Valvrave the Liberator / Kakumeiki Valvrave

Valvrave the Liberator / Kakumeiki Valvrave


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Genres: action, drama, romance, science fiction
Themes: body swap, conspiracy, mecha, military, real robot, school, space, space colonies, war
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 25 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-04-11
Opening Theme: “Preserved Roses” by Nana Mizuki x T.M.Revolution
Ending Theme: 1: “Boku Janai” (“It’s Not Me”) by angela
2: “Soba ni Iru yo” by ELISA

Plot Summary: Thanks to the development of the Dyson Sphere, The majority of the human populace lives in space. The Dorssia Military Federation, and the Atlantic Rim United States exist as major Military countries, while JOIR is a neutral principality, the story follows Haruto Tokishima as a normal boy going thru high school in T.C (True Calendar) year 71. This all changes when Haruto meets the humanoid weapon Valvrave. (from ANN)

Valvrave the Liberator 2


Watch on Crunchyroll

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ANN Page

Genres: action, drama, romance, science fiction
Themes: mecha
Running time: half hour per episode
Number of Episodes: 12
Opening Theme: “Kakumei Dualism” by Nana Mizuki x T.M.Revolution
Ending Theme 1: “REALISM” by ELISA
2: “Akai Memories wo Anata ni (I Give These Red Memories to You)” by Momoko Kanade

Plot Summary: Haruto and his comrades continue to fight against the forces of Dorssia. However, many things remain unanswered in the midst of battle, including the past of L-Elf and his fellow soldier’s past, the destiny of the mysterious girl Liselotte, and the feelings of Haruto, Shōko, and Saki. The relationships and loyalty of each and every member of each army will be tested as the clash of ideals and power reaches its climax. (from ANN)

Episode 1 -

Just when you think someone is so completely killed and dead, they turn out to be very much alive. This one has definitely piqued my interest.

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Episode 2 –


After being stabbed and shot point blank, Haruto gets up again like nothing happened and bites his attacker in the neck like a vampire! Inexplicably, he takes over L-elf’s body! Well, that’s a neat trick!

Once Haruto proves who he is to his friends, they need to retrieve his body, but Haruto still wants revenge for his dead Shoko. Meanwhile, JIOR has unconditionally surrendered to Dorssia and L-elf has been branded a traitor. Haruto, in L-elf’s body, is something of a cold blooded killer.

Haruto does get his body back as well as the Valvrave, and another neck bite puts him back in his own body. Inexperienced as he is, he pilots the Valvrave and takes on the Dorssian military! Thankfully, he learns quickly, but Valvrave has a flaw in that it overheats and shuts down once the internal count reaches 100. Between that, facing enemy Ideal ships and having to deal with L-elf pointing a gun at him again, Haruto flees.

L-elf soon finds out he’s been labeled a traitor but as he tries to figure out why, Haruto gets a call from Shoko. She’s alive! But not for long and Haruto needs to rescue her. However, Valvrave shuts down and he still has to deal with A-drei in the Ideal. When the counter reaches 666, Valvrave gains a new terrifying power. With the arrival of the ARUS fleet, the Dorssians retreat and Valvrave goes back to normal. At this point, L-elf wants to know how Haruto is still alive after he killed him and calls him an “inhuman freak”.

L-elf is taken into custody and Haruto is reunited with Shoko and his other friends. Instead of confessing to Shoko as he intended, Haruto teases her instead. It looks like L-elf’s words hit a nerve and Haruto feels like he no longer has the right to tell Shoko how he really feels towards her. This story is very exciting so far!

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Episode 3 –


ARUS seems to know exactly who L-elf is and draw their guns on him as soon as they hear his name. The kids are returned to the demolished school and Haruto is called a hero by his classmates. He’s a little embarrassed by the attention and really doesn’t consider himself a hero. What a humble guy! Unfortunately, he’s also made some enemies too.

Haruto also has his secrets and must keep the military from finding out. But will his friends help him keep those secrets? Haruto meets Senator Figaro who shakes his hand and shows him how popular he is on the net. Once again he has to deal with the fame of being a hero. Haruto wonders if he has to fight now, but Figaro tells him to run – that he has no chance against the full Dorssian army. He tells Haruto that just surviving is victory enough, but then he asks Haruto for his help.

