Valvrave the Liberator / Kakumeiki Valvrave

or as I like to call this show:

“Lord of the Flies meets Voltron”

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Valvrave the Liberator Anime’s 2nd Season’s 4th Promo Streamed

posted on 2013-10-01 09:08 EDT by Sarah Nelkin
Promo featuring Nana Mizuki/T.M. Revolution’s opening song reads, “The revolution has begun.”

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What everyone fails to realize about this episode, was that both Haruto and Saki were raped. The AI has some control over Haruto which is why he has these attacks. Remember the time he attacked L-elf and the AI screen said “I’m Hungry.”? The AI basically raped both of them, Haruto directly, and Saki through Haruto.

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Yes, I see that now, especially with the way the AI reacted at the time.

Episode 13 –


A fantastic continuation of the last episode! The fight between Cain and Haruto and L-elf continues as does the one outside. However, it looks like Haruto is losing to Cain. The AI’s seem to be brother and sister. Haruto is saved when Cain has to pull back. Cain escapes with the stolen Valvrave and the Dorssians retreat.

This was two months ago. Module 77 has since reached the moon and denounced the Dorssian occupation of JIOR. The government in exile is in place with Shoko as Prime Minister and Haruto has become a symbol of hope. Saki has become a singer that inspires students around the world. There is peace for now, but I’m sure it won’t be lasting long. And ARUS is being a pain in the butt!

Haruto’s attacks are still getting worse and more frequent. L-elf and Kibukawa come to the conclusion that the Runes really do exist. Saki is shocked to see Haruto locked up, but it was done at his own request. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone again during one of his attacks. But later, Saki offers herself to Haruto again in order to help him. This time, he forces himself to reject her and runs away.

The Valvraves have run out of energy and have shut down. L-elf explains why to Haruto. He believes that Haruto’s attacks on humans are a process to gather the Runes which run the Valvraves. But Haruto refuses to hurt anyone anymore. L-elf is all ready to kill Haruto again and it seems this time Haruto wants to die. But at the last minute, Haruto decides to continue to bear the Valvrave’s curse alone. He makes a promise to L-elf that he will feed on no one but him and L-elf exposes his neck. The Runes are collected and the Valvraves reactivate.

The Dorssians are on patrol as the JIOR officials take a trip to Earth. Once the JIORans are out of the neutral zone, the Dorssians attack. The Dorssians are no match for the Valvraves, and yet, once JIOR is free again, Haruto is determined to destroy all the Valvraves. He hates what he has become and resolves to end the Kamitsuki curse! And Cain is mass producing what he calls “the children of the Valvraves”! This is going to be great!

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Don’t miss episode 15, mega bomb dropped about one of the non Pilots in the recon group…

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Episode 14 –


Satomi is very protective of the sister that doesn’t want to come out of her Valvrave. I guess Akira still doesn’t like to be around people. It also looks like Akira doesn’t like Satomi speaking for her either. Rumors about her spread among the others. Watching Akira moving around the ship, partially hidden by a cardboard box was pretty funny.

They almost make it to Earth, but Satomi messes up and the Dorssians are on to them. The priority now is to protect the ship as it descends through the rings. But Satomi is taking his mistake badly and a flashback shows that his parents were hard on him and had pushed him to succeed. Akira saves the ship but has drifted too far from it and is overheated. The Dorssians are still after them and Haruto gets a new toy, called a Familiar. It absorbs his heat and he’s able to fight again. However, Akira’s unit is too far away now to retrieve.

Another flashback shows Akira hacking into her brother’s entrance exams. Satomi had a fever and Akira thought she was helping him out, but she gets caught. Instead of standing up for her, Satomi distanced himself from her. And when Akira was bullied at school, Satomi just walked away, even as she cried out for his help. What a rotten brother! But I’m sure he was also getting some kind of pressure from his parents.

Satomi still wants to save his sister now and will put the ship in danger to do it. But Haruto is ahead of him! He is already going after Akira, even at the risk of his own life. Haruto grabs her and absorbs her heat, but injures himself in the process. Akira hacks into the communications and Satomi is able to make a heading for a new course. Takahi supports his decision, but they still have to convince L-elf. Other voices add their pleas and L-elf reluctantly gives in.

Satomi wants to make up for the way he had treated his sister, and Akira finally realizes that. The ship leaves the rings and Akira manages to grab on to it without letting go of Haruto. But even with L-elf in control, will the ship make reentry in one piece? It does, but crashes. They are totally off course – and inside Dorssian territory!

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Episode 16 actually wants to make me stop watching this series ; ;

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Episode 15 –


That glimpse of the future was very interesting. But right now, the Dorssians are on the hunt for the downed ship and its passengers. And L-elf has come up with an escape plan. He wants to steal a military transport – a tall order! Saki and Akira will be sent out as spies. Akira isn’t happy, but she’ll do it. Meanwhile, Shoko has been informed of the crash inside Dorssian territory.

L-elf, Saki, and Akira go off on their mission and leave the rest of the group to prepare for attack. L-elf leads the girls to a village. They meet two little children, and one of them pulls a gun and shoots Saki! Good thing Saki is cursed or she never would have survived. The other child tries to shoot L-elf. This is no ordinary village, but a top-secret training base for Dorssian agents! And the main objective is killing. What a way to raise kids. L-elf subdues the kids, but doesn’t kill them. He intends for Saki and Akira to body-jack them and infiltrate the army.

Marie has been suspicious of how Haruto healed so quickly from his injuries. She’s in his unit’s cockpit, seeking evidence and Pino is happy to see her. She calls Marie a friend and says that they had met five years ago. Pino also says it isn’t the real her. Does that mean that there is a real Pino out there? And does this have something to do with Marie’s lack of memories? This is another interesting mystery.

Saki is to lead the army to the ridge, while Akira gets the transport. Unfortunately, A-drei and Q-vier show up as “observers”, which may be a problem. L-elf’s plan goes into action and the Ideal Blume is attacked first by the Valvraves. Meanwhile, has caught Marie talking to Pino. Marie confronts Haruto and asks what he is. He tells her that he isn’t human and she then asks him to tell her everything. Do they really have time for this? Haruto has a mission!

