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Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: school
Objectionable content: None
Number of Episodes: 21
Vintage: 2014-01-05
Opening Theme: “Meiwaku Spectacle (Nuisance Spectacle)” by Kana Hanazawa
Ending Theme: “Set Them Free” by Akira Jimbo

Plot Summary: In the middle of class at a certain school, Rumi Yokoi, a diligent student, has her in-class life turned upside-down when her next-door desk mate “Seki” (full name Toshinari Seki) begins to play by himself at his desk in class. Although Yokoi is irked by Seki’s distracting yet intricate playtime, she finds herself being drawn into his interesting hobby. Never being able to focus, Yokoi observes Seki’s stunning ways of slacking off in class. (from ANN)

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It amazes me with what this kid gets away with in class! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Episode 5 –


It was funny to see that Seki is actually afraid of another student. But after Uzawa so uncaringly ruined the stamp that Seki worked so hard on, I had to feel bad for Seki.

Episode 6 -


Seki is a lot of fun during a disaster drill, but his robot family is even better. It looks like Rumi is getting drawn further into Seki’s world of imagination as she pictures what the robots would do. At least they are more attentive that Seki. LOL

It was funny when Seki accidentally kicked over his robots and Rumi rescued them. She got really angry that Seki wasn’t taking care of them and that anger surprised Seki. Once back in the classroom, Rumi is more like Seki, as she plays with the robots, and wastes time while Seki watches her. Loved the robot’s theme song! LOL

Episode 7 –


Note passing and playing Post Office has taken on a whole new meaning with Seki around!

Episode 8 –


That was a very sweet story of forbidden love. I enjoyed how Rumi got so into it, but I wonder if Seki actually created the story for her. LOL Rumi really is becoming more like Seki, and she even helped him in the end so he wouldn’t get in trouble with the teacher.

Episode 9 –


Seki is knitting! Rumi is annoyed since she’s a certified knitter. Is Seki drawing her in again? LOL Seki is fast as well as talented, and I think Rumi is starting to get impressed. Actually, Seiki is crocheting and Rumi is trying to guess what he’s making.

It’s a cactus! And now Rumi’s imagination runs wild. Even with all her skill and knowledge, Rumi has to admit defeat in the face of Seki’s skill. But when she reaches for the cactus, Seki unravels it! That only makes Rumi mad and she ends up intimidating Seki. Well, at least he’s looking at a textbook this time. LOL I think Rumi definitely won this round!

Episode 10 –


A golf game during art class that Rumi messes up by accident, putting Seki in a foul mood. She gets drawn into Seki’s world again too. Rumi also gains a friend who has been watching her and Seki, and comes to all the wrong conclusions. Although I do think she was right about the silent communication bit. LOL

Episode 11 –


Once again, Rumi is drawn in to Seki’s antics. This time Seki has a tiny bear “mountain climbing” on the student in front of him. How does Maeda not notice this? LOL Rumi’s imagination runs wild again too. The bear makes it to the top of Maeda’s shirt, but when Maeda moves, the bear goes flying out the window. What a panic that causes! Both Seki and Rumi run to the window and thankfully Seki still has the tread attached to the tiny bear. He pulls him up, and the kids breathe a sigh of relief as the bear joins his little friend in front of the tent.

But then Seki wants to try it again and Maeda catches him this time! Seki drops to his desk and starts to snore. Too funny! Rumi hopes that Seki has learned his lesson, but then Maeda looks at her. Intimidated, she buries her nose in her notebook. Maeda thinks she was involved too. Well, she was! LOL Even if she was just cheering the tiny bear on. Maeda turns back and Seki tries again – and gets caught again! A second climb just isn’t happening today. Too bad. LOL

Episode 12 –


It’s always wise to study the traffic laws and take a test before operating a RC car! Or perhaps it’s easier to just use a RC car to actually get your license. It took Seki two days, but he did it! I actually held my own breath when the little car went up the hill again. LOL

Episode 13 –


Seki may not be taking CPR training seriously, but the robot certainly family is! It’s nice to see them back. And once again, Rumi ends up taking care of them while Seki is off having fun. Once again, Rumi gets lost in her imagination too. And when one of the robots gets tossed in the pool, it’s Rumi to the rescue! But Seki beats her to it. I still love that robot song too! LOL

Poor Rumi never realized the little robot was rescued and she keeps searching for it. So dedicated! It’s also interesting that this time and the last time the robot family appeared in an episode, Rumi got an okay sign from Seki during the opening credits for her voice acting. And also in both episodes, Rumi takes charge!

Episode 14 –


It’s lunchtime and Seki has made an amazing lunch, but Rumi doesn’t like the way he’s eating it. It was a little on the disturbing side at that. And that’s because it’s Seki the Titan! LOL And there goes Rumi’s imagination again! LOL But then the hero octopus arrives to save his friends from the titan. Seki eats it anyway and it pleases Rumi when Seki chokes on it. She’s even more pleased when Seki can’t eat anymore and the “massacre” is averted. When Seki offers the leftovers to his friends, Rumi cries. I loved the “Psycho” music when Seki pulled out the bunny rabbit apples. Rumi had an absolute fit! LOL

Episode 15 –


Rumi is out with a cold, and during art class, Goto notes that Seki looks lonely without her. She’s still under the impression that they’re a couple. LOL Goto is the one that gets to watch Seki’s antics today and this time, it’s a paper sumo match. Based on this behavior, Goto thinks that Seki and Rumi have had a fight, and perhaps they have even broken up. She thinks that instead of being sick, Rumi is home, crying her eyes out over their break up.

