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iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia

iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia

Genres: action, comedy, drama, science fiction
Themes: mecha
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2007-04-02 to 2007-09-24

Plot Summary: Haruka Amami isn’t the most confident pop singer in Japan, but when she’s accepted after an audition, she’s sent to Tokyo to start a career in entertainment. Though, little does she know that the agency that’s taken her on is actually a front for a task force that uses giant robots to defend the Earth from falling meteors.

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HOUSTON, June 30, 2012 — Sentai Filmworks is proud to announce their latest acquisition: IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia. Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai (Toradora!, Waiting in the Summer) this 26 episodes series features character designs by Hiroshi Takeuchi (Bodacious Space Pirates), music by Tsuneyoshi Sato (Fafner, Descendants of Darkness) and is produced by SUNRISE.

107 years ago, the Moon was destroyed in a massive cataclysm that shattered Earth’s former satellite into 81 quintillion tons of orbital debris. However, thanks to super-science, the Earth itself was saved and today no one really thinks much about that century-past disaster. Which is why when teenage Haruka Amami auditions for something called the Idolmaster Project, she THINKS she’s trying out to be a singing idol. Instead, Haruka finds herself at a secret school run by the Mondenkind Agency, living with a group of other girls who have also been selected as candidates to pilot an iDOL - an advanced robot specifically designed to intercept falling chunks of moon rock. Except, the people who run the Mondenkind Agency aren’t exactly knights in shining armor. And then there’s the question of whether the iDOLs are really JUST robots. Because from almost the first moment, Haruka starts to feel emotions resonating from within the iDOL called Imber. The mysteries are mounting, the competition is furious and the mission to save Earth is on in IDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA!

IDOLM@STER Xenoglossia will be available through digital outlets and on subtitled DVD later this year.

About Sentai Filmworks:
Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, producing hit series like High School of the Dead, Towanoquon, Samurai Girls, Guin Saga, Needless and Angel Beats as well as high profile theatrical films such as Grave of the Fireflies and Appleseed. Sentai Filmworks’ programs can be found on home video distributed by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23Films, The Right Stuf and other good and fine distributors. Digital product offerings may be found at iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Anime Network, Playstation Network, Android Market and YouTube.

iDOLM@STER: Live For You! (OAV) Vintage: 2008-02-28

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Episode 1 –


I think this show is going to be a fun one. I like the combination of comedy and excitement – always a good mix for me.

Haruka strikes me as a real klutz that has a fondness for penguins and I’ve no idea how she passed an audition that really seemed not to be one. I don’t know how Yukiho passed either – she keeps falling asleep! Do these girls really think they will be stage stars?

Meteors are called melons and lemons and are remnants of the moon that need to be destroyed. And there already seems to be two sides at odds with each other. I look forward to the next episode!

Episode 2 –


This episode opens with a great display of the iDOLs. I like how things are explained to Haruka over a very civilized Earl Grey tea and cakes with the robot in the background. Haruka finds out what an iDOL really is, but doesn’t seem too happy. And she finally meets up with her friend, Yayoi, who is still wearing that penguin suit! Yayoi thinks Haruka’s employers are a bunch of “wicked swindlers” that take advantage of innocent young girls.

She is also convinced that Gokuto High School is a front for the “wicked swindlers” and as they explore the seemingly empty school, Yayoi gets a call and has to leave. But why would she leave Haruka alone in what she thinks is a dangerous place? And also leaves Haruka without her home address? However, I have to laugh every time Haruka gets knocked on the head with the penguin’s beak!!

Haruka is finally reunited with Yukiho, who has already accepted her new position, much to Haruka’s dismay. And Yukiho can still fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Haruka sneaks back into the school – or at least thinks she is – but her every move is seen. It turns out that the classroom is a really cool elevator that takes her right to the iDOLs. She still thinks they are scary, but Azusa tells her about the Eye. Haruka pulls hers out and Imber activates again. Haruka still seems scared, but also resigned.

I like how the episode ends with Yayoi, still in the Penguin suit, bursting into the dorm. She thinks that Haruka is being held there and is surprised to see that Haruka is ok and wearing a school uniform. Haruka explains that the idol audition she attended was really a school entrance exam. Huh? She runs off to school, leaving behind a very confused Yayoi. And Yayoi ends up being cuddled to death by Ritsuko! Ritsuko must like penguins too. :lol: Although I do enjoy the comedy in this show, I have a feeling that things will be getting serious soon.

Episode 3 –


Haruka and Yukiho are introduced to the rest of the iDOL team at the secret base beneath the school. (that classroom elevator is still pretty cool!) Training begins, but in a classroom and Haruka doesn’t seem like a very good student. In fact, she seems pretty lost. However, she later does much better in the simulator.

Imber will not move for the other pilots, but does work for Haruka. When the test is aborted, Imber has other ideas and seals Haruka in the cockpit!

When a Drop is confirmed, Nebula is sent out, but Imber goes as well. Haruka feels that Imber is scared of the outside world and needs to get used to it again. Things don’t look good, but Haruka keeps talking to Imber and it stabilizes!

Nebula gets into trouble and it looks like Imber is going to lend a hand. I hope Haruka is ready!

Episode 4 –


Imber and Haruka pulverize the Drop, but I don’t think Iori appreciated her help one little bit! Especially when she gets reprimanded for making a mistake and tries to blame Haruka.