Marie is suddenly shot through the head! And by L-elf! He needs Haruto to follow the plan, but did he have to shoot Marie? While Haruto argues with L-elf, Marie stands up, with a hole in her forehead. Is she a Kamitsuki too? And the Valvraves have come up against new fighters. Are these Cain’s “children of the Valvraves”? Nothing but mysteries here! LOL

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Why Episode 16 pissed me off:


The biggest problem here is that the Valvraves are “Powered up” so to speak, Marie’s memories are referred to by Pino (Red VVV’s AI) as runes. If Pino has the Valvraves powered up there’s no need to eat Marie’s memories, because aren’t they used to power the Valvraves? If the Valvraves are powered up Pino doesn’t need Marie’s memories, but she takes them anyway (Some Friend) and basically kills her (Metaphorically mind you). That’s why I’m pissed off. Otherwise it’s a good episode.

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I think something else was going on here. Pino said that Marie was “broken”. Something was said about a limiter as well and since Marie’s was damaged, she is no longer a test pilot. I think piloting just made Marie’s memories leak out. And of course Pino would take them. Why waste food?


Episode 16 –


Marie started her life at school with no memories of her past. She wasn’t even sure who she was. And now she’s been shot in the head and is completely healed. She has no idea what is happening! Haruto asks if she’s a Kamitsuki and L-elf asks if she’s ever piloted a Valvrave, but the poor, confused Marie has no idea what they are talking about. It looks like she’s about to have a break down.

The new fighters and the Valvraves are pretty evenly matched, but both overheat too quickly. However, the new fighters can replace their energy packs. A-drei is still with the ground forces, but Saki can’t get him to follow L-elf’s plan. He knows L-elf to well and knows he’s planned some kind of trap.

The plan is completely compromised when A-drei turns the tables. L-elf finds out too late that A-drei is with the ground forces. L-elf manages to set off the bombs before they are destroyed, and the ground forces are caught in the explosion. But it looks like Haruto, Marie, and L-elf are too.

A-drei is missing. Haruto was thrown clear, but Marie and L-elf are trapped underground with the Valvrave. Fearing L-elf because he already shot her once, Marie gets into the Valvrave. Marie still doesn’t know what is going on, but is slowly coming to realize that she is like Haruto. The AI talks to Marie and tells her that she took her memories.

It looks like L-elf’s plan is completely shot to hell and no one can reach anyone. Everyone is on their own now. A-drei is okay and is with Saki. He actually saves her life without knowing who she really is. He still thinks he’s with a Dorssian child, K-zwolf. Saki panics at first, but calms down when A-drei says he has sent out a rescue signal. Then he sees something from his past on the rock face. A-drei explains to the child that he also underwent Karlstein training in this area. A-drei tells K-zwolf that he once had to kill a friend, a Royalist that was part of their team. They killed him in secret and covered it up in order to survive.

Meanwhile, the AI, Pino, is reacquainting herself with Marie. Pino tells Marie her history of being a test pilot before the Valvraves were even completed. They were together every day and became friends. Marie still can’t remember and that is because Pino admits to eating her memories. L-elf realizes that Pino was after the Runes. The Runes are what Pino considers food to give her energy. And now Pino has taken another memory from Marie and Marie is saddened to forget how she came to be at the school.

But they are interrupted by a message from Akira with the status of the other Valvraves and the fact that her brother and the others have been taken prisoner. Marie can pilot the Valvrave, but she’s afraid that she will lose more memories. L-elf tries to encourage her to save her friends, but she still doesn’t want to lose the precious memories that are left to her. Then Marie remembers something that Shoko said to her – they can make new memories! That thought and Shoko’s friendship finally give her to courage to pilot the Valvrave.

Marie does well, but it looks like she’s lost more memories. Haruto is reunited with L-elf, but is upset that he made Marie pilot Unit 1until L-elf tells him that Marie was its original pilot. Haruto is then amazed at what the Valvrave can do with Marie as the pilot. Marie is sure she can make new memories, but Pino tells her about a flaw. Marie’s limiter is broken which causes her to lose too much information and this is why she was no longer a Valvrave test pilot. Marie is now losing too much of herself!

L-elf and Haruto rescue the others that were taken prisoner and take their transport. The plan is back in action! Akira gets the signal to activate her part of the plan, while Marie continues to fight. The Dorssian Royalists hack into Akira’s computer with a message offering assistance. L-elf lifts off and retrieves Valvrave Units 3 and 5. Unit 1 loses energy and stops, unable to fight any more.

Haruto contacts Marie, but she no longer knows who he is. She is just a shell now, with no memories at all. She asks Haruto if they are friends and if she has any more. Meanwhile, the Blume has survived and takes aim at Unit 1. The Valvrave has now regained its energy and destroys the Blume, as well as the ground forces and much of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, this last attack causes Marie to lose consciousness. Pino bids Marie farewell. Is Marie dead or has she become a vegetable? Either way, Marie is gone and that is just tragic. Of course I am also worried about Saki and Akira now too.

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Episode 17 –


Marie is dead and the others find out why from Pino. The truth of the Runes is fully known now. Haruto’s recent examination is beginning to show the same symptoms as Marie. If he continues to pilot, he will end up just like her. For one that swore to never let anyone else suffer with this curse, Haruto has some serious thinking to do. Will he give up being a Valvrave pilot? Can he?

After a horrible nightmare, and with thoughts of the dead Marie, Haruto is having trouble piloting his unit. The alert was a false alarm – a test from L-elf to see the status of their weapons. The group has formed a temporary alliance with the Dorssian Royalists. The Royalists will give them supplies if they can destroy a Dorssian sub that has been plaguing them.

A-drei and Saki have been picked up by the rescue helicopter. Poor Saki is just getting in deeper and deeper in Dorssian territory. Haruto tries to pull himself together, knowing that everyone is counting on him. Something interesting comes to light about L-elf. He is eating Runes too and will soon lose his memories and his life. Pino tells him this, but he says it doesn’t matter. I wonder if this is happening because Haruto feeds on him. L-elf is more concerned right now about replacing Haruto, if it should come to that. And L-elf doesn’t have many options since Pino has just refused him.

X-eins is summoned to a manor in the Grunau district. The manor is nicknamed the “Castle of No Return” and for good reason. It’s a place that Cain frequently visits, but no one else has ever come back from there. H-neun is worried about his comrade as he finds out more about this manor. It looks like he will go after X-eins.