L-elf makes a daring escape and kills his captors, but he has nowhere to go, since his own people think he’s a traitor. However, he mentions putting Plan D7 into action. Now what? And his former Dorssian friends will try again to obtain Valvrave. Meanwhile, Haruto uses his new found status to help evacuate module 77. It seems that L-elf had predicted this and a few other things as well.

L-elf’s escape is discovered, but he’s still inside the military complex and makes fools of ARUS as he continues his escape. I can see why they call him the “One Man Brigade”! Haruto walks through the empty school to make sure everyone has left, but is attacked. Shoko goes to help him and finds “Rainbow”. More of L-elf’s predictions come true and the evacuation is put on hold. Now everyone is trapped! And L-elf has found Haruto and he asks Haruto to help him liberate Dorssia! What???

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Episode 4 –


L-elf explains his plan to use Haruto and Valvrave to liberate Dorssia. He would also like him to possess the senator as he did L-elf. In return, L-elf promises to save the school. Naturally, Haruto is upset by this and brings up the small matter of his death at L-elf’s hands. And Shoko is dealing with the mystery of “Rainbow” who asks her to tell no one of her existence.

L-elf tries to get Haruto to enter into a pact with him, but Haruto continues to resist. L-elf tells him to give him a sign when he’s ready, but Haruto is insulted by the peace sign L-elf makes. I think rather L-elf meant a V for victory since he mentions that they aren’t “on the same wavelength at all”.

Haruto joins the senator and warns him against Valvrave. However, Haruto’s warnings are ignored and the man that entered the cockpit is killed by the A.I. Haruto can’t figure out why it was different from his experience, but it’s obvious that Valvrave is a one pilot machine and has already chosen Haruto. And this is the perfect moment for the Dorssian fleet to appear and attack!

At this, the senator plans to escape taking only Valvrave with him and leaving all the students behind. Both Haruto and Shoko overhear his orders. Haruto confronts the senator and is held back by soldiers. He bites one of them in the arm and realizes that his special power only works if he bites skin. The senator decides to take him as “research” material, which makes Haruto angrier. The good senator lies to the crowd, promising that they will still be rescued. Shoko knows this is a lie and tries to contact Haruto to tell him, not realizing that he already knows and is being detained.

Shoko reports what she heard to the student council, but they don’t believe her and ask for proof. She almost tells them about Rainbow, but doesn’t. Instead, she begins to undress until the others say that they believe her. Interesting tactic! LOL The students sing the school song for the soldiers so that Shoko and a couple of others can find proof that ARUS is lying.

Shoko and the others end up accidentally finding and saving Haruto, but he is able to confirm the lie. He announces it in front of all the students and tells them not to let the senator escape. The confused students look to the senator for hope and he opens fire on them! Haruto manages to get Valvrave back, using his special trick. He gets the senator and the soldiers to disarm, causing the students to cheer him on. Looks like he’s a hero again.

L-elf appears and tells the students that they are surrounded by the Dorssian military fleet. He also tells them that the rest of JIOR has already been occupied and that their families are hostages. L-elf looks at Haruto and gives him the sign. Haruto considers returning it, but suddenly Shoko gives him another option. L-elf is surprised that things didn’t go as he predicted, but the students agree that Shoko’s plan is a good one, once they realize that Valvrave is the key to winning the war.

I laughed when Shoko told the senator to have ARUS fight alongside them – without giving them Valvrave! Once again, Shoko played her cards well and the senator has no choice but to agree. Now neither ARUS nor Dorssia will have the upper hand and JIOR will keep Valvrave. It was funny too when Shoko turns around and gives Haruto the peace sign!

The space battle continues and Valvrave finally makes an appearance. But instead of fighting, Valvrave cuts the module 77 from the rest as Shoko tells the students that they are declaring their independence and will stand as equals to ARUS and Dorssia. I loved the look on the senator’s face at that! A choice is given the students and they vote unanimously for independence! Valvrave pushes the separated module into space and the senator is insulted to think that he is now in a country of children. L-elf finds out that Shoko is the daughter of JIOR’s prime minister and ends up laughing. I wonder if Shoko will be elected to lead this new country. She certainly has the makings of a great leader! Now, where is Haruto taking that module containing a newly formed country? I imagine that they are going to need some kind of home – they can’t stay in a damaged module in space forever.

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Episode 5 –


Well, the kids are enjoying their independence and neither Dorssia nor ARUS has made a move. ARUS has actually decided to “humor the children”, at least for now, while they concentrate on a bigger problem – Dorssia. And L-elf seems to have uncovered another secret at the school.

