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Before anything, nice pickups @Psychopuppet! Glad to see you like best girl :wink:

Curious about that card game deck. That was an online purchase as well?

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 17

Mike Vance = Toyama: Sounds like an alien businessman to me. A little more nasaly, but it works.

Katelyn Barr = Yami Redux #3: OMG!!! The “I detest perverts!” line in this episode was absolutely perfect! That subtle irritation to full blown anger! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Melissa Molano = Oshizu: She doesn’t sound “ghosty” enough. I know this was done because in the later seasons, she has a puppet-like body which she uses to go to school and interact with everyone. But here it’s a little off…

Dub dialogue note

Lala: "Her names Yami. Isn't she adorable?

The correct answer is yes

Ms. Mikado: “and Golden Darkness, the assassin”

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Another break in your scheduled programming.

While rereading part of the MonMusu thread, I was reading this post. Decided to check something out with the TLR Dub subtitles.

Here are the results


DVD set and HiDive (presumably the Sub only Blu Ray as well):

Blu Ray Dub edition:

With that, I must say:

To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 18

Kira Vincent Davis = Spacecat: I like her rendition. The sub has her sounding cutesy, but KVD’s voice suits her design better :thinking:

Olivia Swasey = Aya Redux: Her voice is fitting. Actually a little more pronounced than Kaori Mizuhashi’s performance

Chaney Moore = Rin Redux #1: Still not enough to actually compare the sub and dub. I’m pretty sure she has more dialogue in the other Saruyama episode :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Katelyn Barr = Yami Redux #4: SO MUCH YES! Even the few lines she has here are perfect! :heart_eyes:

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Opened my deck up today .

Got one of the randomly inserted cards .

Cool this fits just right .

To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 19

Gabriel Regojo = Gwingurd (aka King of the Mole People): He’s speaking with a French accent. They literally dubbed him with a French accent. OMG this is too much! :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::skull:

Katelyn Barr = Yami Redux #5: Seriously! Katelyn did this episode better than Misato! I love the subtle change in tone she did to show Yami was interested in going to the Hot Springs! Oh! And that “I really detest perverts!” It’s so beautiful! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Dub notes

Sub Lala “Babababaya” (a little jingle)

Dub Lala :notes: “All night long” :notes:

It seems Dub Lala is a fan of Lionel Richie :grin::+1:

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HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for TLR English Dub



Come on guys. I know we can do it!


This topic is out of date, but as of this month, To Love RU finally got dubbed. Now awaiting the other 3 seasons.

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Welcome back @spaceshotx7!

Yes. Everyone here is super excited that To Love Ru finally had a chance to get a dub!

Pray tell, how is the topic outdated?
There have been discussions about the dub since it was first announced back in 2018.

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This will be in English on VRV two right?

If it is then I might watch a episode.

Then I can see @maousadao s “oh yami”

what makes her special it can’t be her tits she doesn’t have any :unamused:

It will be in the HiDive section, so you need to be paying for VRV to see it.

To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 20

Monical Rial = Magical Kyouko: That is Monica! I went back to episodes 9 and 13 to re-listen, and it was her in all the episodes!

Curious to what happened with Christine Auten. According to the cast list @Slowhand posted, she was supposed to be the voice of Kyouko :thinking:

I know part of the reason they chose Monica though. She also voiced Kyouko in Black Cat, and uses pretty much the same voice. Just like my original assessment, her voice works :grin:

(Now even more thankful that Sentai didn’t get Brina for Yami-chan… :relieved: )

John Swasey = The Fire Chief: Very interesting :thinking:. The Sub has Kenichi Ogata using the same voice as The Principal. John Swasey uses ANOTHER different vocal tone for him. Good job!

The rest of the cast

They all sound good enough. Pretty certain that aside from Kyouko herself, none of them ever appear again :thinking:

Dub dialogue change

Sub Kyouko: “Was he really that tiny?”

Dub Kyouko: “Damn! He was a tiny ass baby!” :joy:

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To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 21

Joe Daniels = Kimio: Sounds like Kimio in the Sub. Not too bad!

Mike Vance = Shikura (the leader of the alien group): I like his voice better. He sounds like a military general in the dub :joy:

Melissa Molano = Oshizu Redux: Maybe I got used to it, but she sounds better :thinking:. Still not “ghosty enough” though.

Katelyn Barr = Yami Redux #6: OH MY GOD!!!
Apologetic Yami is best Yami!!! :cupid:

I must also post this here: Maid Yami!!!

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To Love Ru, Ep 1 (Dub / Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE


Did my part Streamed Ep 1 of the dub…

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To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 23 (Yes. I skipped 22 for now. There's a really good reason)

Before anything, this is that fairly peculiar (other) Saruyama filler episode I keep mentioning. I also must mention that despite having plenty of Yami scenes (maybe around 2 minutes with her in it), it’s my least favorite episode of the entire works of TLR.

Katelyn Barr = Yami Redux #8: Literally the only good part of the original episode. (By that, I mean the subbed version. More on that in a moment.) She does 5 different voices! And Genki Yami! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Alexis Tipton = Lala Redux #2: The other star of this episode. Alexis does 10 unique variants of Lala’s voice!

The entire rest of the cast

This is very interesting. Unlike the Sub version, aside from Saruyama, everyone does alterations on their voices! Haruna sounds like a kunochi. Rin and Aya do the “legendary” fast talking of dubbed live action movies of old. Yui sounds way macho.

Another note. After this episode, I now kinda want to hear Ry do Riko’s voice :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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To Love Ru Dub thoughts episode 24

Alexis Tipton= Lala Redux#3: I really like her “Shy” and “Tsundere” Lalas :heart_eyes:. Alexis typically gets cast as Genki Girls, so that change of tone was really nice :blush:

Katelyn Barr = Yami-chan Redux#9: This is one of the episodes where she is just straight up badass :grin:. Cutting down robots with a single stroke! I really like how they matched Katelyn’s performance with Misato’s. Since she is used to battle, her vocal tone didn’t change :grin::+1:

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Thanks to YouTub I’ve already watched the the first eight episodes of the dub.

Als I’m saying is DAMN Lala got some titties!
< removed illegal anime site info >

That bitchy rich grill Socky is damn hot two.

< removed illegal anime site info >

What the hell is the deal with that guy who is a girl? Is he a dude or a chick? The episode was a blataint rip off of Rocky two.

MOD EDIT - removed illegal anime site info.

To Love Ru, Ep 2 (Dub / Home Video Version), is live at HIDIVE

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A couple answers to your post @Vanime95.

The guy who turns into a girl is actually both genders. When he is first introduced, the male version (Ren) is dominant, but after (accidentally) kissing Rito, the female version (Run) starts becoming the dominant personally. As the series continues, their personalities start to differentiate further, and to the extent that they separate into 2 individual beings in TLR Darkness. The reasoning behind it is because on their home planet, the climate is so intense that their species evolved this way to help ensure survival.

As for Ren’s episode, it’s not just Rocky. There are several other references to old “tough guy” movies. It’s all in essence to prove Ren is the “Manliest Man” that exists.

One other thing, the rich girl’s name is Saki, not Socky. :joy:

I hope this was assistive!

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