The Question Thread

Why did Fillet never resurrect the question thread?

OOPS I meant to post it in BAMF! I’m sure a mod will move it but jsut saying it was accident :smiley:

because he hate us inside

Does the world as we know it really exist?

No, this is all the dream of a giant space monkey. Should he awaken, all that as we know it will end.

ask a question cookie

So what is the purpose of this question thread?

To ask a question that may never be answered!!

you answer a person’s question and then ask a question.

Who here is shocked that my girlfriend will be cosplaying the goddess (Speed Grapher)?

Not me… she’s your girlfriend.

<you answer the question above and then ask your own question. Sort of like Word Association – it’s a game.>

Should I use my new Sig that Hentai gave me?,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,9/func,view/id,17604/limit,10/limitstart,60/#19093

Yes, use it. I has my seal of approval!

So do people around really think I’m evil?

Naw… if I ever saw you in person I’d TOTALLY wave at you.

And that’s all? :silly:

PretearHimeno wrote:

what is your question?

She didn’t pose a question.

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?

Oh man! Forgot this thread! Let’s see, I’d like to meet Nostradamus, see what was up with him. I feel I could do better to visit someone else but that’s the name I pulled out of the hat.

Do you think it’s legit?

Yeah, I suppose he’s as good as anyone else!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Green tea.

What three super powers would you have?

Telepathy, telekinesis, super strength

Who’s your favorite X-Men?

Having never read the comics, I have to go with a movie bias. Gambit all the way.

How’s your friend doing?

Pretty good.

Who does number 2 work for?

alright then, how do you have choice in a universe governed by newtonian physics? Even your brain and the thoughts therein are the results of chemical interactions, all of which are subject to the rational and predictable laws of newtonian physics. So, at what point does an element of random input enter the process to provide an element of chance, which could ultimately lead to a concept resembling choice in one’s actions?