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The Look-Alike Thread


Say who (actor, musician and even anime character etc.) you think most resembles a person on here.

Haissan - Daniel Tosh

Cody - Adam Rodriguez

outlander - Bill Gates

LadyOfWicca - Rachael McAdams


shak - James McAvoy
(not the greatest example pic of shak, but there you have it)



Probably the best one of mature that picture of McAvoy.


In my opinion Slow looks like… -drum roll-



A young Jane Seymour


Well gawrsh Froggy. :blush: I never would have thought of her.

Hentai - Steve Smith


Where are you getting these pics from?


The Post Your Pics thread. I figure if they posted them on the forums then they won’t mind. But for some people who are more private and wouldn’t want them posted, I respect that. -cough- Slow -cough- :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally forgot about that thread.

Oh man those pics of me are so out of date :blink: I’ll have to find something new.


Shadycat - Charlotte Arnold

They could be sisters.


What a great thread. I should post a pic just to see what resemblance I can get…


These pics (except maybe one :wink: ) are pretty spot on! Nice job! :slight_smile:


Froggy - Sophia Myles




hmmm… like tosh huh?


PretearHimeno wrote:

[quote]Froggy - Sophia Myles

I WISH! Awe to be British and in a Doctor Who episode…Thank you Pretear!


spazzysam kind of reminds me of a cross between…

[spoiler]Mariska Hargitay and Debi Mazar[/spoiler]


Lol… thanks Pretear!

Oh, and you are spot on for Hentai! But have you ever seen the two in the same spot at the same time???





Pshhh… obv.