The JIORans finally land the stolen transport. Akira and Thunder are sent to rescue Saki. L-elf and Haruto investigate the submarine. Why do I get the feeling that the sub, the mysterious manor, and Cain are all connected? Sure enough, the sub seems to be entering a waterway under a castle. And H-neun is already inside the manor, doing his own investigation, and ready to expose Cain for what he is. Unfortunately, the stolen transport has been located by the Dorssians, and they are on their way to the JIORans.

Of course this works out well for H-neun, since security has just been weakened while the soldiers are sent out after the JIORans. Unknown to him, L-elf and Haruto are going after the sub below. H-neun once saw something which proves that Cain isn’t human. I supposed that is what he wants to expose. He might have thought security was thin now, but that proves false when he is captured by none other than Cain himself.

From what Cain and H-neun are saying, and the way that Cain is acting, it looks like he’s been body jacked. But by who? He shoots H-neun, but H-neun manages to get away. Meanwhile, Haruto and L-elf have already infiltrated the sub and are trying to get in to a mysterious room. H-neun keeps running and comes upon a room with the Chancellor and members of the Magius. Something really weird is going on here.

The Chancellor doesn’t know H-neun’s uniform. Has he been jacked too? The Plu AI is on the table, talking about a ritual. Cain enters the room and the Chancellor asks if H-neun is part of the entertainment. Cain says that he isn’t, but tells H-neun that there will be an important ritual. Meanwhile, L-elf and Haruto have gotten into that room. It seems the mystery of the missing people summoned to the manor has been solved. It looks like they are harvesting Runes, and L-elf realizes that Runes aren’t just a JIORan discovery.

H-neun discovers that X-eins will soon be body jacked by a member of the Magius. Haruto destroys some of the Runes collection containers on the sub. L-elf says that destroying this sub will only cause more to be built. They need to find out why the Dorssians are collecting Runes. There is a sudden tremor on the sub. The transport is being attacked. L-elf orders Satomi to pilot Unit 1, but Haruto protests. He doesn’t want to see anyone else cursed, but I’m sure L-elf has his reasons for doing this. L-elf is going to rotate pilots so that no one will lose too many Runes. Haruto is really upset by this and attacks L-elf. But L-elf tells him that he has no use for a coward as a pilot.

Haruto tells L-elf that he doesn’t know what it’s like – to face losing your memories and then your life. L-elf tells Haruto that it’s just as frustrating for him not to have the power to operate a Valvrave. Haruto thinks of Marie and all of the people on the sub. It looks like Haruto is not going to be a coward about it. He’s back in Unit 1! He follows L-elf’s plan and causes a volcano to erupt. Haruto doesn’t care anymore, as long as he can put an end to the war. Between Haruto and the volcano, the enemy forces are destroyed.

Back at the manor, X-eins is looking for Cain. He finds him in that room, but the room is empty now, and X-eins sees that Cain is holding H-neun’s gun. Cain turns to face X-eins and there is blood on his face. He tells X-eins that they will have to start the ritual all over again. I guess that means H-neun is dead and all the secrets he discovered are dead as well. Cain says that he will now have to find a new food source. Creepy!

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Episode 18 –


L-elf dreams of his princess. And Lieselotte is fighting her own private war against the Magiuses, but it looks like she’s losing. From L-elf’s dream and the fact he’s in Dorssia, I wonder if he will attempt to rescue her.

L-elf informs everyone that Module 77 has been targeted and many of the group want to go back, while want to complete their current mission. Everyone looks to L-elf for an answer and of course he has a plan. Intel was included with the supplies from the Royalists, and that contained information on an antique rocket. They are heading for the town where the rocket is kept. The same town also holds some JIORan captives that they will rescue. Haruto sees his father’s name on the list of prisoners.

It looks like Lieselotte is working with Kriemhild. And H-neun’s death is explained. He was branded a traitor for selling military secrets. But do his friends really believe that story? Q-vier seems to, but I’m not so sure about X-eins. Meanwhile, the kids from Module 77 have infiltrated Dorssiana, the old capital, in small groups. Haruto seems nervous about seeing his father, a man he hardly knows, and a father that was too busy to spend much time with his son. However, he thinks their reunion will be a good one.

The plan for the rocket at the museum is put into action, as well as the rescue of the JIORans. Unfortunately, A-drei, still with Saki, sees Akira hack into the system. Kriemhild, working with the Royalists, meets L-elf, and directs his group to where the prisoners are being held. She gives him two hours to complete the mission, and also asks him if anyone with him is named Michael, a name that Lieselotte murmured. L-elf’s eyes widen at that question, but Haruto answers that there isn’t. In fact, Michael isn’t even a JIORan name.

From L-elf’s dream earlier, I thought his name would turn out to be Michael, and he tells Kriemhild now that when he first joined the Karlstein Agency, his name was taken from him. And that name was Michael! He deduces that it was Lieselotte that got them to where they are now, but Kriemhild tells him to drop it. However, once L-elf realizes that his princess is nearby, he runs out the door, even as Kriemhild threatens him. The rest of the group wants to follow him, but Haruto stops them, saying that they should stick to the plan.

While L-elf tries to reach the tower where his princess is being kept, A-drei and Saki infiltrate the stolen ship. Meanwhile, the captive JIORans are thrilled that they are about to be rescued. Haruto asks for his father, but the man is already approaching him, and something seems a bit off about him. The way Souichi greets his son embarrasses Haruto quite a bit. He takes Haruto to his desk and shows him the picture he’s always kept of his “pride and joy”, but it’s a picture of Haruto’s gene map, which Souichi calls his “masterpiece”. Kibukawa tells Haruto that Souichi was in charge of the “VVV Project”.

The ugly truth comes out as Souichi tells Haruto that his real job was to create a new form of life, and is pleased to see that he succeeded, since Haruto has surpassed humanity. Souichi further tells the stunned Haruto that he is Homo sapiens novus, a race that will rule the Earth, as well as the entire universe! He then laughs in his madness. His fellow scientists protest, but Souichi shuts them up quickly enough. The complete truth is just a horrible revelation.

Saki tries to find a person on the ship to report to, as A-drei enters the empty command center. He reports to Cain, saying he’s found the stolen ship, but it’s been deserted. Cain knows that this means that the JIORans must now be using other transportation, but it is Q-vier that comes up with exactly what. He runs off to prepare for battle. However, Cain has another thought and wonders if the JIORans are getting help from the Royalists. Meanwhile, L-elf is still trying to get to the tower.

