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2020 Will Be My Last Year on TAN

sorry to all my few best buddys that R still around but Ive road this old TAN train for quite a spell and i think this is where i get off this old girl and find me a new adventure in the wild blue net thats only a few clickz away

but im sure u guys will do what yall do with out me
but heres looking at u kids

why? i have multiple forums i frequent already.

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Same here, why? I’m mgosdin in several places and have plenty of time for all of them.

Mark Gosdin

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thats a good question why leave this amazing forum

but this old bird needs to break free from its cage and spread its wings

ive been here for 15 long years i seen just about everything on TAN that i would want to see
so im making my way to the exit doors
and saying my goodbyes

So you feel trapped here? I’m so confused. Why not just have more than one place you visit? It’s not like birds perch on the same limb 24/7.

Its holding me down I just need a fresh start for the most part

It’s been a long trip to be on one forum
So I feel like a new trip abroad so to speak

Holding you down how?

This seems kind of self-inflicted.

Again why not just have multiple places you visit? I mean it’s the internet most people have more than one venue of social interaction via facebook, TAN, reddit, twitter, Instagram, 9gag, crunchyroll, imgur, funimation, theanimenewsnetwork, etc. etc.

I have an account on the vast majority of all of these.

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It’s not as productive as It once was
It’s not that FUN or INFORMATIVE anymore
So I’m just going to cut and trim the FAT of TAN

I can understand your opinion as far as it not being fun since that’s more of a personal feeling but I’m not sure I agree with it not being informative, the moderators go well out of their way to provide information about all things anime from on and off this site as well as topics that have nothing to do with anime.

Aaand again why not just have multiple places you visit? There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have more than one place you go to especially if you have friends on here. I mean are you that willing just to toss your friendships aside that easily when it’s excruciatingly obvious you don’t have to?

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neWayDevil, post:9, topic:12142"]
provide information about all things anime from and off this site as well as topics that have nothing to do with anime.

I’m talking about information that I’m interested in
Because as some of my buddys know me I don’t like subs anime and I did talk to @MaouSadao about a dub anime dvd that they released recently but it was to expensive to be an older anime and that just had a dub I like to talk more about stuff I like


But if that isn’t a significant adjustments that R made to more thread topics then I’m breaking out the TAN Box

To be honest I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to say. Could you proofread & revise what you’re writing so it’s more clear?

I’m going to assume you’re saying you’re not happy with the way the moderators are presenting the massive amounts of content on here?

You still haven’t answered why you can’t have multiple accounts for different sites.

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A lot of the content they post im not inerested in reading about but i know some ppl R and thats good

This all sounds more like a personal problem than a moderator problem. You’re clearly capable of staying here while seeking “adventure” on other sites for more interesting content. Not sure why you feel the need to go about it the way you are especially with as much work as the moderators already put in.

Dude why are you leaving? @OneWayDevil makes a good point. You don’t just have to have one forum.

Reddit is damn funny too. I know myself.

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