But for Haruka’s success, the girls decide to have a celebration dinner back at the dorm. Yayoi gets invited and this time, she shows up in a chicken costume! Since no explanation is given, this girl must really enjoy wearing these costumes. :smiley:

Iori is forced to the dinner and while making potstickers, the name calling starts and gets pretty funny. It was also hilarious when Yayoi tried to peck Iori to death with her beak! This girl with her birds and beaks! Needless to say the dinner ends in disaster – not that it ever really started. :lol:

Well, it looks like those funny nicknames are going to stick too. I also get the feeling that Haruka and Iori are going to end up being friends. Both of them care very much for their iDOLs and want to protect everyone.

After Makoto bangs up Nebula during a mission, Iori challenges her to a mock battle in the simulators. Iori loses and Haruka wants to step in and fight Makoto as well. It seems Haruka held her own for a while and did well for a beginner, but lost as well.

And so it looks like Haruka and Iori are now reluctant friends! :slight_smile:

Episode 5 –


Although Haruka is doing well as a member of the team, she still has to make-up the test that she failed in theory. And Yukiho has to re-take the practical test as well. If they fail this time, they will be off the team. They are really scared to fail this time too.

But instead of studying, they are helping out Yayoi by filling out postcards. Her show will be canceled if they don’t get a certain number of postcards. Even Iori is helping and when Yayoi pops in with even more postcards, she isn’t even wearing a costume this time! I like how she tells them to “mind their handwriting” too!

Haruka makes a deal with Yukiho that they will help one another study, but things don’t work out too well and Iori gets roped in to “coach” Yukiho. Yukiho is still tutoring Haruka and they both improve, but will it be enough? At least they saved Yayoi’s radio show!

The day of the tests arrives and Yukiho seems a bit preoccupied. Haruka takes her on a detour to pray to an O-Inari charm that makes wishes come true. But it is on the roof of the tallest building in the reconstruction site. The girls break in to the site and make their way up the stairs to the roof. At one point, the stairs are broken and Haruka easily jumps across. She tells Yukiho to come across, but instead Yukiho pours out all of her fears and says that she will always be alone.

Haruka confides that she was once the same way, but Yayoi and her friends gave her the confidence that she had been lacking. She encourages Yukiho and once again tells her to jump, this time Haruka holds out her hand to her. Yukiho finds her courage and taking Haruka’s hand, takes the leap of faith. Once on the roof, they make their wish and go off to take the tests.

Yukiho tests in Imber as Haruka takes the written test. Later, it looks like Haruka passes, but Yukiho could not activate Imber and so failed her test. Haruka is heartbroken when she is told, but the administrator has a favor to ask of Yukiho. Although Haruka passed her test, she still isn’t all that good and could really use Yukiho’s help from behind the scenes. Yukiho gets to tell Haruka that she will be her ground support and seems satisfied with her new role. Both girls are happy that they get to stay together and be a team. Haruka hugs Yukiho and of course the girl falls immediately asleep!

Episode 6 –


Yukiho is now officially the operator of Imber and the girls make a great team. But there is a plot to take Imber away from Haruka. And Yayoi thinks Imber is a boy and that he’s Haruka’s boyfriend! But Haruka still has to keep her job a secret and refers to it as a club at school.

The girls get a maintenance lesson and Yukiho keeps falling asleep. Makoto is a cold girl and Iori keeps clashing with her over the way Nebula should be treated. Makoto feels that it is just a tool to be used.

Drops keep appearing and disappearing. Is the computer being hacked? It looks like that little girl is doing something. And just when the girls are hitting their limit, communications are cut off as a real Drop is sighted. But it’s no ordinary Drop – it’s the enemy in disguise!

Haruka is tossed back to Earth by Nubilum and has to fight. The base systems are restored, but Yukiho still can’t contact Haruka. They finally get a visual on Imber, but Haruka is unconscious and in bad shape. Imber is also failing and Nubilum can hardly function anymore either. But Chihaya still has enough power to grab hold of Imber and fly straight up into space with the intention of dropping it and killing Haruka.

Makoto is sent to help, but will she be in time? Chihaya has already let go of Imber!

Episode 7 –


Makoto looked rather annoyed at having to save Haruka instead of fighting Chihaya, but save her she did, although Haruka is in bad shape. She’s still unconscious when Yukiho and Iori visit her in the infirmary and Makoto is still unemotional and unfeeling. I would have liked to see Iori give her a good one!

Haruka finally wakes up and is told about their rival organization – Turiavita – and that Imber was the target. Haruka is very upset over the damage to Imber and blames herself. I don’t think she wants to pilot it anymore. She doesn’t even seem to want to try and thinks that Imber hates her. Even Iori and her insults can’t snap Haruka out of it.

Haruka visits Imber at night and tries one more time, but her key won’t even work and she feels that Imber is cold. She’s gone the next morning when Yukiho goes to wake her up. Her friends check Imber but Makoto is there instead for an activation test. However, Iori pulls Makoto off Imber and locks herself in the cockpit. She gives Imber a good talking to, but gets no reaction.

Haruka returns home and Imber meets her in a field. Was that Iori’s doing? Perhaps the things she said to Imber did the trick after all. And it was sweet that Imber gives Haruka a flower too. That made her very happy.