I don’t think Haruto likes his father very much anymore – if he ever did. The man tells Haruto that he’s at the top of the food chain, and is the “ultimate lifeform”. However, Haruto still thinks all that he has been is nothing but a curse. Souichi wonders, since he is the creator, if he should call himself “God”, and laughs again. Haruto is really angry now and punches his father in the face, knocking him to the floor. He tells Souichi that he is going to destroy the Valvraves, to make sure that the curse doesn’t spread. This only shocks and upsets Souichi, and he begins to grovel. Haruto says goodbye to this father. Is he going to leave him there?

L-elf let himself be discovered and is now fighting attack helicopters. He’s running through the tower as they attack him. But then he’s suddenly standing in front of Lieselotte and she wants to know why he’s there. L-elf says that it “isn’t like three years ago” and that he’s “created a path”. He tells her that he has a country to protect her now. It was funny when L-elf grabbed Lieselotte’s hand and asked permission to abduct her. She looks into his eyes and it was a beautiful moment! But, I’m sure Cain is on his way.

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Episode 19 –


Lieselotte thinks that L-elf is just repaying her for once saving his life, but L-elf tells her that it’s more than that – he’s in love with her! Lieselotte is stunned. After all, L-elf only met her twice before this. However, she just looks saddened by his confession.

Haruto’s insane father refuses to be rescued, so I think they are leaving him behind. Saki is still in the ship and has found her Valvrave and her body. She has just transferred back to her body, but A-drei has caught her. Meanwhile, L-elf is still trying to rescue Lieselotte and is shooting his way out of the tower. But now he has to face Q-vier.

The group at the museum gets surrounded by Dorssian forces before they can finish working on the shuttle. Cain has figured out the entire plan. Thunder and Akira go to join the fight as Q-vier attacks L-elf with a knife. Thankfully, L-elf is just as good with a knife. However, he realizes that if Q-vier is there, then Cain must know of their plan. Q-vier tells him that H-neun also turned traitor, but an explosion stops the fight. Haruto has punched a hole through the wall and has come to rescue L-elf. He tells Haruto to take Lieselotte instead while he comes up with a plan against Cain. Telling Haruto to go to the museum and to take good care of Lieselotte, L-elf runs off.

In the cockpit of the Valvrave, Lieselotte thanks Haruto, but Pino interrupts them, wanting to know who the “organism” is. Haruto tells her that it isn’t the first time she’s seen a human, but Pino insists that Lieselotte is the same as her. Lieselotte tells Haruto it’s true. She’s a Magius! She explains it as a lifeform that has taken over a human body.

L-elf is on a motorcycle and is under fire. Knowing the L-elf is the brains behind everything, Cain is after him the most. Without L-elf, the JIORans are nothing. Lieselotte tells Haruto how the Magiuses came to Earth by accident several 100 years ago and had no way of getting home. They transferred themselves into the Earth creatures, including humans, and found a way to survive. The Magiuses have no physical form, so they needed bodies. Pino says that she was marooned as well. Haruto asks what he is and Lieselotte tells him that while he resembles the Magiuses, he seems to be artificial. Haruto remembers his father’s words and realizes that Lieselotte is probably right. Lieselotte tells Haruto that they have survived by passing from body to body over the years, and I loved when Pino said that Lieselotte was a “super-old lady”.

The museum is under bombardment, and Satomi has everyone in the shuttle, although they feel surrender may be the better choice. But Satomi won’t let anyone give up and tells them to put their faith in L-elf. Haruto arrives at the museum and the others are glad to see him. L-elf is on his way as well, but is still under attack. He loses his motorcycle and ends up in the water. He seems to have a plan that involves a nearby bridge.

Lieselotte continues her story and tells Haruto about the Council of 101 and the secret war against humanity. The organization was entrusted to keep the Magiuses a secret and to create a food supply. That food supply was Runes. And Runes come from humans. Why does that shock Haruto? Lieselotte sadly admits that she devours humans. But the conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Thunder and Akira. Kyuma has also arrived with the rescued prisoners. Haruto tries to cool his unit off, but it isn’t working.

Lieselotte questions the overheating of the units and Haruto explains it to her, but sees the patch on her arm. She explains that it’s her punishment for refusing to work with the Council of 101. She had wanted to reveal everything and coexist with humanity. As punishment, her Runes are siphoned off, which explains that machine she was in. The result is that she’s hardly alive now. Saying that she was grateful for a chance to talk with Haruto, she bids him goodbye. When Haruto protests, she tells him that she knew L-elf would not have escaped if she hadn’t agreed to go with him.

Lieselotte tells him that L-elf said that he loved her, but a Magius cannot be with a human. Haruto thinks of Shoko and tells Lieselotte that it isn’t right. He yells at Lieselotte not to give up, that it isn’t what L-elf would want. He tells her that L-elf is an amazing person and could make her happy. Lieselotte smiles and tells Haruto that L-elf is fortunate to have a friend like him. The rescued JIORans are loaded into the shuttle while Kibukawa makes a final check. L-elf finally contacts Satomi and tells him to use the road as a runway. But L-elf has to get the drawbridge down and it looks like L-elf isn’t doing all that well. Satomi tells everyone to have faith in L-elf.

Another shootout and L-elf receives more wounds. A Valvrave punches a hole in the museum’s wall just as L-elf reaches the bridge controls. He lowers the drawbridge and Q-vier sees it going down. Cain realizes what the new plan is, but it may be too late to take countermeasures. The shuttle activates and makes it way down the road as the Valvraves board. But Q-vier arrives in his unit and fires on the shuttle. Thankfully, he misses, and the shuttle takes off. L-elf sees it and is happy that Lieselotte was able to escape. He looks like he’s about to give into his wounds, but Haruto is suddenly there to save him.

Q-vier continues to fire at the shuttle and keeps missing. But he hasn’t totally missed. The occupants of the cockpit panic and think they should detach or they won’t make it. Kibukawa tells them if they do that, they will be shot down by the Dorssians. L-elf thinks Haruto could push it, but his unit is overheating again. Lieselotte takes action by going to the damaged area and using her powers to hold it together. But it looks like this may cost her what is left of her life. L-elf sees the glow and wants to know if there’s another Valvrave.

