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The Anime Attack Name Generator


Just type in your real name and/or TAN username and find out what your Good and Evil attack names are. :slight_smile:

Please DO NOT post your real names here. Just post your attacks!

My real name attacks are in my sig but I’ll post my username attacks here.

Snowy Stampede (Good)= Angel’s Sonic Boomer
Snowy Stampede (Evil)= Shadow Wave

I’m a badass. :smiley:


This sounds like fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Iron K. Tager (Good)= Soul Projection
Iron K. Tager (Evil)= Hybernation Sheild

Sounds flashy for the first one, but the second one doesn’t really strike me as evil too much. :laugh:

[Real Name] (Good)= Blue Pheonix Flare ( B) )
[Real Name] (Evil)= Chant Shadow Doom ( :dry: )


Okay then… let’s see

Hornet65 (good)- Trechory Deflector
Hornet65 (evil)- Nightshade Protect

Those are kind of boring :frowning:

[real name] (good] - Blue Phoenix Flare
[real name] (evil) - Curse of the Coffin

That’s more like it :slight_smile:


rish11 (Good)= energy disc
rish11 (Evil)= hibernation shield

hmm…kinda lame for me!


Iron K. Tager wrote:

lolwut? Sounds a lot like Yoshimori from Kekkaishi sleeping on the school roof. :smiley:


Redshirt1 (good): Powered Left Strait!

Redshirt1 (evil): Red Star Ray!


Good: Mega Right Hook!

Evil: Champion Heart Break!

Soo… I am a good guy boxer, but a villain with rays who causes emotional trauma?


Snowy Stampede wrote:

[quote]Iron K. Tager wrote:

lolwut? Sounds a lot like Yoshimori from Kekkaishi sleeping on the school roof. :smiley:

I would imagine something like a WoW spell. :S
You are protected by a sheild, but in return you must remain asleep. Casting it on others would be a nice non-lethal/sneaking strategy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey now I think you just made it cool. B)


Lady of Wicca (good) - Heaven’s Miracle Ray
Lady of Wicca (evil) - Darkness Slayer

Real Name (good) - Angel’s Sonic Boomer
Real Name (evil) - Energy Deflection



Snowy Stampede wrote:

I’ll probably look into it again later on if the answers change every once in a while; so I’ll make a list of what I get and how I think they work. Sounds like fun. :3

LadyOfWicca wrote:

[quote]Lady of Wicca (evil) - Darkness Slayer

That sounds more like a good attack than an evil one. :S


I typed in one of my dogs names (for good) and got Mecha Reptile Rage. That’s a strange one.


Evil: shadow wave
Good: heaven miracle ray


Big Iceman (good)- Battle Axe
Big Iceman (evil)- Pain Rain

Time to take it up to the next level

Real name (good)- Rocket fist
Real name (evil)- Blade of Hatred


That’s what I’m talking about!


Inphy: Good =** universal spirit ray**
Inphy: Evil =** rainbow piledriver**

lolwat rainbow piledriver.

Real Name: Good =** jackknife sugarblade**
Real Name: Evil =** darkness slayer**



Evil = shadow wave
Good = soul projection

Real name/Evil = universe ball (???)
Real name/Good = jackknife sugarblade

Inphy, we are kindred spirits!


Slowhand wrote:

Whoa. Sounds like a spirit bomb.


**Psychopuppet Evil: shock upgrade
Psychopuppet Good: super reptile rage

Real Name Evil: rainbow piledriver
Real Name Good: universal spirit ray**


I’ll go along with what Snowey did and put my dog’s name into the generator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wendy (Good): weaponry of the body
Wendy (Evil): energy double

…Pardon? :huh: Energy double seems quite straight-forward, but by “weaponry of the body” I’ll guess (or hope) it’s something about kung-fu. :S


Evil: mansion’s dynamica (WTH?)
Good: Mega Right Hook

This seems backwards. Or it would if I knew what mansion’s dynamica meant!

Real name good: The Third Sword
Real name evil: complete domination