The kids are beginning to make rules, but face their first crisis when the power goes out. Then it begins to snow. Professor Kibukawa thinks that without power, the module is trying to reset to Winter mode. Otamaya understands his analysis and it falls to him to fix the system – even if he doesn’t want to! Meanwhile, the kids are starting to freeze in the colder temperatures and Haruto the Hero is getting a cold. The students are beginning to blame Shoko for their situation and a fight breaks out. Shoko begins to sing “Jingle Bells” and it stops the fight – sort of – but the students think Shoko is nuts!

Otamaya, with Yamada’s help, gets the power back on, but Yamada’s wound opens again. With the lights back on, Haruto finds himself in a funny situation – well, not so funny for some. LOL And he gets called a pervert, but he ends up getting a good idea. The kids send a broadcast to occupied JIOR, to their families and friends, telling everyone that they are safe and sound. To prove it and offer them encouragement, the kids put together a music video. It was very wise move to feature Valvrave in it too – that really annoyed Dorssia and was a good subtle message. The people of JIOR are a bit happier now to know that their children are safe. The video even reached all the way to ARUS!

Later, Haruto takes Valvrave and Saki to explore the underground areas of the module. They end up descending into a storage room where they find more mechs! Haruto calls them “curses” and asks Saki to keep them a secret, saying that he doesn’t want there to be any more people like him. Poor kid still sees himself as a monster. In return, Saki asks for some alone time with him and kisses him. Funny that the Valvrave AI comes on and asks if that is “sex”. But I don’t think Haruto will be able to keep the other mechs a secret for very long, since L-elf has already discovered them!

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Episode 6 –


Saki tells Haruto that she wants to be famous and enters one of the other mechs even though Haruto tells her that they are cursed. L-elf is still observing and thinks Saki might make a good guinea pig. The unit gives Saki the same choice that was given to Haruto and Saki doesn’t care as long as it will make her famous. She gives up her humanity and the Valvrave activates. She flies around until Haruto makes her land. She tells Haruto that she doesn’t care what happens to her because she has nobody. Saki hugs him, tells him everything she just said was a lie and then bites him in the neck!

No telling what will happen when one pilot bites another, but Haruto sure is acting strange. This is because Saki is having fun being a boy! L-elf is just amazed that she was compatible with the system and he’s starting to believe that the school was a cover for something else. Meanwhile, Haruto is berating Saki for taking his body for a “joyride”. And now Saki is styling herself as Haruto’s little sister – all to help her career. LOL Not knowing what happened, Shoko gets mad that someone is pretending to be Haruto. But she gets jealous and ends up arguing with him.

This is when the Dorssians choose to attack - even with the threat of the Valvrave. Module 77 and the ARUS ship are completely surrounded. The kids try to figure out what to do and suddenly find out that they have two Valvraves! Saki has named hers Carmilla to fit in better with her image. She is just too full of herself! But I wonder how she will do in her first fight. Saki seems to know what she’s doing and the Dorssians are also surprised to see a second Valvrave.

Saki is a little overconfident as she takes out the smaller Dorssian units, but now she has to face the Ideals. The Ideals easily take out the ARUS ship and there goes the senator. Haruto tries to protect Saki as much as he can, but she needs to get her head in the game. She’s just too scared to fight and if Haruto has to protect her, he won’t be able to concentrate on his own fighting either. On top of that, the Dorssians are confident of victory.

Shoko gets on the radio and tells Saki that everyone is watching her and that they need her to save Haruto and protect everyone. Shoko tells Saki that she’s a star and needs to put on a show. This finally gets Saki going and she requests that the battle be put on the net so that she will have a larger audience. Saki gets hit, but the rest of the kids cheer her on and Saki saves the day as the Ideals are ordered to retreat. However, the Dorssians have another plan in motion. It looks like the battle was a distraction in order to get A-drei into the module. And he’s going after L-elf!

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Episode 7 –


The others find out about the Valvraves and the Student Council takes charge of them. Haruto is against this – he doesn’t want anyone else to be cursed. However, Haruto is adamant enough that the others support him and Satomi relents, although he doesn’t like it. Professor Kibukawa comes to examine the mechs and tells everyone to stay away from them until his analysis is complete.

