TOON Lobby Game

Check you and your player in the game of “ Toonami Media Channel Central“ where you make your own broadcasting station or streaming services

Rules name your TV :tv: company or streaming company , name and establish a channel or website and in which cable and or internet provider you are going to use( it can be a made up one ) then pick a character that you want to use, then make a slogan for the below person to want to “ like “ (to subscribe or record ) your channel and ( optional) why is your service better that other anime companies

Game is now live

  • Company name : AMC .INC ( Anime Motion Channel . inc )
    Channel : AMC Live, channel # 2020
    Cable Company : Wireless Dell Core Fi
    Character : Lupin the third

Screen always on what everyone wants to watch. Only the good stuff, the right stuff, the best stuff, that your eyes can see.

Next person
Want is your channel

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Channel name: RMC (Romance Movie Channel) #1224

Slogan: “Love all day, every day!” :heart:

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24/7 Channel : HSN Meets TAN ( the best two network work together)

Slogan : where anime shopping comes to you live from the Studio to your living quarters