Episode 8 –


Yayoi, dressed as a crab this time, goes to visit Haruka only to find out that everyone went to the beach. In reality, everyone is at a second base that just happens to be on a beach. The iDOLS are there for testing and Haruka seems more concerned about Imber than in having some fun. But it was funny when Haruka thought that Yayoi might like a sea cucumber as a souvenir!

Haruka learns more about Imber and how the iDOLS came to be. And when Ritsuko asked Haruka what color she liked, I don’t think he realized that Imber would be painted pink! I also enjoyed Haruka’s “date” with Imber. They had a lovely evening together!

Episode 9 –


Haruka finds out that Turiavita was once part of their organization and was the research department called Mondenkind. The wanted to use the iDOLS for evil and sixteen years ago, they were only able to take one. Haruka also finds out that a total of five iDOLS exist.

The maintenance crew is trying to install an improvement to the iDOLS called a “Harmonizer”, but it isn’t working. They need the former mechanic, but currently Ami Futami is an idol and too busy to talk to them. So, they send Haruka to talk to her and Haruka takes Yukiho and Iori with her.

It was funny when Iori gets “discovered” by a director but ends up as a cockroach. And she ends up fighting with Yayoi, who shows up as a starfish. Meanwhile, Ami explains to Haruka that she is too busy to help them, but gives her a data card. She also tells Haruka to quit being an iDOL Master and that iDOLS only bring sadness. The data card turns out to be a song from Ami’s past.

The maintenance crew still can’t get the Harmonizer to work and really need Ami, but she refuses to return. Haruka gets Ami’s schedule from Yayoi and finds Ami to talk to her again. She asks Ami why she told her that iDOLS bring only sadness. Haruka tells her that Imber has a heart and that there are sad times, but happy ones too. Ami disagrees with her and tells her that iDOLS bring pain. She tells Haruka that her younger sister was killed by an iDOL and that it destroyed their hopes.

Later, Haruka asks Makoto about Ami’s sister, Mami and the iDOL, Tempestas. Makoto tells Haruka that Ami and Mami were twins and also believed that the iDOLS had hearts. One day, Tempestas went out of control and Mami died. Perhaps this explains why Makoto is so unemotional when it comes to the iDOLS.
It was interesting to see that Imber played back Ami’s song to a confused Haruka once they were alone.

Ami thinks she has a rehearsal, but when she arrives at the stadium, no one is there. Once she reaches the stage, the lights come on and Haruka appears with Imber. She wanted Ami to see Imber and to talk to her about her sister’s death. After they talk, Imber plays the song and Ami goes to the piano and plays it too. The next day, Ami returns to work on the Harmonizer and asks Haruka to find Tempestas for her. Haruka agrees and it looks like Imber does too!

Find it interesting that when Haruka asks Imber about its home it showed a picture of deep space. Also wonder about the video being set to record when she was talking to Imber in her swimsuit.

Well, Shawn,


About that swimsuit thing - I just took that to be a guy thing since Imber is said to be male.

But I think he really cares for Haruka - as much as she cares for him.


Episode 10 –


They’ve gotten a long way on the Harmonizer with Ami’s help and testing has begun. Iori was chosen to be first for Nebula instead of Makoto – perhaps because Makoto is so unemotional? The Harmonizer seems to sync with the feelings of the pilot and Makoto doesn’t seem to have very much in that department. All the girls complete their tests and I enjoyed Ami’s description of the girls. As a result of the Harmonizing, Iori is made permanent pilot of Nebula with Makoto as a backup. Makoto seemed surprised and perhaps a little angry at the decision.

Makoto talks to Ami about seven years ago and asks Ami why she returned. Ami tells her that she felt something special when she heard Imber’s melody and that “something” might give her an answer she needs. Makoto gets angry and tells Ami that the iDOLS are just machines. Ami disagrees and thinks the iDOLS can teach them. Makoto says that skills and judgment are more important. Ami says that because of the way Makoto is, she will never rise above her current level. Makoto gets angry again and tells Ami that iDOLS don’t have hearts. Apparently Makoto has seen too much of what the iDOLS are capable of and can never accept the fact that they may have hearts.

The team receives a request for a lunar fragment and decides it will be a good opportunity to test the iDOLS after Harmonizing. Iori is selected to go and is up late researching her mission, but after she finally goes to bed, her computer turns back on and from the password given, Azusa Miurai is the user. Iori’s research is about to be hacked!

The next day, Iori and Nebula are deployed for their mission and Iori has no problem using the “Candy Catcher” to retrieve the fragment. But as she begins her return to the Earth, a mistake is made and Iori has lost control of Nebula and will crash into the Earth! She is ordered to destroy the fragment and Haruka and Imber are sent out as backup. Iori is still struggling for control of Nebula and hasn’t destroyed the fragment or perhaps she doesn’t have enough control of Nebula to do so. Mondenkind NA sees this out of control situation as a threat and launches missiles. Communications with Nebulas are lost as the missiles release their warheads. Haruka is still en route, but suddenly it’s too late! Makoto leaves the control room amidst the chaos, feeling that she was right all along. Then, there is an explosion in space!

I don’t know how Iori and Nebula survived, but they did, although Nebula looks badly damaged. Iori is blamed for a miscalculation in the Drop’s mass which caused the accident. None of her friends can believe that Iori would make such a mistake, but the evidence is there. The entire organization is being held responsible for Iori’s error and she will no longer be Nebula’s pilot.