There are even more mysteries under that school and A-drei takes pictures of it all. His mission complete, he can now go after L-elf. L-elf approaches Shoko and hands her a report, telling her that it’s the “future of her country”. The only way for them to survive is to become a military state. Shoko disagrees and hands the report back to L-elf. He takes matters into his own hands and takes over new JIOR. That was too easy! These kids are never on their guard.

L-elf announces mandatory conscription. He has eyes everywhere and has even subdued Rainbow. He announces that he has set traps everywhere and suggests that everyone stay where they are. However, Yamada manages to get to the third floor room where L-elf is locked up with the girls by climbing up the front of the building. Saki joins him in threatening L-elf, but he makes quick work of both of them.

Haruto may think that he isn’t human, but Aina thinks that he’s been touched by God and now possesses a gift. She calls him Kamitsuki and I think Haruto can live with that. He hears L-elf’s announcement and is ordered to report to him. His Valvrave will be the core of the new defense force. And Haruto thought that L-elf would be harmless. He heads to his Valvrave, but is stopped by L-elf, who points a gun to his head. L-elf has planned for all contingencies. They are attacked by A-drei and Haruto is shot in the shoulder.

Nice of L-elf to use Haruto as a shield, but for someone that has eyes everywhere, he should have known that A-drei was around. He pushes at Haruto to get away and Haruto ends up getting shot again. L-elf sets off more of his traps and gets the drop on A-drei. A-drei tells L-elf that he can’t believe that he turned traitor. He forgives L-elf for shooting out his eye and insists that L-elf will be his right-hand man someday. I don’t believe this. Up until now, A-drei has only sought revenge.

L-elf doesn’t want to be a right-hand and tells A-drei that he has found his own. When A-drei asks who, Haruto pops up with a gun. Although shot several times, Haruto can still fight. But he points his gun at L-elf and demands that he set the school free - they would never be L-elf’s soldiers. L-elf insists that the fledgling country needs him. Meanwhile, Kibukawa rescues the girls and Yamada. Aina has followed Haruto and assesses the situation. The only weapon she has is a hammer. Haruto is almost at his limit.

Before Aina can make a move, Q-vier and his mech suddenly break in. A-drei orders him to capture L-elf, but Q-vier thinks that’s too much trouble and just shoots the place up. Saki heads towards her Carmilla, determined to teach L-elf a lesson. Q-vier continues his attack until A-drei gets him to stop. Q-vier tells him that traitors should die, but A-drei insists that L-elf is not a traitor. He enters the cockpit with Q-vier, but L-elf set off another trap and jettisons the mech back into space. However, the others have been waiting.

The Dorssians commence their attack and L-elf looks for Haruto. He finds him, but he’s unconscious and too injured to fight anyway. Saki takes off in her Valvrave and joins the fight, but is quickly incapacitated. Trapped under a beam, Haruto finally comes to. L-elf was considering what to do, but the best solution is to have Haruto bite him and use his body to pilot the Valvrave. Saki is about to be captured when Haruto joins the fight. Nice that L-elf left some notes for Haruto in his cockpit! He follows L-elf’s predicted strategy and it works well. As Haruto fights, he begins to think that L-elf is some kind of prophet. Everything happens exactly as he said it would. Haruto is successful in his attack and the Dorssians retreat.

Kyuma finds the unconscious Haruto in the hangar. He also finds Aina’s dead body. He doesn’t take her death well at all. Still in L-elf’s body, Haruto finds a picture of a girl in his uniform pocket and written on the back is “Light”. He begins to cry without knowing why. What is this girl to L-elf? More, importantly, will Haruto and L-elf end up working together after all?

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Episode 8 –


L-elf is imprisoned by the students and he tells them that their precious new country will fail in six hours. Once again, he offers to enter in to a pact with Haruto and save everyone. Meanwhile, they have to deal with Aina’s death and Kyuma blames Haruto for not protecting her. But Haruto didn’t even know she was there!

A-drei reports his findings to the Commander and is given one more chance to get L-elf back before he’s really considered a traitor. However, it looks as if the Commander has his own agenda.

Kyuma insists on piloting one of the Valvraves, but Kibukawa won’t let him. Kyuma wants revenge for Aina, but Kibukawa says that he should live for her as well. In addition, Yamada wants to fight, but Satomi won’t let the students be armed. It’s too late anyway – the Dorssians are already attacking!

