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The votes are in people

the anime network forums is # 1 on the web in my book :grinning: is it in yours :thinking: tan is # 1 for first off its high tech interface it is very up to date compare to some forums how there layout is in the 80s. so must say great job to the staff for making the site so innovative and also its # 1 for all the coolest members in one place you guys make tan # 1 so you know what that means it means that you are # 1 so great job to you and its # 1 for its uniqueness its nothing like you seen on a forum or at least ive seen well could go on and on about how great tan is but will stop there and leave you with this continue to follow the rules here in tan and dont stop being you and like our beloved member would say POST OFTEN

so everybody have a great weekend and a great year :tada::confetti_ball:


Now let’s keep our forum at #1 by practicing proper grammar and punctuation. :face_with_monocle:

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It tends to break the toolbar at the top (which I rarely use), but I have Grammarly installed to help me out with that!