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The Official Section 23 Bargains. Sales, and Deals Thread



Thanks for the heads up @Slowhand ordered three titles I really wanted for $51.97 after slimming it down from $303.91 .


Wonder how long this will be. After all, I don’t get paid till Tuesday.:thinking:


Went ahead and picked up The Seven Heavenly Virtues from Best Buy themselves.

Didn’t mind that the estimated delivery date isn’t until December 15th.

$8.59 with free shipping. Can’t beat that.

Edit #2

Decided to get Hot Springs in A Dungeon too.




And, since I got my paycheck today, pre-ordered the regular release of Princess Principal.

I’ll get the PBS later on, if it is still available…


For the price I did the same .
I still want the PBS ,but if something happens I can’t get it I’ll at least have the show .


image image


*Free shipping over $75: Offer valid online at to residents in the contiguous United States. Offer applies only to Sentai Filmworks packaged media (DVDs, Blu-Rays, Premium Box Sets). Sentai Filmworks reserves the right to amend, restrict or rescind this offer at any time. Offer is non-transferable & not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Online: Discount applied automatically at checkout.


My soul hurts right now.

I’ll leave it to Slow for the details…



*EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Save up to 85% OFF select anime, merchandise & more! Offer valid from 11/16/18 at 12:00 AM CST through 11/25/18 at 11:59 PM CST online at to residents in the United States. All Sale Items: Limit two per customer, per item. Sentai Filmworks reserves the right to adjust quantities and/or cancel orders that do not comply with this limit.
**Free Shipping on Orders Over $75: Offer valid online at to residents in the contiguous United States. Offer applies to Sentai Filmworks packaged media (DVDs, Blu-rays, Premium Box Sets) and merchandise. Sentai Filmworks reserves the right to amend, restrict or rescind this offer at any time.


I’ve been eagerly avaiting this myself. Already placed my order. :smile:


I need to pull some stuff out . Placed everything I saw I might want and came out to this . :rofl:


I really got nothing to say about that psycho but

In all seriousness I know that feeling. Your eyes are bigger then your wallet and the only thing you can do shrink down the list till you can get what you can afford.
Also will be ordering stuff from this sale myself but list will be seen in sentai bought thread.


My current list is just about $250, when I don’t even have $100 left out of my check to spend on Tuesday.

Really want the Onigiri bundle, but that’s $60 (or about 6-7 Blu Ray sets!) by itself.


Psycho. You have to get A-Channel. Don’t do it for me, do it for Yuko, Toru, Nagi, and Run-chan.


Got it down to $165.84 .
I went with stuff I really wanted and complete series collections that had more then one season . I also pulled the stuff that was listed as backordered . This means Made in Abyss PBS got pushed back to next month unless they do a actual Black Friday sale or cyber Monday sale with it included which I doubt .
List :
Tonari no Seki-Kun: The Master of Killing Time Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Short Peace - Blu-ray
RIN-NE Collection 2 - Blu-ray
RIN-NE 3 Complete Collection - Blu-ray
RIN-NE Collection 1 - Blu-ray
RIN-NE 2 Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Qwaser of Stigmata Complete Series - Blu-ray
Nurse Witch KOMUGI R Complete Collection - Blu-ray
MM! Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Golden Time Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Chaika the Coffin Princess Complete Series - Blu-ray
Beyond the Boundary Movies Double Feature - DVD & Blu-ray
Beyond the Boundary Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Amagami SS / Amagami SS Plus Complete Collection - Blu-ray
A-Channel Complete Collection - Blu-ray

Second order: >_<

Little Busters! Refrain Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Little Busters! EX Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Little Busters! Collection 2 - Blu-ray
Gatchaman the Movie - Blu-ray
Dog & Scissors Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Gatchaman Crowds insight Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Mayo Chiki! Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Maid-Sama! Complete Collection - Blu-Ray

Today I sold some stuff I no longer wanted so decided to use it on the sale for a 3rd order .
Order 3:
tsuritama Complete Collection - Blu-ray
When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Urara Meirochou Complete Collection - Blu-ray
The Comic Artist And His Assistants Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Softenni! Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Outbreak Company Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Re: Hamatora the Animation Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Non Non Biyori Complete Series - Blu-ray
HaNaYaMaTa Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Book of Bantorra, The Complete Collection - Blu-ray
Bakuon!! Complete Collection - Blu-ray


gonna wati for Monday when Amazon’s Black Friday start, then…

…week begins.


Sentai Filmworks’ Early Black Friday Sale

11/16/2018 5:33:26 PM

Mark your calendars, everyone! It’s November, so you all know what’s coming up! If you said Thanksgiving, well yes, you are technically correct. (Bonus points if you said National Turkey Day instead.) But we weren’t talking about the holiday that celebrates the modern incarnation of the harvest festival. We were actually talking about…Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Sentai Filmworks decided to kick things off and start the festivities early. Head on over to our shop! That way, you can get your holiday shopping done early and avoid all the lines!

Why should you take advantage while you can, you ask?

You know that one person in your life who always buys their gifts super early every year? And how that person makes you question your own organization skills? Now YOU too can be that organized person and let everyone know that you have your act together. Even better, is there a chance that happened to be your New Year’s Resolution? Boom! You got it done two months early, thus proving you know what you’re doing!

So, what are you waiting for? We have deals, you have your wallets! Can we get a drum roll please?

<Insert obligatory drumroll here>


My first order has been marked as shipped . Second order is almost a 1000 order number difference plus like 4 things are backordered so thinking it’s going to be a while . So in 10 hours time if my brain gears are spinning right that is a lot of orders . Rightstuf is going to be back up as backed up can be . I did not realize it ,but they’ve started using media mail instead of shipping out priority . So hopefully stuff does not get lost in the DES MOINES IA post office like it seems to around this time of year .


I can imagine how long my wait will be, since it won’t be placed till Tuesday morning (at the earliest!) :joy::sob:

Also, something I just noticed:

To Love Ru Complete Collection is listed as UNAVAILABLE. Did it go out of print?


I’m thinking maybe . Though could just be they are not planning on restocking this year . Best Buy looks to still have copies at the sale price and Rightstuf has it at full thier price . I’m thinking a few things will go unavailable during the sale ,but return later . Though could also just be planning on new Sentai Selects value type releases next year as well .


I just checked that, and for 1 item, it still charges for priority mail.

Maybe they only are doing Media mail for the packages sent via free shipping 🤷


Yes I believe so. My Black Friday order had Media Mail as a new option once mine qualified for free shipping ($75+).

My last order was like $37, so Priority.