Haruto and Saki go out to fight them and soon come up against the Ideals. But again, it looks to be a distraction as the school is infiltrated by Q-vier and a squad of soldiers. All eyes are on the battle, but then the defenseless school is attacked by sea. The Dorssians managed to get their hands on the battleships that were left there and are now under the command of Q-vier.

It looks like the students will have to surrender, or they could look to L-elf for help. Kyuma gets shot in the shoulder. Satomi thinks to use L-elf as a bargaining chip, but Haruto calls L-elf for a plan to save everyone. Haruto actually trusts L-elf and although everyone is telling him that he’s making a deal with the devil, Haruto has nothing to lose because he feels that he’s already cursed. And so, Haruto makes a pact with L-elf - for victory and for peace.

Funny that L-elf easily breaks through his restraints, much to everyone’s shock. Those belts really wouldn’t have held him anyway, but I wonder why he waited till now to break free. L-elf’s plan works and once again, the Dorssians are forced to retreat. Cain mentions something about the “Light of Rune” when Haruto attacks. However, L-elf is adrift in space with not much oxygen left. He remembers how he met the girl in the picture he carries. It seems her highness saved his life when he was a boy, but Haruto finds L-elf before any more of the story is told. And L-elf even knew that Haruto would be the one to come for him. At least the Dorssians didn’t get to him first. And Cain seems to know about the Valvraves. He also has a mark on his neck. I wonder what this all talk of his clan and his bride means. It was one of those episodes that ends too soon!

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Episode 9 –


As the world mourns for Aina, Kyuma and Yamada are still nursing their anger. Funny that Haruto and L-elf are now roommates. Haruto wisely leaves the battle plans to L-elf in order to minimize loss of life. But something is wrong with Haruto. He’s suffering from some kind of attacks and it seems to have something to do with the Valvrave.

Module 77 is heading for the neutral territory of the moon. They have also learned their lesson and have begun military and first aid training. L-elf seems to have been accepted as an ally as well as their battle instructor. Yamada is caught once again, trying to get a Valvrave and I think that is giving Kyuma ideas. Haruto and Shoko are very worried about him and begin to wonder if he and Aina were dating.

The Dorssians attack again and find the module protected by a new barrier system, developed by L-elf of course! They soon realize that he must be in command. The Valvraves are sent out, but it looks like a trap has been laid for them as they are drawn away from the module. Once they are out of the way, another Dorssian fleet attacks the module and the power gets knocked out. I think they need one of L-elf’s wonderful plans. Or perhaps his plan is already in motion.

Yamada gets out of his cell and heads straight for the Valvraves. Kyuma tries to stop him, but he soon finds himself talking about Aina instead. He did love her, but never told her. Still wanting revenge, Kyuma ends up getting in the Valvrave himself and this was L-elf’s plan all along. I knew it! Kyuma gives up his humanity without too much hesitation and joins with his Valvrave.

Kyuma is learning as he goes, but soon runs into trouble. He is saved by another Valvrave and of course it’s Yamada. I really didn’t think Kyuma talked him out of anything, since his desire to fight the Dorssians was so strong. Even with their inexperience, the Dorssians are not match for these guys. Thankfully, the Ideals are still off fighting Haruto and Saki. The fleet commander orders a special cannon to fire, but that also means it will harm his own forces. What is it with all these incompetent military commanders in these shows lately? LOL

L-elf warns Kyuma about the cannon before it fires. He heads towards it and it looks like he’s going to sacrifice himself, but as it begins to fire, he sees Aina with her arms outspread, protecting him. She turns and says something to him before she disappears. Was Kyuma’s mind playing tricks on him because his desire for her was so strong, or was her spirit really there? In any case, it gives him the strength to deflect the cannon blast back to the ship, disabling it. Once communication is lost with Manniger, Cain orders another retreat.

Upon their return to the module, Kyuma and Yamada – now “Thunder” – are hailed as heroes. But because he broke out, L-elf sends Thunder back to confinement for another week! LOL But Haruto is angry with L-elf, for he realizes that this was his plan, although L-elf denies it. L-elf insists that Kyuma and Thunder acted on their own, but Haruto knows that L-elf is smarter than that. Kyuma interrupts and tells Haruto that they are a team now. He did in fact want to join Aina in death, but when he saw her during the battle, she wanted him to live. So that was what she said to him.

