you Verc? Lol. That is definitely a tough name to spell. Hope you enjoy the forums. Post often.

Thats fine, i’ve been called much worse things !