Lieselotte goes over her existence as Lieselotte and realizes that she was happiest when L-elf told her that he loved her. Haruto’s unit passes by as she says that they are spiritual beings that never knew the concept of “love”. But thanks to L-elf, Lieselotte knows what love is now. Cain sees the glow from the ground and knows it’s Lieselotte. Haruto reaches the shuttle just as his unit overheats. Lieselotte wishes that she could return L-elf’s love. Her last thoughts are of him as she gives up her life and the shuttle detaches. L-elf sees her body float away and screams out her name. I could not help crying at his pain. I really hoped that they’d get to be together.

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Episode 20 –


On their way home, the Valvraves find the Phantom that is on its way to Module 77 and try to destroy it. It doesn’t work. Still overheating, Haruto goes after it and tries to reach it, but shuts down just as he makes contact with the Phantom. He manages to hit it though. They have to try to do the best they can since they can’t rely on L-elf at the moment. Deep in grief, he has isolated himself.

The shuttle finally reaches Module 77 and everyone is welcomed back. Shoko gives Haruto a great big hug. The rescued JIORans are noticed and Iori is reunited with her father. Crying with happiness, Iori can’t figure out why her father keeps apologizing to her. There is also a news crew there and they’ve targeted Thunder. Shoko explains that she invited them and that they are airing a documentary about them every week in ARUS. Meanwhile, L-elf keeps going over different rescue scenarios for Lieselotte, to see if he could have saved her. Even grieving the way he is, he realizes that he could not have saved her.

Back in Dorssia, it’s reported to Cain that the resistance against the military is gaining a foothold, but he wants to know if Lieselotte’s death will make her a martyr in their eyes. He also has Saki as a prisoner now too. I guess A-drei turned her in. I really thought she’d be able to get him to side with her. The residents of Module 77 continued to be interviewed by the news crew. Thunder is thrilled that they are on TV, and with such high ratings too. However, Haruto says that there is no time for that, not with the Phantoms around, and what about Saki? They left her behind. And now they know about the Magiuses and the Council of 101 as well. Too bad Haruto doesn’t think to take advantage of the news crew that is there and broadcast this to the world.

When Akira hacked into the system, she discovered the existence of about 100 Phantoms, but they still know nothing else about them. They need some kind of plan. Haruto is finally interviewed by the journalist and is told that fame is fleeting. A year from now, everyone will have forgotten about Module 77 and the new heroes. Burnett also says that they will never get Dorssia to sympathize with them. He likens Haruto to Don Quixote facing the windmill that is Dorssia. Haruto cuts the interview short when he gets up and leaves.

In Dorssia, X-eins presents A-drei and Q-vier with H-neun’s earrings. Q-vier isn’t sure he wants anything belonging to a traitor, but A-drei wonders why he turned traitor in the first place. The earrings match their hair color and each boy takes theirs. A-drei takes the one that would have gone to L-elf before Q-vier can snatch it up. X-eins looks at his and wonders if H-neun really betrayed them.

Iori’s father helps with the repair of the Valvraves in order to “atone for his sins”, but I think he’ll have to do a lot more than that. Knowing that L-elf wants revenge against the Council of 101, Haruto visits L-elf and turns on the light. He stunned to see L-elf on the floor, with every available surface covered with his different scenarios for Lieselotte, many of them crossed out. Haruto asks what it all is and L-elf whispers that there was no way to save her, not even in his simulations. He tells Haruto to get out. Haruto does, for now, but promises to come back. Things are getting serious, but L-elf just needs some time to heal.

Kyuma advises Haruto to go on a date with Shoko and take his mind of things for a while. There is nothing he can do right now anyway and Kyuma reminds him that they could die at any time. Kyuma tells Haruto not to regret things left undone. Shoko joins them and Kyuma leaves. Shoko shares her big news and tells Haruto that “the condemnation resolution against Dorssia has been adopted”. Haruto realizes that Shoko was fighting just as hard as he was while he was gone.

Haruto tells L-elf what is going on as he talks to him through the door that L-elf has locked himself behind. Haruto leaves dinner at the door and tells L-elf that they will wait for him for as long as it takes. Shoko is meeting with officials for a summit conference. X-eins listens to the news about the summit as he still wonders about H-neun. He can’t believe that someone was even able to kill H-neun in the first place. As he plays with the earring, it breaks open and X-eins makes a discovery.

At the summit, Burnett stops his cameraman from filming. He’s gotten a huge tip that could mean big trouble. Shoko apologizes for holding this important meeting in a gym and begins the summit. The Council of 101 knows that Lieselotte probably told the JIORans more than they should know and decides to do something about Module 77. With Kitagawa’s advice and improvements, the Valvraves will now have an increased performance rate. But no one seems to know the whereabouts of all the rescued researchers at the moment and Kibukawa looks concerned.

Shoko is just saying how it was a shame that the delegate from Dorssia could not attend the summit when Amadeus appears on the screen and announces that he will join them now. He steps aside and the curtain behind him opens to reveal a chained Saki. Amadeus introduces Saki as a student of Module 77 and a Valvrave pilot. He tells his forced audience that he could never figure out how mere students could defy Dorssia for as long as they have and now tells the audience that he will reveal their secret.

Cain walks up behind Saki and draws his sword. He pierces Saki through her chest. She screams as her blood spews forth. The watching audience screams and gasps, as some cover their eyes or look away. Cain pulls out his sword and Saki falls over, supposedly dead. He rips open the back of her dress and wipes the blood away from her wound. The camera zooms in to show the wound closing. The unbelieving audience is in an uproar. Cain moves Saki’s face to the camera and she opens her eyes. Once again, there are gasps as the audience wonders how she can possibly be alive.

Even her fellow students and friends wonder how Saki can still be alive after that sword thrust that should have killed her. The President of ARUS rises and facing Shoko, demands to know what is going on. Amadeus solves the mystery for everyone by telling his audience that Saki isn’t human. Well, their secret is out now. Too bad Haruto didn’t get the Dorssian’s secret out first. I’m sure this summit will fall apart now and Module 77 is going to lose any support they might have had. I wonder what their next step will be.

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Episode 21 –


Burnett broadcasts a news report about the “truth” of Module 77. He’s found the Phantom and the people being drained inside. Iori sees her father on the screen and screams as he dies. How did he even get there? The watching men from ARUS think it’s a JIORan ship and Satomi, comforting Iori, yells back that it isn’t. Burnett also finds Eileen being drained on the ship, and how the heck did she get there too?