Makoto feels justified in her opinion that the idols do not have hearts, but did she sabotage the mission and set Iori up to fail? It seems so as Azusa tells her that she has changed her system password. Why isn’t Makoto in serious trouble here? She almost got Iori killed! And it looks like she is getting away with it too. Meanwhile, Iori is agonizing over her failure. And Mondenkind EU has perhaps discovered a fourth iDOL in Iceland, but Turiavita knows about it as well. The race is on! Haruka and Makoto and their iDOLS are sent to Iceland. Could this fourth iDOL be Tempestas?

Episode 11 –


The Mondenkind Japan team has made it to Iceland without incident. They meet Hibiki Saku of Mondenkind EU and he seems a bit creepy. And Turiavita is making plans to head to Iceland as well. The core is believed to be Heims, not Tempestas and I think Ami and Haruka were a little disappointed about that. Both Mondenkind and Turiavita want this as yet untouched core and will do anything to get it. Meanwhile, Makoto is having her own issues.

Heims has been located, but is buried deep in volcanic magma and the enemy iDOLS have been picked up on radar. Imber has hardly taken off when Haruka is attacked by Nubilum. Makoto is ordered to Grimsfjall, but refuses the order insisting that she wants to fight Nubilum instead. Makoto is told to follow orders or be removed from Nebula, so an angry Makoto reluctantly complies. However, Nebula is not responding all that well. Could it be the cold or something else – like Makoto repeatedly calling Nebula a “piece of junk”?

When Makoto reaches her destination, she is attacked from beneath the ice by Epi, an artificial iDOL created by the enemy. Nebula and Makoto aren’t doing well against Epi and I wish Iori was there. I think she would get a better response from Nebula. Makoto is determined not to lose against a “fake” but she gets a big surprise – Epi is pretty powerful. Meanwhile, Imber and Nubilum are having their own power struggle.
And all this fighting has awakened Heims, which causes the other iDOLS to become immobilized by the high pitched noise. The volcano erupts, covering Nebula and Epi in lava, while Imber and Nubilum get caught in an earthquake and fall through the ice. Afterwards, Command is ok, but has lost communications with the iDOLS.

I was surprised to see Nebula right near them – how did it get away from the lava? Makoto is fine, but still angry, but Nebula is “unconscious”. Once again, Makoto calls it a “piece of junk”. Haruka is having the same problem with Imber. And while she worries, Chihaya stumbles over. At first, Haruka thinks it’s the supervisor – she could be a twin! – but Chihaya only has eyes for Imber before she passes out.

It seems Chihaya was surgically altered to be more compatible with Imber – perhaps this is why she is so obsessed with it. She wakes up next to Haruka – at least Haruka had the presence of mind to strip them for body heat. While Chihaya gets dressed, Haruka wakes up. Chihaya lies and tells her that she is with Mondenkind EU and she thanks Haruka for rescuing her. But then she walks over to her pack and begins to pull out a gun…

Episode 12 –


Command still can’t reach Haruka by radio and Saku suggests that she may have been defeated by Nubilum. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was working for the other side! Thankfully, no one believes him. Meanwhile, Chihaya is still pulling a gun from her pack as she talks to Haruka.

Haruka is trying to call Command on her radio as Chihaya watches her. It’s no good but Haruka tells Chihaya that Imber is just “sleeping” and is ok. I think it angers Chihaya that Haruka knows Imber so well. When Chihaya pretends interest in the iDOLS, Haruka is more than happy to tell her all about Imber.

HQ has made retrieving Heims a priority and is even willing to evacuate all of Iceland to keep everyone out of potential danger. Saku smirks again and says that it’s a “small price to pay”. He’s all ready to discuss a recovery plan too. Epi and Riffa are also fine and have been ordered to reach Heims first. Chihaya and Nubilum are still unreachable.

Nebula isn’t ready, but Makoto has already activated it and is beginning the mission without permission. I know Makoto thinks she has something to prove, but all she is doing is proving herself an idiot. Nebula enters the volcano, but is descending at a dangerous rate – with Epi right behind it! Elsewhere, Haruka is still going on about Imber and Chihaya finally tells her to stop. She tells Haruka that she really knows nothing of Imber and then pulls the gun on her!

Makoto is still falling through the magma and the heat is intense, but Epi has finally been detected. Great – now they’ll have to fight in the magma! They hardly begin and Nebula already loses an arm. I don’t think the iDOL can handle this type of environment and it looks like Makoto is losing control of Nebula. In fact, it looks like Makoto is going off the deep end. It seems Nebula is rejecting her.

Imber can finally receive a message from Command, but Haruka can’t hear it. She’s still outside with a gun pointed at her. Haruka questions Chihaya’s actions and finds out that Imber was once hers – and she wants it back! Epi is ready to destroy Nebula, but I think they woke up Heims again. It’s confirmed when resonance goes off the scale again. Another earthquake and both Chihaya and Haruka lose their footing. Chihaya tries to reach Imber’s cockpit, but falls to the ground. Haruka makes it and gets the message from Command, but wants to save Chihaya first. However, Chihaya is fine and Haruka finally hears that Makoto is in danger.

