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Doesn’t he do that at every convention, generally while praising RightStuf? Greg Ayres is definitely up there on the list of “voice actors who go above and beyond at conventions”…

From what I know of the show, the omission of Greg Ayres seems really odd to me. Maybe it’s better this way, though I am running dangerously low on items for Greg Ayres to sign lol.

Just the art on the cover for the bespectacled character makes me think “Greg Ayres should voice this guy”.

sorry if I offended. Besides, I like how Greg is close to anime fans like us. And for your opinion on Tsuritama. I agree with ya. Overall, we will find out how good it is soon since its coming out entirely on thursday. I know funimation does this sometimes since there a bit modern (except for player IMO), but when TAN is doing it I want to jump for joy! :woohoo:

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Full Series (12 Episodes) is now LIVE!

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tsuritama will be expiring from HIDIVE on April 1, 2019

Another one bites the dust .

I think I’ve picked up most of the Aniplex titles Sentai had licensed so pretty sure I’m good . Curious how many are left either on Blu-ray/DVD or on Hidive ?

Here’s a list. Not sure how complete it is though.

Thanks @Slowhand looks like that is the last of the ones Sentai had unless I am missing something .