Amadeus is on the screen again, and justifies his invasion of JIOR. He claims that this is the reality of Module 77 and the JIORans. They aren’t human, but monsters that drain the lives of others. The Dorssians have set the kids up pretty damn good! There’s always more way than one to win a war.

The President of ARUS demands an explanation from Shoko, but she has no idea what is happening either. Haruto says that they were going to tell him about the Phantom after the summit. Shoko questions Haruto as soldiers hold all the students at gunpoint. The President of ARUS is thankful to the Dorssians from saving them from the monsters. I wonder if he’s a Magius. I can’t remember, but I know the Dorssians are smart enough to take over key political figures around the world. The President of ARUS declares the students to be “Special Hazard Organisms” and I am just sick. The Council of 101 is happy to hear this. They were probably behind the whole thing in the first place, since they had decided to do something about Module 77.

Amadeus thanks Cain for his plan, but Cain is disappointed that it went so easy with no resistance. Of course he’s thinking of L-elf. But L-elf is still shut away and has no idea what is happening. The students begin to turn on one another – humans against accused monsters. They are under the impression that everyone that had gone down to Earth must be a monster. However, it also seems – as in cases like this – the students that have a grudge against them are also lumped in with the monsters.

A student named Yohei steps forward in the gym and begs the president to listen to them. He is shot in the head, causing a panic among the students. The president tells the crowd to not have any compassion for these creatures and calls for “vermin eradication”. The few students that gathered around Yohei are also shot. Shoko tries to run over to them, but Haruto holds her back. She screams and cries in her frustration, begging for no one else to be killed.

There is a commotion as the roof is ripped open by a Valvrave. Akira has had enough. She threatens the soldiers and the president is advised by his aide to leave. They sneak out as the soldiers continue killing students throughout the school. This is so horrible and I am getting too emotional again. Kibukawa is hiding with a struggling Shoko. She wants to go to her fellow students, but Kibukawa warns her that she’ll be shot just like everyone else. She insists the Moon is neutral, but Kibukawa tells her that only applies to humans. That seems to calm her down.

The President of ARUS makes a public announcement that the human race with set aside their differences in order to band together against the monsters. He announces “the formation of the ARUS/Dorssian Allied Forces”. They will attack the Moon and Module 77 together in order to wipe out the threat to humanity. Meanwhile the soldiers are still killing students and Akira is attacking them. She looks upon the horror of the dead bodies that were once classmates and is sickened. Kibukawa sends a message to the Valvrave pilots that the Moon will soon be attacked. He tells them that the Module is a lost cause, but to rescue as many students as they can and get them to the hangar. He hopes they can escape in the shuttles.

It’s a mad dash to the shuttles with the soldiers shooting at them all from behind. Even more students die. Shoko is still a leader and takes charge of the situation, encouraging everyone to trust one another and hurry along. The shuttles launch, but an army of ships are waiting for them. A-drei is interrogating Saki. He tells her that she had plenty of opportunities to kill him but didn’t, and asks her why. Saki won’t answer him and he changes the subject to L-elf.

Kibukawa only sees one option to escape the combined forces – “a high-velocity launch using the mass driver to blast through the combat zone”. But the Valvraves have to protect the shuttles and the driver until this can be done. Two shuttles make it and only one is left. But the mass driver gets damaged in the fight. It’s not bad, but they have to wait for the energy to recharge. Haruto is bravely fighting, but he’s starting to lose his memories. He receives a message from the shuttle that there are Dorssians soldiers on board, holding them hostage, but this has to be a lie. Haruto goes to their rescue.

He boards the shuttle, but there are no Dorssian soldiers. Shoko yells out for Haruto to run. But it’s too late and Haruto is captured and held at gunpoint by Iori. She says that they made a deal with the president. They will be safe as long as they hand over the Valvrave pilots. Iori gets emotional and shoots Haruto. He falls back and Shoko goes to him. She screams out her grief over his death, and hugs him, crying. She asks Iori why and she tells Shoko that Haruto killed her father. But Iori can see that Haruto isn’t dead, and Shoko feels him coming back to life as well.

The watching students says that he really is one of “them” and even Shoko questions him. Shoko mentions a memory that Haruto has already lost. He can’t remember and wonders how much he’s lost. Shoko says that the Haruto she knows is no more. He reaches for her and she slaps his hand away, calling him a liar. Shoko cries as hey drift apart. Iori asks for her decision and Shoko turns on Haruto and the others. That was just too painful to see. She tells the Valvraves to stand down.

I understand why Shoko did it – to protect the survivors – and I know she feels that Haruto betrayed her, but these kids had laid down their lives so many times to protect everyone, even giving up their own humanity. And this is the thanks they get? She is going to surrender and hand over Haruto. But she has to know this is a trick. She’s a smart girl. However, her obligations as a leader are making her believe that the offer is a true one. The pilots protest. Haruto and L-elf are forced into an escape pod. But when did L-elf get there? I thought they left him behind, shut up in that room.

The pod is launched and is captured. Once Haruto is verified to be inside, a signal is given and a unit takes aim at the shuttle. Shoko finally realizes that she was tricked. A shot is fired, and Kyuma maneuvers his Valvrave to take the force of the shot and protect the shuttle. Iori wonders why a monster would save them, but doesn’t she realize that they have been doing this all along? People are really stupid sometimes. Kyuma says that they aren’t monsters, but Kamitsuki. More units move in and Kyuma goes to meet them, explaining where the term came from.

Kyuma says that even if they hate him, he will still save them. Thunder and Akira move to help him, but Kyuma tells them to stay with the shuttle. I know that he intends to sacrifice himself, so they can get away. Kyuma insists that he will save Haruto. He doesn’t want things to end this way. The mass driver is fully charged now, but the shuttle has been targeted again. Kyuma tells Thunder to use his shield, but that will leave Kyuma without it. The units fire and Kyuma charges in.

The shuttle takes off and Kyuma is badly damaged, but still intends to rescue Haruto. He manages to grab the pod that Haruto is in and tells him that Shoko and the others are safe. Kyuma wants to get the pod back to Module 77, and makes a valiant attempt and he takes on more and more damage. Near death, Kyuma asks Haruto how he feels about Shoko. This isn’t the time, but Haruto humors him, and says that he liked her. He still likes her and supposes that he always will. That makes Kyuma happy as he tosses the pod towards the module, and turns back to face the enemy. Haruto screams as he watches his friend die in a massive explosion. I’m all emotional again. This was one of the hardest episodes that I’ve ever had to watch.

