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FOOLY THAN COOLY ( Anime Attraction )

What a good summer day to have another new anime style game to play
To add to the growing collection that @MaouSadao recently added to

So the Rules of the game the first thing to do Is to name one an anime character per post that u like the second thing is the FOOLY part that is U just go over the edge and make a total azz out of ur self from the start and THAN U turn on the Rico suave and Be the COOLY Cat Daddy to ur choose of anime girl

So show ur Gentlemanly side and ur Rude boy side

Sounds fun right ? I know

I’ll start
Nanami Mami FOOLY : I bring u one flower :rose: to let u know u r the one girl for me I Already smell Ur flower on the way to U and it smell like beautiful love
COOLY : But before I give it to U have to go to my house and have help me study for my exam and have dessert

So now ur turn TAN

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All right then.

Konjiki No Yami

Cosplay time! Bunny! Maid! Seifuku! Mizuki! Gaku Mizuki! Nurse! Eve! Darkness! Yukata!

I’d take her to the best Taiyaki stand in Japan. Not the most expensive one, but the one most well received from reviews, and have her order as many as she wants. Then I’d take her to either the Library of Congress or the British Library and let her read to her heart’s content. After attempting a dinner with Taiyaki Miso soup (strange, but it’s her recipe), I’d reassure her that despite being a weapon, she still has a heart and deserves to be happy.

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The Officer and a Gentleman
Hats off to u my good sir well done

I bet u do that with Yami everyday

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Rukia Kuchiki

FOOLY : we will stay up all night is Italian food while watching chick flicks
COOLY : take her to a weapons shop and we willed our swords all day