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Now then… go play Zelda and talk about it!

I think I am! I really haven’t played in awhile, tykes!

My first TLoZ was Ocarina of Time, but Wind Waker was the first TLoZ that I was fully into. When I first played OoT, I was too young and wondering why the strange faries were playing their instruments and then shot at me when I got too close… (Skull Kid harassment, huzzah, tykes!)

Ah, and I’m one of the few who strongly supports the awesomeness that is Spirit Tracks. People saw the train in the trailers, they knew what they were getting into, and I really liked it. (tykes, tykes)

I didn’t play spirit tracks much. I played my friend’s game a little bit, and it was pretty fun though. Not sure what reasons someone could have to hate it.

I love the Zelda series, probably one of the few Nintendo series that’s really stuck with me since my childhood.

OoT was my first Zelda title, since the N64 was my first Nintendo console. I’ve probably picked up the game and played through most it several times now, not all the way to the end, but enough to get that nostalgic need that builds up in my system every time someone brings up Zelda. This happened when my N64 was in working order still, and I had working controllers and all the cables available.

My favorite game in the series is probably Wind Waker, simply because the visuals were so fantastic in that game. Since I sold my PC, I semi-recently started to emulate the game on my PC via Dolphin. Playing that game in HD is simply amazing, even if it’s a little odd that the game only renders the environment in 16:9, and not characters. My only complaint is that the game doesn’t have a hard mode to make the game a challenge, which has been a consistent trope of Nintendo games since the gamecube anyway. One thing I wish though is that they’d make a proper full featured game on the console in this art style again someday. Since I haven’t bought a handheld system since the original GBA, I haven’t played any of the more recent handheld Zelda titles, but I played all the ones before that.

I haven’t played any of the Wii games yet, but once I get around to investing in an infrared unit for my PC, along with a wiimote, I’ll see about getting them to run on my PC.

WSJ: Netflix is Developing a Live-Action Legend of Zelda Series

posted on 2015-02-06 17:10 EST
Project reportedly in early stages

I don’t see a live action Zelda series being any kind of good.

[size=20]Nintendo Says No Comment on Reported Live-Action Zelda Netflix Show[/size]
posted on 2015-02-09 10:30 EST
Netflix also refused to answer to The Wall Street Journal’s request for more information

Nintendo commented on Monday on The Wall Street Journal’s report that Netflix is producing a live-action television program based on its Legend of Zelda video game franchise. The company replied to Niconico News’ inquiry, saying, “We will not comment on the rumors or speculations.” Netflix had also refused to respond to The Wall Street Journal’s request for information on the matter.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, Netflix is working with Nintendo and is currently seeking writers for the project, and says the aim of the show is to create a Game of Thrones for families.

This tells me someone who was working on this jump the gun on leaking information about it out. There’s a chance the project could fall through before any real announcements come out.

That seemed like the case on this. It’s not often you get an announcement about a planned series before it even has writers. I think someone definitely jumped the gun on this one. But, the fact that they “will not comment” on it, instead of outright saying they aren’t says something.

For whatever reason, them not outright saying they’re not has been the norm lately. I guess they don’t want to say something, only to say the opposite later on.

That or whoever was the acting PR person might not even know about this deal if it’s true.

I really wish more companies would just outright lie when it comes to things like this. I would much rather them say they have no plans of doing anything and then if they do end up doing something just going “we lied!”

Peter Molyneux used to lie about his terrible fable games (though he would never admit it), and Hideo Kojima does it all the time. Nobody should ever forget that nobody knew about Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2 until the game was released.

[size=16]ANN Link: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata: Report on Live-Action Zelda Series is Incorrect[/size]

Nintendo CEO Quashes Reports Of Netflix “Legend of Zelda” Series

Official denial follows early reports by Wall Street Journal

March 23, 2015 8:35pm PDT

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata is in high demand these past few days following the landmark agreement reached with mobile gaming giant DeNa Corp that will see both companies work to create mobile games based on Nintendo characters.

Speaking exclusively to Time magazine following the news last week, Iwata opens up on the company itself and where he sees the business going after the deal. He also took time out to address early reports by the Wall Street Journal regarding an officially licensed Legend of Zelda series that was reported to be in early production stages and planned for release on Netflix as a part of its forthcoming Japanese launch. Iwata had the following to say on the matter:

“As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information.”

With the above statement, it seems the Wall Street Journal jumped the gun, but that’s nothing new since being purchased by News Corp. Were you looking forward to the Netflix Legend of Zelda series?

HA! Awesome.

[size=20]The Set List - Top 10 Legend of Zelda Tunes[/size]
by Hope Chapman, May 12th 2015

Also, I pre-disqualified any Ocarina melodies that weren’t tied into a larger track because I don’t care how nostalgic it is, if it’s ten seconds long, I can’t rank it, and the same goes for the poll.

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[size=16]This Week’s Set List Poll[/size]
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What are your favorite Legend of Zelda tunes?
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The Legend of Zelda Series is my favourite series.
Would love to see this live.

I recently got The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS. It has a unusually darker story than other Zelda games w/ Toon Link in them, and you practically use all DS functions, which is awesome. The soundtrack is also great IMO. I, being a mad Zelda fan, have been anticipating this game for a while, and tore through it in under a matter of hours. :woohoo:

It is a spoiler to those who haven’t played yet and want to, but I’m at the end of the game, nearing the final battle. I’m having a tough- and rather annoying- problem with a part in my way, however, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out, tykes…

[spoiler]The bad part- I’m at the end- close to the final boss. I now have to destroy the lot of ghost trains. However, every time I lose, I learn one new thing…

-The Armored Ghost Trains are STUPID EXTREMELY SMART. While moving, I gather the tear of light to- temporarily- tear through these invincible hunks of metal, which are stronger than their older bros. Let’s say that I’m behind a train and the tear runs out. They will TURN AROUND ( Still wondering how they can do that, tykes…) and speed up until they crash into me, which is an instant K.O.:S

  • There is this one part where there are two Armored Ghost Trains riding around in a certain area with a tear in the middle. I cant run into one with a tear from somewhere else, because it’ll run out before I make it. I’ve taken them out before, but do they have any blind spots in their routes, tykes?

-There’ll come a time when you K.O. all Armored Ghost Trains but one sometimes (usually if you dont get the ones in the previous problem last). This is where it gets annoying. Although they have a set route, the Ghost Train will suddenly change course and come straight for you. It’s annoying, because at this point I’m in a bad corner and cant change course fast enough, and BAM! >.>’’ [/spoiler]

If I could get at least one shred of advice, I’d appreciate it, tykes! :frowning:

I remember that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was supposed to come out on the DD, but then switched to the standard cartridge. Thank god it came out on a standard cartridge - I LOVE THAT GAME!!!

Latest news on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

From the X-Play Gaming Feed:

So from the way I see it, we might be looking at a Fall 2011 release date at the earliest. Can’t wait however.

Here’s the interview from Pocket-Lint.

Right now I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in 1080p with a PS3 controller. Just thought I’d share. It’s epic on levels I couldn’t even imagine.

Did anybody else purchase The Legend of Zelda OOT 3D? Where are you in it?