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Episode 22 –


Haruto and L-elf survive the toss back to the moon and Haruto mourns the loss of Kyuma. At least L-elf seems more himself again, but unfortunately, they’ve landed in a contaminated area. Their chances of survival are low and L-elf says that he has no reason to live anyway. Cain is in charge of exterminating the “Class 7 Special Hazard Organisms” and is towing Module 77 to a special Dorssian sphere. Thunder and Akira have found Shoko, but she will not allow non humans aboard the shuttle. I just want to smack her!

Haruto and L-elf have about thirty minutes of air left and there’s no help in sight. A-drei is still questioning Saki and finds out that it was a body jacked L-elf that shot out his eye. He knows now that L-elf didn’t betray him – or their common goal. Haruto has found a signal flare, but L-elf can’t repair it. He can’t figure out why Haruto wants to survive anyway and tells him that he’s been abandoned by the very people he still wants to save – and Shoko.

Haruto tells L-elf that Shoko did what she had to do as Prime Minister, but L-elf tells him there’s no going back. He reminds Haruto that he’s a monster and an enemy of humanity. L-elf tells him that he’s Shoko’s enemy and that he has to face reality, but Haruto refuses to give up. He blames L-elf and the Dorssians for what happened, but L-elf tells Haruto that the choices he made were his alone. They begin to have a fist fight, but L-elf knocks Haruto down, and holding him there, reminds Haruto that he’s not the only one who has lost a dream of the future. He tells Haruto that he was the one that killed Shoko’s father that time when Haruto attacked the enemy fleet.

They fight again, but L-elf still has the upper hand and tells Haruto that he’s nothing without his Valvrave. Thunder and Akira manage to board one of the other shuttles and Thunder says that he will still defend them. Shoko helps with the wounded on her own shuttle and when another dies, Shoko decides that without Haruto, she will have to pilot the Valvrave in order to protect everyone. She enters the cockpit of Unit 1 and is faced with the same question of giving up her humanity. And she meets Pino!

Pino tells Shoko to hurry up and choose yes, because without Haruto, she’s hungry. Shoko finds out that Haruto gave up his humanity for her. Pino also tells her that the Valvraves won’t work with humans, and plays a record of Haruto’s first time in the cockpit for Shoko. She breaks down when she realizes what she did, and just how much Haruto gave up for her.

Haruto and L-elf are still fighting. Haruto tells L-elf that Lieselotte was a Magius. L-elf doesn’t believe him, even when Haruto tells him that Lieselotte went against the council and sided with humanity. Haruto also tells L-elf about the Council of 101, but L-elf still doesn’t believe him. Haruto tells him more, but L-elf doesn’t want to hear it, and just goes wild with hitting Haruto. Haruto sees L-elf crying and thinks he’s being punished for making not just L-elf, but everyone sad as he also thinks of Saki and Shoko. He gets a vision of Kyuma, Aina and Marie, and Kyuma tells him that it’s okay for him to rest now. Kyuma holds out his hand and Haruto walks towards him, intending to take it, but another Haruto holds him back. It seems Haruto still has something to live for.

L-elf is still throwing punches at Haruto, still choosing to believe that Lieselotte was a prisoner of the Dorssian military. Haruto talks to his other self and tells him he’s had enough. The other Haruto tells him that everything he’s done up to now was all for nothing. Haruto protests that it isn’t true. L-elf is still going over the things that Lieselotte told him and his fist freezes as he begins to see the truth. Haruto tells himself that he’s almost out of Runes and the other one tells him to “at least go out kicking and screaming”. L-elf has a vision of Lieselotte telling him that he still has more to do, and he promises to carry on her dream. Both Haruto and L-elf come to the conclusion that they can’t die yet!

Haruto emits some kind of energy and L-elf goes flying. They saw Cain emit that same kind of light and wonder if it can somehow save them. It might just be what is needed to light that signal flare. Haruto and L-elf plan for a future where Kamitsuki and humans can co-exist. Not another JIOR, but a new country. But even with sending up the signal flare, there’s a good chance an enemy will come for them instead, if anyone comes at all. Still, it’s a chance they have to take, and the flare is sent off. Haruto and L-elf promise to work together to expose the truth of the Magiuses and the Council of 101 to the world, yet both boys still have their secrets.

Someone is coming, but it’s the enemy that has found the “Class 7 Special Hazard Organism and deserter” and they intend to kill them. Both Haruto and L-elf bravely face their extermination, jokingly telling each other that they were a lousy team to begin with. But the enemy is suddenly attacked – by Saki? Did A-drei let her go? As Saki fights the enemy, L-elf holds his hand out to Haruto, telling him that they will forge a new pact to expose the truth to the world. Haruto shakes his hand, telling him that it isn’t a pact, but a promise. Yay! On the Dorssian ship, X-eins hold a gun to A-drei’s head. He can’t believe that A-drei has also turned traitor. A-drei tells him that it isn’t a betrayal, but his punishment.

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Episode 23 –


X-eins knows all about A-drei’s secret plan to liberate Dorssia. He then uses H-neun’s earring and plays back the last few seconds of H-neun’s life, but it’s enough to damn Cain. X-eins drops the gun he was holding to A-drei’s head and puts the earring on, saying that he wants to avenge his friend’s death. Saki returns with Haruto and helps out Thunder and Akira in the process. Shoko receives word that Haruto is back. I wonder what she will do. And I see L-elf is up to his old tricks again! LOL

Haruto reveals his dream of creating a country where humans and Kamitsuki can live together in peace. L-elf has infiltrated the enemy, but is caught by A-drei. It looks like A-drei was expecting him. The two former friends face one another with guns pointed at each other. But A-drei actually asks for L-elf’s help to eliminate Cain. Of course L-elf will help, for that is his objective as well.

Saki has found out about the Runes and asks Haruto how much he remembers, but he tells her he’s fine. However, she knows he’s lying. Still, they make a deal not to give up. Thunder and Akira are also thinking of the future. It was funny when Satomi told his sister that she could eat him. And Cain has another plan.