I liked how Goto pulled herself around with her braids. And she gets caught up in Seki’s world the same way that Rumi does. Goto likens the defeated sumo wrestler to Seki, the boy with the broken heart, and one who is blaming himself for what happened with Rumi. It was funny to see Seki all wrapped up in bandages in Goto’s imagination.

When Goto accidently kicks the seat next to Seki, and ruins the sumo match, the surprised Seki envisions a ghostly Rumi glaring at him. As he stares at Rumi’s seat, Goto takes that as further evidence that Seki is hurting over Rumi. Seki puts the game away and Goto is very relieved, hoping that Seki and Rumi will make up and go back to being the loving couple that they always were. Huh? LOL

The next day, Rumi returns to school and is so happy that Goto tears up, thinking that she and Seki must have gotten back together after their big fight. Meanwhile, Seki is sleeping at his desk, but it looks like he isn’t done with that paper sumo game yet!

Episode 16 –


Shogi and chess on the same board – that should amuse Rumi! Seki goes to war in the dark when they should be watching a film. Looks like the chess pieces are winning too. Rumi wants to help the defenseless Shogi pieces, but it’s impossible in the darkened classroom. Or perhaps that could end up being an advantage to Rumi. LOL Time to beat Seki at his own game! It works too until Rumi gets her skirt caught. Better luck next time, Rumi!

Episode 17 –


Seki blindfolds himself to play a game of Fukuwari which looks similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but in this case, it’s a face. The end result looks like a Picasso and Rumi can only laugh, which disrupts the class. But Seki isn’t caught!

When Rumi looks again, Seki’s next try is perfect. But he takes it a step further and adds hair. Next he adds a wife and child. Rumi is just amazed as usual as she narrates the story of the family. Rumi isn’t happy with Seki’s results and is going to step in again.

Seki unknowingly blocks her efforts and ends up believing in evil spirits again as Rumi sits innocently by. But at least the family has a happy ending. Too bad Rumi missed most of class lesson this time. LOL

“Look son, it’s bad enough to waste time without killing it”

Episode 18 –


Having to share a printout and pushing their desks together makes Rumi think that Seki won’t be able to fool around because he can’t get to his bag. But I think Rumi should know better! Annoyed at her attitude, Seki pulls out a deck of cards and begins doing card tricks, accompanied by a very creepy smile that scares Rumi. She decides to ignore him – like that’s going to happen!

Seki keeps trying to get her attention and when he finally does, an angry Rumi crushes his ace of diamonds. However, Seki later shows her that it was the six of spades, as he pulls a pristine ace of diamonds from his mouth. Now, he has her attention! And once again, Rumi has missed most of the class. But Seki can do magic!!! LOL

Episode 19 –


Seki is wearing glasses! Actually, he’s trying out a whole bunch of glasses. Rumi decides to leave him alone. But not for long. She gets caught up in his choices, deciding what looks good on him and what doesn’t. At one point, Seki catches her watching him, but she pretends that she isn’t.

Rumi gets very frustrated when Seki doesn’t pick out the glasses that she likes. He just keeps trying on weird ones. Seki eventually gets her message and Rumi is very happy. I actually liked the first pair he had on, but oh well. Rumi’s happiness is short lived though. During the next period, Seki is not wearing the glasses. The next day – no glasses. The day after that Rumi is fuming. Seki still isn’t wearing his glasses! And she worked so hard at picking them out too!

Episode 20 –


Seki is making a flipbook. Rumi begins to wonder about his drawing skills. But Seki isn’t drawing, he’s writing words. Rumi thinks that’s just a waste of time. She gives up and goes back to doing her classwork. But you know curiosity is going to get the better of her, especially when Seki pulls out a recording device. He starts recording his voice in time with the flipbook. Rumi thinks Seki is taking things a bit too far.

When class is over, Rumi returns to the classroom to see what Seki has done. She really needs to know how his flipbook turned out. Once Rumi starts listening and flipping, it turns out that Seki was recording sound effects to go with his flipbook. Rumi begins to be embarrassed, listening to all this, but it gets worse. A theme song turns up as well. The entire thing turns out to be a nice little story. Rumi is touched until she gets to the commercial at the end of it! LOL I was really expecting Seki to walk in and catch her too.

Episode 21 –


Rumi is called to the teacher’s office and decides not to say anything about Seki. But then she overhears that there will be an inspection during homeroom. That should take care of Seki for her!

I knew the robot family would be in this episode! Now I bet Rumi is going to protect them from the inspection. The Inspection is announced and Seki goes into a panic. But he arranges the robot family with their bags open.

The teacher is getting closer and now Rumi is panicking. But Seki cleans out his bag and putting his toys into a small box, lowers it out the window. Rumi thinks he moves like an experienced criminal, but then she sees that he forgot to include the robot family. They are still on his desk!

Seki manages to hide mother and son in his lunch, but that still leaves dad out. Too late now. The robot song plays as the teacher goes through Seki’s bag, and Rumi panics over the fate of the father robot. When she looks, dad is hanging on the back of Seki’s chair and the teacher doesn’t see him! He’s saved!

Now it’s Rumi’s turn for inspection and she gets caught with a CD. She was so worried about the robot family that she forgot about herself. LOL And now the teacher thinks there’s a problem with her family as he confiscates the CD. This is all Seki’s fault! On top of that, the teacher is going to visit Rumi at home. LOL This is such a great show! I hope there is more to come!