Epi hits Nebula a one more time before continuing on to Heims. Makoto would like to follow but Nebula shuts down on her. Well, that’s what she gets for calling Nebula a piece of junk all the time. And she knew it wasn’t ready for this mission either. Meanwhile, Command has run a simulation and the results are in. Iceland will sink! I noticed Saku made a quick exit when he heard that. Figures! Haruka is just in time to hear the report and wants to know what she can do to stop the disaster. Everyone sure is happy to hear from her!

Epi has reached Heims, but in order to save Makoto, the Mondenkind will have to let Heims go. Permission is given – saving Makoto and Iceland have taken priority. Haruka is sent to the volcano. She and Imber will use their energy to cancel out the impending earthquake. Haruka give a pep talk to Imber and Ami sees that they are in perfect harmony. But here comes Nubilum!

It looks as if Heims is rejecting Epi’s “invitation” and releases a tremendous amount of energy instead – just as the simulation predicted! Chihaya does not attack Imber as Haruka heads for the volcano. She instead tries to talk to Imber and tells him not to listen to Haruka. Chihaya must have been devastated when Imber just pushes her out of the way and continues on to the crater. At the top of the crater, Haruka releases Imber’s energy. Was it enough to counteract total destruction? It worked!

The volcano’s energy has dissipated and Imber has already retrieved Nebula. Saku is a witness to this as he flies off in a helicopter. Chihaya is still trying to deal with Imber’s rejection when she receives a message from Riffa that she got Heims. I don’t think Chihaya cares a bit at this point. Nebula is badly damaged, but Makoto will be ok. However, will she ever pilot again? Meanwhile, Haruka praises Imber for a job well done!

Because even robots are perverts.

Episode 13 –


Everyone is home again. I think Makoto is more angry at Nebula than at herself. If she could only see that the way she treats Nebula has so much to do with her problems. Haruka finds out that Chihaya is with Turiavita and pilots the Nubilum – as well as being the former Master of Imber. Turiavita now has Heims and I wonder what their next step is. Chihaya agonizes over the relationship between Imber and Haruka and wonders what she gave up her humanity for.

Makoto is causing a commotion with the technicians and mechanics. They are telling her that Nebula won’t move and she refuses to believe them. Ami steps in and tells Makoto of the complete disharmony between her and Nebula. They have all been trying to tell Makoto this and they all believe that Makoto should know the reason why. Makoto keeps talking about her seven years perfect record, but Ami tells her that up till now, Nebula has no reason to refuse her. Again, Makoto brings up the fact that Nebula is nothing more than a machine and if repaired correctly – a jab at the others – it will move. Makoto still doesn’t understand or she just doesn’t want to. Ami talks about Haruka and Imber as an example, which was a mistake. This just angers Makoto more and she throws a punch at Ami. Before it connects, Azusa grabs her arm and orders her back to her quarters.

The technicians show Azusa and the chief Nebula’s broken key. They think it could have been the pressure that broke the key, although their data is pointing more to the rejection of Makoto. And great! That obnoxious man, Saku, shows up to pester them. He claims he got on the wrong plane, but I don’t think anyone believes him – I sure don’t! And I can see how angry Azusa is at his presence – he really knows how to push her buttons!

Makoto is in her room, remembering the first time she destroyed a Drop. She was such a little girl! Azusa comes home and joins her on the balcony. Makoto tells her that she isn’t wrong and brings up her perfect record again. She is going through so much and finally just breaks down and lets it all out. I can see that Makoto is a lonely girl who is just looking for some recognition and praise for a job well done. Azusa embraces her and apologizes, saying that she thought Makoto understood. Makoto, still crying, tells her that she never received any praise from Azusa no matter how well she did with Nebula. Perhaps, deep down, Azusa had been a little jealous that Makoto could pilot the Nebula that once rejected her. Makoto says that she was never included in decisions and was never really made to feel a part of the team. Sadly, Azusa knows just how Makoto feels.

Back in their room, Yukiho is listening to Yayoi on the radio and hears her complaining about her lack of postcards, especially from Haruka. But when she mentions it to Haruka, she isn’t listening. Haruka’s mind keeps going back to Chihaya and Makoto and she asks Yukiho what she thinks the iDOLS really are. Before Yukiho can answer her, Haruka’s phone rings and it’s Azusa asking for a favor.

The next day, a ringing doorbell wakes up Makoto, who realizes that she slept in her clothes. She opens the door to find a cheery Haruka, which is probably the last thing she needs right now. Haruka walks in without being asked and runs around, exploring the apartment. Funny that Haruka gets the wrong idea and things Makoto is living with a female lover. At least the nosy girl finds out pretty quickly that it’s Azusa’s apartment, but the now angry Makoto tosses her out and slams the door in her face. She takes a deep breath and wonders how Haruka found out where she lived. The door opens and it’s Haruka again – with a key this time. This was the favor Azusa needed. She didn’t want to leave Makoto alone which is understandable, but why did she have to pick Haruka?

Meanwhile, there is a meeting at Mondenkind to determine Makoto’s fate. The data shows that Mokoto’s chances of piloting again are “close to zero” and more bad news – Saku has received a letter from HQ, appointing him as Vice Director! His first official question is what they plane to do about Makoto.

