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Eventually, I hope to move this to my site, but I need to set it up to allow blogging at some point. Random things I want to talk about will go here.

So, I had gotten the Nintendo Switch on launch (Midnight actually). It was the Neon Blue/Red one. Eventually, I was able to find the Neon Red/Blue Joy Cons, which allowed me to have a complete red option. Recently, as normally I keep the red set on the switch itself and play the blue set when using TV mode, I decided to play with the red set. And it turns out, the red left Joy-Con has that wireless issue, so I had to send it to Nintendo for repairs. Now I await for its safe return.

Okay, which topic would you guys like to hear from me:

  • Interesting common traits between two anime characters
  • My breakdown of three “Trapped in a Game” anime
  • My top anime list, or how it’s hard for me to pick more than my top 2.

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I’ll go in order of poll results when I get the chance to start writing (Assuming I don’t decide to override the results)


I voted Red, I want results! :slight_smile:

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So, I had time to imagine how the cabling is for our server room.

We have a blade enclosure, it has four switches. For the reason I’m making this post, only two are important.

Then we have a SAN and that’s hooked into another switch outside the enclosure (was two, but another switch in this setup died and we used the extra one for that)

Recently, we brought in some more SANs whose warranty is near end from the datacenter, and when we hooked it up today, we have two switches for those (and the SANs themselves have two controller cards) Each card has a cable to each switch (four cables total per SAN) and then those two switches are hooked into both switches in the enclosure (four more cables!)

So we just hooked up 16 cables now that I think about it (Would of been 20 if the fourth one wasn’t bitching about a broken RAID even though it is in a state that it needs to be setup)! Plus the 7 existing cables on the other SAN.

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Good work!

I’ll be working on my next voted blog post. I thought I would have some time today but it didn’t happen, and I’m not sure when I’ll have the time again.

If you want to hear something from me, feel free to ask/request whatever.

And my red Joy-Con came back today, though UPS was late (by 15 minutes after the range they gave)


I need to find time to do it, but I just thought up an interesting image because of the latest English release of the Non Non Biyori manga.

Wow, I need to find time to do a lot of things…

BTW, in the first poll, I said trait, but it should really be skill. Either way, I need to finish up my research on that because the skill is only highlighted (or least pointed out) in the manga of the show, and not the anime.


Here’s that image:


So, the other day, my brain did an interesting “wiki walk” into a plan that a villain may use.

The plan would be that the villain wants to kill someone, so they setup a device in which the victim is given a button. When the button is not press, a conveyor belt they’re attached to would inch them closer to a saw or wood chipper. When the button is press, the conveyor belt wouldn’t move, but something like a steamroller would be inching toward the victim with the intent of crushing them. This setup would allow the victim to delay their death a bit once the machine started (or not, depends on the speeds the two part move), but the villain wants to kill the victim for some reason no matter what.

And it all started when I saw a Zamboni in the background of a video recently…

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About time I started doing something with that damn poll I made at the beginning of the topic!

My top 2, just to get it out of the way:

  1. Non Non Biyori (in a BUY ALL THE THINGS level actually)
  2. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

For me, top 2 is easy. I think someone on a Discord channel I visit has stated their top pick is No Game No Life, but it’s not on this list (I did like it enough to buy the DVD at least)

As far as what could be my number 3… The titles are:

  • Place to Place
  • Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Place to Place is most likely as I have wanted to watch that DVD often on the list so far.
Problem Children is also like for the same reason. Doesn’t hurt that it happens to be 11 episodes.

I had other shows on this list when I made the first draft almost back when I put up that poll for my next topic, but I noticed during that time, I haven’t wanted to rewatch them as much as other shows.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other shows I might like enough to get on this list. I’m just choosing the shows I own the DVDs of that I like to rewatch quite often, or at least something draws me to that show over and over again above something else.

Non Non Biyori only gets edged out at times because of basically a mental coin toss… >.> Recently, I have wanted to watch it but other shows I haven’t seen for a while catch my eye. So when I recently watched Maid Sama, I wanted to watch Non Non Biyori as well (And Devil is a Part-Timer because someone’s avatar is a character from there… causing me to want to watch it again), but somehow I pick Maid Sama. And Maid Sama caused me to watch Special A because of how similar they are.

Next major topic when I get around to writing it, “Interesting common skill between two anime characters”


Okay, here are the two characters in my next topic. Mind you, for one, you have to be a manga reader to see it, as there’s no real trace of it in the anime.

Now, you can guess what I saw that these two have in common. I’ll still write it up (mostly, I need to get some screenshots of it happening, which I think I got the Skip Beat ones in my Google Photos somewhere)

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The eyebrows…? I don’t know, lol.

Remember, it’s a skill.

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So, anyone ever wondered why I type “Heppy” instead of “Happy” in the Happy Birthday thread? Well, this post is for you!

On another forum that I visit (which because of lack of active members, there’s a thread protesting the auto lock system for being too short), long time ago, there were a few members who had a way to track the other members birthday and a thread would pop open wishing them a happy birthday. At some point, while this was a thing, I developed a habit of typing an e when I meant to type a. I never understood how that came to be actually. Anyway, I would forget to fix that error as I type my posts, and at some point, I just adopted it as my thing. And it was a thing for me before I found this place.

And now you know.


Saw a sweatshirt today in which reminded me of a story from my high school days (And possible early signs that I can be an a-hole). Our school team name was Cubs. During the year I had biology, our football team was losing often. Anyway, one day in biology class, we had watched some nature video, and there was a scene where some tiger cubs were killed. I made a comment along the lines of “Hey look! Our football team!”

BTW, someone on the team was in the same class me, and I said that knowing full well of that fact.

[edit] Can’t make a new post, so I need to edit this one

I am now ready for Christmas!

[edit] I’ll consider this thread dead if no one replies because I don’t want to have to keep editing this post.