The kids on Shoko’s shuttle panic when Haruto asks permission to board. They think he’s coming for revenge. I’m glad Shoko knows better and grants him and Akira permission. But of course the students verbally attack Haruto anyway. Shoko formally thanks him for his help in saving them and restricts him to the hangar. She still isn’t certain Haruto isn’t a threat. Akira has had enough. Haruto voices his regret for not telling Shoko everything. He tells her that he’s going to “expose the lies of the world” to her and reclaiming his unit, he gets ready to leave. However, Pino tells him that Shoko was in the cockpit, crying and apologizing. That surprises him, but Shoko is still the Prime Minister and has to put her people first.

The President of ARUS and the Fuhrer of Dorssia appear in public together to once again denounce their common enemy. Just as Cain expected, the Valvraves have come to him. And the fight is on! But I wonder if Cain has accounted for a betrayal. Cain’s plan against the Valvraves seems to be going perfectly. But Haruto is losing more and more of his memories. It’s a great fight on all fronts! At one point, Thunder faces off against Q-vier, and I wasn’t expecting Thunder to lose. Another friend is gone. Both Akira and Haruto scream.

At the public appearance, L-elf arrives with gun blazing, and shoots the guards. He slices the Fuhrer’s neck and Amadeus falls back, with his blood gushing everywhere. It’s still being televised live and everyone can see when Amadeus returns from death. The Council of 101 tries to cut the transmission, but thanks to Akira and her amazing hacking abilities, that isn’t going to happen. Akira sends the transmission everywhere and to everyone. Now who are the monsters? Ha! And Shoko can see that Haruto kept his promise of exposing the lies of the world. I love this! But I am still very worried about Haruto ending up like Marie.

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Episode 24 –


So, the world now knows what the Dorssians really are. The fighting stops until new orders are received. A-drei and X-eins have joined L-elf and Amadeus on the stage. Everyone thinks this exposure means the end of the ARUS-Dorssian alliance, but I’m not so sure about that. Akira is attacked and the broadcast is cut.

It was Cain that attacked Akira and Haruto comes to her aid – just what Cain wanted. He still intends to keep his promise to Plu and free Pino. Transmissions resume and it’s reported that what everyone just witnessed was a show orchestrated by the monster students. Sadly, the public is fickle and very easily swayed. The Council of 101 is in control once again, and Amadeus lets L-elf know just how many important people belong to the council.

Cain and Haruto battle and it looks like a losing one for Haruto, but he receives some unexpected help in the form of X-eins! Haruto and Akira watch as Cain and X-eins battle it out. A-drei arrives to help, but is confronted by Q-vier. And Haruto is still losing memories, yet he still joins the fight against Cain. The fight moves into the module and X-eins dies trying to defeat Cain. L-elf joins Haruto and tells him that he can’t defeat Cain, but Haruto still wants to try.

L-elf wants Haruto to body-jack him. L-elf still wants his revenge against Cain as well. Haruto bites him and L-elf takes over the fight. Saki has reached the module and is managing to move it by herself. She has her own selfish reasons for wanting Haruto to lose a few of his memories. LOL Q-vier arrives to attack Saki even though they are supposed to be waiting for orders. A-drei orders him to stand down, but Q-vier has always done what he wanted to anyway and refuses. A-drei ends up killing Q-vier and it hits him pretty hard.

L-elf continues his fight with Cain. Pino appeals to Plu to stop fighting, but he has too much anger against the humans. Haruto loses more memories. Cain explains the history of the Council of 101 and why it was formed. But even as he loses more of his memories, he tells Cain that they made the wrong choice. Cain is amazed that Haruto’s power is increasing. Meanwhile, the Royalists are taking action as well and are uniting against Dorssia. A “list” is created and people are arrested. Some of them aren’t even attached to the Council of 101, but you can’t be too careful. I see a witch hunt coming! Dorssian history is about to repeat itself.

Haruto will continue to fight for what he believes in. Now, he’s losing his high school memories as well. Goodbye Saki, goodbye Marie, and goodbye Shoko. Akira, Thunder, and Kyuma are gone as well. Everything is gone! In the end, Haruto attacks Plu directly and defeats Cain. However, as Cain is about to die, he unites with Plu, and his unit explodes. In the aftermath, Plu is reunited with Pino. L-elf comes to as himself and wakes up Haruto. I was expecting it, but I still cried when Haruto didn’t even know his own name.

Pino tells L-elf that Haruto has used up all his Runes. Haruto doesn’t know where he is or who L-elf is. L-elf questions him, but Haruto’s mind is totally blank. L-elf begins to tear up as he kneels in front of Haruto. Haruto asks L-elf if he knows him and L-elf tells Haruto that they are friends. Haruto smiles at him and closes his eyes, gently slipping away. I did expect this ever since Marie died, but it still hit me pretty hard.

In the end, there was a witch hunt for the Magiuses as the public panicked, seeing monsters everywhere. But a new world and a better one was born from this pandemonium. Shoko mourned Haruto’s death for a long time, but could not think only of herself forever. She had people to take care of and Shoko went back to her duties as Prime Minister. She kept her grief over Haruto to herself for those moments when she was alone.

Life continued. It looks like Satomi and Takahi get married and it was funny when A-drei caught the bouquet. It was nice to see a Valvrave there too. And this entire story of how the Galactic Empire came to be was told by Saki, Akira, and others to a princely little boy that looks so much like A-drei. Haruto got his wish. Kamitsuki and humans coexist in peace. But this last lesson is interrupted by Satomi. There is an intruder in the Memorial Core! LOL I loved the “Psycho” music!

I guess even this world has its problems. Two lifeform 53s appear in a room that contains busts of “The First Knights”. It was nice to see familiar faces represented. Shoko, dressed as a Valvrave pilot now, meets the lifeforms. She explains about the busts and asks the aliens to be friends. She holds out her hand to them. The last image of the Valvrave cockpit was nice with all the pictures of the students at the school before their innocence was lost. And the final image was a new question on the console – “Do you believe in human beings?” This anime had a perfect blend of story, characters, and music. It had drama, excitement, sadness, and comedy. Although it made me cry, it’s definitely going on my favorites list!

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Aniplex of America to Release Valvrave the Liberator 1st Season on Blu-ray

posted on 2014-07-04 13:45 EDT by Karen Ressler
Subtitled set to include collectible postcards, poster

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