The Perfect Recipe For Your Ultimate Anime Experience

We have some good new and old Anime out there but what would spend you over the Tsuki of the Ultimate Anime Experience in your wildest Anime dreams?

Make it in list form and or summary of the Ultimate Anime you would like

There’s a upcoming anime I’m interested in seeing, if you’ll wasn’t aware already that is Do it Yourself.

I would like it to be like some of the other good anime styles where it has a country wide tournament of some kind that involves building their own bots that would turn in to an everything bot, of doing the extraordinary to everyday things like turn into a lawnmower or something like that and they would have all kind of silly battles and have contest with famous characters like Elon Musk in building something with the exact material and tools as everyone else.

List Of My Ultimate “ Do it Yourself “ Anime Experience

  • A big tournament
  • Building Everything Bots
  • Famous characters
  • Some Silly Battles

That’s mine what kind of Anime do you want to see

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A slice of life anime featuring Yami, Nemesis and Mikan. That would be absolutely wonderful. :yellow_heart::black_heart::black_heart: :orange_heart:

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Slice of life, like Yami and the others have a pillow fight as themselves with themselves on body pillows
I bet you would enjoy that

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Slice of life is my ( Pine ) Jam and if the studio plays their cards in a unique fashion it could be my favorite Slice of Life of all time
But I better pace myself it’s just still being worked on as im posting this

Just thought of my new sig saying
I will be using it

Good vibes all day

I already have my ultimate anime.

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Have another remix of an anime I want to see

For CUE! OVA the girls should all get a mystical magic trainer to train the voice to bring happiness and life to their town in an magical way

Say for instance their voice can reduce the effects of aging the old but young fountain say to speak when girls speak or sing

Just something magical with the voices would send this show over the top

Good Vibes All Day

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Is it rated E for Everyone
Or is it rated F for Filth :thinking:

E for Everyone

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We have a non member of TAN
Making there Ultimate 25th Anime Edition broadcasting

Pokémon Ultimate Journeys puts all their Pokémon cards on the table

Looks to me they might have all the Spades ( Energy Cards )

Good Vides All Day