Makoto explains her relationship with Azusa to Haruka and is surprised to find out that Azusa worries about her so much. The doorbell rings again and Haruka rushes to answer it without Makoto’s permission. It’s none other than Yayoi! I hope she isn’t going to make them fill out postcards. Anyway, Haruka thought that they all could have some fun together, but Makoto just walks out and tells them not to follow her. She goes to a park and while feeding the pigeons, Makoto thinks of Azusa and finally realizes that her big “sis” really does care for her. I think she is beginning to change her attitude a bit as well. Her phone rings and it’s Azusa calling to tell her about her future with Nebula. A decision has been made and Makoto is requested to come in to hear about it in person. But Azusa hangs up before she can hear Makoto’s apology.

Makoto meets Azusa in front of Nebula, but Azusa keeps her distance. Acting as a superior, Azusa is all business as she coldly reads Makoto’s orders. Makoto is told that she “is hereby relieved of her rights as an Idolmaster.” This shocks and upsets Makoto – it’s all she’s ever known – it’s her entire life! Her reaction is understandable and this must have been hard for Azusa as well. But without a single word more, not even one of comfort, Azusa just walks away from her. But who was that on Nebula? Was Iori watching? Saku and Azusa inform HQ that they are changing Nebula’s pilot. The “for now” part sounds promising, so maybe Makoto isn’t completely finished after all. HQ knows that Heims and Epi will probably be coming after them soon.

Saku asks about Makoto and Azusa tells him that she didn’t come home and probably never will. Saku is very uncaring and says that it will be “less of a bother” for Azusa. Azusa announces to the others that Makoto has left Mondenkind. Naturally, everyone is saddened and upset by the news and I didn’t like Saku’s comment that it’s begun in “more ways than one”. Just what game is he playing? And it looks like Makoto has gone over to the side as she is welcomed to Turiavita!

Episode 14 –


Iori and Nebula are reunited and perhaps it was meant to be. It looks like they had met when Iori was a little girl. A test flight is planned to see if Iori is fit to pilot. She is to set up an early warning satellite, but Nebula will also be carrying a new device – Master Unison. Azusa seems to know what it is and doesn’t like it, but Saku describes it as a “data logger”.

Iori is sent out and the rocket carrying the satellite is launched. Saku reminds Iori that this is her last chance and Iori promises that her mission will be a success. At Turiavita, the Epi model is being passed produced and an attack on Mondenkind is being planned. Iori clears the path for the satellite and is doing fine. The satellite is deployed and Iori is to fire the pieces into orbit. She does so and once the satellite is declared functional, her mission is successful and Iori is made Nebula permanent pilot.

But now Saku says it’s time for the “main act” and the Master Unison is activated. Nebula’s systems are shut down and when power is returned, Iori finds the systems locked by Master Unison. Nebula begins to act on its own – under the control of Master Unison and fires the last satellite into orbit. While there is a moment of panic, Azusa announces that Nebula is being controlled by Master Unison and is part of the mission. Joseph is upset that he knows nothing of this and wasn’t even told. Saku explains that it teaches an iDOL to become autonomous and apologizes to Joseph. He says that HQ must have been late in telling him, but it seems to me that Saku isn’t the least bit sorry and is following his own agenda.

Haruka questions the need for Master Unison and Azusa explains that it is a countermeasure to the Epi units and was created by Mondenkind Geneva. This upset Iori who now thinks that the Masters will be replaced by these units, but Saku says it is to protect the pilots. However, from the look on his face, I think he’s lying. Saku then announces that part of the newly launched satellite’s function is to spy on Turiavita!

Iori is still annoyed and hits the Master Unison. All kinds of alarms suddenly go off and Master Unison goes out of control, but I don’t think it was because Iori hit it. It turns out that Nebula doesn’t like this new system either. And it seems that Saku believes that the iDOLS are tools as well. Azusa orders the Master Unison to be shut down and return control of Nebula to Iori. However, command is locked and Master Unison cannot be turned off.

Nebula goes a bit nuts and it’s funny that they describe it as “an allergic reaction” to the unit. Against Saku’s wishes, Azusa orders the Master Unison to be jettisoned, but not even that command functions. In rejecting the system, Nebula’s core temperature is steadily rising and Iori is told that Nebula’s personality and memories could be lost if it continues. Iori is determined not to let that happen – she doesn’t want Nebula to forget her.

Iori takes matters into her own hands and suits up to go outside and break the unit off herself. Funny that Azusa orders her back inside Nebula because they don’t have an “EVA license”! But Ritsuko cuts her off and says to let Iori try. Ami and the others voice their requests as well, so Azusa stops talking as Iori is instructed on what to do. As Iori follows the instructions, she explains that this day is the anniversary of when she and Nebula first met and she resolves that it won’t be the anniversary of Nebula’s death.

It was seven years ago when Iori was a little girl and she first saw Nebula. No one ever believed that she saw it at the time because she was the only one to see it in the fog. Her friends teased her about dreaming and seeing things in the mist. Ironic that she was later chosen by Mondenkind to be Nebula’s pilot. Although a coincidence, Iori believed it was fate and is ready to fight for Nebula now.

The core temperature is still rising, but Iori can’t get the final lever to work. She keeps punching it and everyone at command can hear her passionate words. But the core temperature has already reached the point at which Nebula will lose his memories. Iori hits the lever one more time with all her might and finally severs the Master Unison, but is it too late? The temperature drops quickly and everyone breathes a sigh of relief when it’s reported that Nebula is ok.

