Anime is Music 2 My Ears 🔉

You are the next DJ K/J pop Khaled and your anime music mission is to create a jingle that TAN members can’t get your jingle out of their heads to win an Anime Grammy lol and whomever wins the most Grammies may get nominated to be a TAN mod. Lol
So warm up that voice of yours

Rules: make up a music / stage name for yourself ( one name per post ) and post a genre ( could be a made up genre ). Then Create a jingle for TAN , using some words that refers to the otaku life we all live. and you can add in lyics from your fav song or jiggle.

Stage name: DJ Adam’s Apple Bomb
Genre: Funky Punky Brewster Dirty 30 Rock

Hello TAN Hello Japan
Im your ad- ad- ad- Adam’s Apple bomb
Hello world im your wild fan boy
Im your ad- ad- ad- Adam’s Apple bomb