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To Love Ru

Don't forget seeing




LOL You are too excited!

I was also trying to see if there were any hints in there about a boxed set.

The word

“art” is in plain sight, but that could be an accident.


To Love Ruhas a special place in my heart. It was the first series I saw on ANOD back in the day.


I enjoyed it too!


Wonder if they will release it as a a complete series pbs with the new dub or as a separate release again ?


Probably as a separate seasons release with all of Darkness at the end, I’d bet. The Big Question is, Did they go back and get the OVAs, which would motivate a few of the sub only watchers to double dip


Wierder things have happened. Remember, they did rehire all the original voice cast for K-ON season 2, and got Christine Marie Cabanos back as Squid Girl, on top of getting the Ura-On Shorts for the K-ON PBS.

This is Sentai Filmworks we are talking about after all :wink:


If you’ll note, it might be a PBS, just like the K-ON! Release


(Click for video)

Sentai Filmworks Announces English Dub for To Love-Ru Anime

posted on 2018-12-04 15:05 EST by Karen Ressler


Now to ponder the dub cast :thinking:


Another thing I’m wondering about is how will they go about Yami’s name?

The subtitles go back and forth between Darkness and Yami, so I wonder which the dub will keep. Really hoping they keep it as Yami though :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I’m so looking up for the dub


For anyone who wants the Complete Collection Subbed version, RightStuf just got a (I guess the last?) shipment in stock.

On sale for $54.49, so it does include free shipping.