When Iori gets home, the girls are surprised to learn that Iori broke her arm with all that punching at the lever. She really did give her all to save Nebula! At least they prepared a feast to celebrate Iori’s anniversary. It was Haruka’s idea of course and it was sweet of her to think of it. Even Yayoi got invited and is in her penguin suit again. Iori pretends she’s annoyed at all the fuss, but I know she’s secretly pleased. And nothing makes her happier at this moment than arguing with Yayoi, who pecks at Iori’s head as the other girls laugh. There is even the prerequisite congratulatory strawberry shortcake on the table! And it seems that Nebula is celebrating the anniversary in his own way with memories of little Iori. It’s nice that Nebula didn’t lose his memories after all.

Episode 15 –


Haruka finds Imber’s file on herself with a lot of pictures and she doesn’t even think it’s a bit creepy. In fact, she’s charmed by it and even thanks him!

Joseph collapses and ends up in the hospital. When Haruka and Yukiho visit him, he tells them that he hopes things are going well back at command. But, when the cat’s away………. Anyway, Saku, as Vice Director, is in charge and I don’t think that’s going to be a good thing. But even with the Director out of commission, things really haven’t changed and the routine is normal.

The maintenance team is working on Imber but it looks as if someone has sabotaged the Maintenance Eye, for when they use it, Imber goes crazy. He activates on his own and because of his size and strength, the city is experiencing what is thought to be earthquakes. When command sees what is happening with Imber, Azusa looks at Saku, who only shrugs. I am thinking of him as well and wonder if he’s up to another of his tricks.

While Iori blames Haruka for perhaps messing up something with Imber, the maintenance team takes charge to discover what has happened and how to fix it. I think Ami would have been helpful, but she is currently being interviewed by Yayoi – in her penguin suit – for her radio show. And with each quake, Ami seems to have her hands full with a panicked Yayoi.

Imber is really out of control and the maintenance team can’t get anywhere near him. Iori decides to stop him with Nebula, but she forgot all about her broken arm, so that isn’t going to work. Imber begins to move on all fours and the maintenance team tries to tie him down. That doesn’t work but Imber does fall and stops moving for the moment. Azusa orders them to assess the damage and evacuate whatever staff is around the hangars that don’t need to be there. The cowardly Saku also leaves command under the premise of checking in with HQ, but they all know he’s running away.

If Imber starts to move again and manages to get to the surface in his current state, the damage would be extensive. They can only hope he remains idle and I wonder why someone doesn’t use this opportunity to remove the Eye. Azusa is still under the impression that Imber is acting on his own. Ritsuko comes up with an idea and it’s a funny one!

All the girls get to play dress up! First the maintenance team dresses up as sexy maids and asks “Master” Imber to behave himself. I’m not sure this is going to work but command announces that the “Maid Unit” has come into contact with Imber and they are now entering “Operation Persuasion”. If this was so serious, it would be comical. Especially when it’s noted that Imber’s “sensor” is reacting to the Maid Unit! But wait, there’s more!

The “Race Queen Unit” appears next, followed by the “Bunny Girl Unit” and I am suddenly having a fit of the giggles! A sexy nurse comes out and I am wondering where the cat girls are. Imber sure has a perverted nature! Next, it’s Haruka’s turn – as a sexy angel – but she’s just too embarrassed. Ritsuko tries to persuade her and explains that while Imber is distracted, her girls can get into his cockpit to remove the Eye. While Haruka still hesitates, Iori shows up in her roach costume, asking why she has to dress that way. As she argues with Ritsuko, Imber is watching and activates again. They think Iori annoyed him. I guess they should have made her a sexy bug!

Since Imber is on the move again, the team misses the change to gain access to the cockpit and the plan falls apart. The girls run from Imber, but Iori trips and falls. Haruka goes back for her, but Imber doesn’t recognize her and is about to squash them. Azusa arrives just in time to save them. Imber keeps moving, trying to make his way out of the hangar. He smashes through the first partition and will soon reach the catapult to the surface.

There’s no time to evacuate the civilians above and just then that slimy Saku returns and says that they have to destroy Imber! HQ has given Saku Imber’s self-destruct code. Saku tells them that destroying Imber won’t affect the core and the higher ups are satisfied with that fact, but no one else in the room is. Saku is about to enter the code when Ritsuko stops him by saying that if they can do something about the Eye, Imber will stop moving on his own. However, at that same moment, Imber breaks through the next partition. Saku says that they are out of time and enters the code.

Haruka yells for him to stop, but he ignores her and begins to activate the self-destruct. Before he can complete it, Saku is knocked to the floor by Joseph coming up out of a trap door. Everyone, except perhaps Saku, is so happy to see him! He compliments the girls on their cute outfits and says that there is no need to make Imber self-destruct. They can destroy the base instead! Of course everyone gasps!

Preparations are made and as Imber breaks through another partition, as explosion is set off. The people above ground feel another earthquake as Imber plunges to a lower level where Nebula is waiting for him. And here I thought Iori couldn’t do anything with her broken arm. While Nebula grabs Imber, a girl swings down on a rope and manages to open Imber’s hatch. Ritsuko orders the ultrasonic breaker readied and Nebula maneuvers Imber into position until they finally have a clear shot. The Eye is destroyed and Imber shuts down. Success! But with that, any evidence they might have had is gone.

Once again, slimy Saku exits command with only Azusa noticing. Iori did her job a little too well and re-broke her broken arm. Later, the command team praises the chief for his excellent solution to the Imber problem. He tells them that he had collapsed due to a gallstone and that is how he had come up with the ultrasonic waves idea to remove the Eye. So, in the end Saku had apparently nothing to do with this incident, but now they know they have a spy on their hands, unless of course Saku is lying.

Haruka is in Imber’s cockpit and inserts her key. It seems all the files from Imber’s incident are gone and they aren’t sure how. But Haruka sees another of Imber’s files and opens it to find a video of Chihaya from her days as Imber’s pilot. Haruka wonders why he’s kept it all this time. Haruka seems a little sad and a little hurt, and perhaps even a little jealous. She removes her key, but the maintenance crew hasn’t finished running their tests yet and Ritsuko asks Haruka if something happened. But Haruka just bites her key.

Episode 16 –


Well, it looks like Makoto has been accepted into Turiavita by giving them information on Mondenkind and maybe she will be paired with Heims as well. The conversation between Makoto and Chihaya confirms Turiavita has a spy at Mondenkind and I can only wonder if it’s Saku, but maybe that’s too obvious.

That video of Chihaya really upset Haruka and she does some research on Chihaya, but doesn’t find out much. The maintenance team is still looking for a cause for Imber’s incident but still can’t find one. Perhaps because they destroyed the evidence – the Eye? Or did the spy wipe everything clean? It’s reported that Imber should be fine and ready for duty soon.

Haruka gets a chance to question Azusa about Chihaya and finds out that Imber rejected her. After that rejection, Imber went into his deep sleep until Haruka showed up. No one truly knows why Imber rejected Chihaya or why he went to sleep. I do like the fact that iDOL Roasted Sweet Potatoes kept popping up in the episode. Not sure why, but it was funny.

Haruka is still a bit bothered and meets Yayoi at the café to question her about relationships. Things turn really comical when Haruka is talking about a robot and Yayoi thinks she’s talking about a real boy. Thankfully, the only other ones in the café were the couple that runs it, but even they were embarrassed by the conversation they overheard. At one point, the woman looks at the man and he just hides behind his newspaper.

Although it was awkward, Yayoi finally gets what Haruka is asking about, but being Yayoi, her solution is a silly one. She has Haruka enter a Girls Santa Contest that will also be on TV, just to impress her “boyfriend”. Haruka becomes a bit of a mess after hearing that the contest will be on TV and more so after Yayoi tells her that she read about this whole “solution” in a manga! Unfortunately, Iori sees Haruka on TV and tries to get her in trouble for breaking the rules. However, the Chief says that she really didn’t do anything wrong. Now, what happened to Iori’s twice broken arm? I know they said earlier that she had recovered, but it’s only been a week!

Saku and Azusa discuss the spy. I didn’t like the fact that Saku insinuates that Azusa might be the spy because of her relationship to Chihaya. Even his “just kidding” didn’t seem very sincere as Azusa walks out on him. Haruka is testing in Imber again and now a game program turns on by itself. Ritsuko says she’ll check for another bug, but perhaps Imber just wants to play. So, Haruka plays the game with him.

In the morning, Yayoi bursts into Haruka’s room to tell her that her agency’s president saw the contest and thinks she’d make a good idol. Yayoi drags her off to the agency and that night, Haruka is a guest on Yayoi’s radio show. Haruka is a nervous wreck and makes a mess of things. She later tells Yayoi that she really isn’t cut out to be an idol, but Yayoi encourages her and Haruka promises to think about it.

Haruka talks to Imber about it and not only does he play her radio interview, he also shows her pictures of the contest. Imber is such a naughty boy! Between Imber’s approval – if that was approval – and Yukiho and Ritsuko cheering her on, Haruka decides to do her best.

Haruka goes through a lot and it looks like she’s well on her way to becoming an idol. But things at command are a little odd. Although more Drops are being reports, HQ isn’t having them deploy as much. Is it because of the spy? Imber’s rampage? Makoto’s defection? It also seems that Heim’s recovery may be a factor in the increase of the Drops.

Yayoi is happy that Haruka is a fellow idol, but as they talk, Haruka tells Yayoi that she needed the confidence boost and they are back on the subject of Haruka’s boyfriend. At least this time, Yayoi is more normal in her support.

Haruka has a harmonizing session with Imber and I’m getting a bad vibe from Yukiho. Could she be jealous – or is she the spy? Imber must be feeling a bit lonely now that Haruka has no time to hang out and play with him. But there’s also another problem. Ami tells Yukiho that Haruka’s harmonizing test wasn’t quite right. She tells Yukiho that it isn’t a big deal, but the timbre was lonesome and Yukiho promises to warn Haruka. But will she?

Now, why is Saku looking at employee files? Is he looking for possible spies? And why does he seem to be especially interested in Yukiho’s file? Back at the dorm, Yukiho promises to play Haruka’s practice session for Imber and I noticed that she didn’t say anything about the harmonizing test. Late at night, Imber activates the game by himself again, but there’s no one to play with him. Haruka sleeps clutching her key and dreams of Imber. And something is definitely wrong with Yukiho!