L-elf knows that all of the teachers at the school, aside from Nanami, came from military backgrounds, but he’s surprised to learn that every adult working in the module did as well. Kibukawa finally admits to L-elf that Module 77 - and the students - were created just for the Valvraves. So, there was something behind all this!

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Episode 10 –


Kibukawa continues explaining things to L-elf regarding the Valvrave program. He also mentions the “runes” and explains that as well. L-elf was a bit surprised to hear that Kibukawa was only a “test subject caretaker” and responsible for taking care of the modified students. But Kibukawa should have been on the development team. Interesting that only Unit I has that strange “program wizard” that almost seems alive. L-elf gets a weird look as well and I wonder if he knows more than he’s telling.

Meanwhile, the new “team” has to get used to one another. That also means no more alone time with Haruto for Saki as well and she’s not happy about that. And Nanami is feeling the pressure. She really isn’t cut out for this as a student teacher. Shoko and Akira are becoming friends, but Akira is still dealing with her severe shyness.

As the boys on the team talk about an “experiment” that seems to leave Saki out, Nanami makes an announcement. They will be arriving at the moon and will need someone to represent them. That’s strange - I thought Shoko was their natural leader. She’s the one that declared their independence after all. Nanami says she’s been doing what she can, but it’s time to have someone official. She proposes an election for the post of Prime Minister of JIOR! Some agree and some disagree, but it’s going to happen. I bet Satomi wants that position, but I still think Shoko is a natural.

Satomi begins his campaign and his speeches, but he doesn’t seem to have much of a following. Thunder declares himself as a candidate too. LOL I can’t really see him as a political type. Saki would like to see Haruto run, but that’s impossible – not with those attacks of his. Kyuma suggests Shoko, but also calls her crazy. Then again, crazy may be good in this case. And L-elf will be an election supervisor! Actually, he would make a good leader too, but he’s a refugee, so that’s out. Since this fits in with his plans, he promises to be fair. Even Nanami is running! I thought she didn’t want the job. But she’s also trying to be fair.

Haruto has another attack and tries to bite Takahi, but Saki stops him and helps him cover it up. His attacks are becoming more frequent and soon it will be too hard to hide them from others. If he ever does turn into an animal, Saki promises to kill him. Shoko wasn’t really going to run in the election, but she has many followers that are already putting in their votes for her. Haruto sadly watches as Shoko gets pushed by her fans to run.

Now, the Dorssians still need to get Module 77 before it gets to the moon and they plan another attack. It may be their last battle, so Cain will be in on this one too. His life is on the line and there seems to be some internal strife within the Dorssian leadership. I also wonder what Kriemhild and H-neun are up to. They are both acting like spies!

The students gather, but Shoko is missing. Haruto goes to look for her and finds her at the shrine. The place where he was going to confess to her before everything happened. Her father has disappeared and may be dead, but Shoko believes that he’s still alive. And this is something she’s been carrying with her for a long time and he never saw it. Haruto feels her pain, but is helpless to comfort her. He yells his frustration and punches the board just as Saki catches up to him.

Saki watches from behind a pillar as Haruto promises Shoko that he will bring her father back. However, Shoko won’t let him go and Haruto reveals some of his feelings for Shoko which pierces Saki’s heart. Haruto tries to back out of what he said about Shoko being precious to him, but Shoko doesn’t hear him since she feels the same way about him. She just thanks him instead and tells him that she will run in the election. This will allow her to fight side by side with Haruto.

Shoko declares her intentions just in time. Haruto stayed behind at the shrine to fix the board he hit. Saki confronts him there and tells him that he shouldn’t be with a human. She tells him that it won’t work. Unfortunately, she seems to be proven right when Haruto gets another attack.

The election speeches are made and the eloquent Satomi was the most persuasive. However, last minute candidate Shoko runs on the stage to make her pitch. She doesn’t say much, only that they should hold the school festival once they reach the moon. Some agree with her while others are against her. Shoko goes on talking about the plans they had all made before the war broke out and put things to a halt. Suddenly, everyone in the audience is talking about the festival and what they will do.

Satomi voices an objection and says they are in the middle of a war. Shoko responds that is exactly why they should have a festival. Many or all of them may be dead soon, so this is their last chance to be students and the festival isn’t the only thing she wants them all to do together. She’s sure it will give everyone a reason to keep fighting. Shoko also announces that when they reach the moon, she is going to confess to the person she likes. With the way the students are cheering, it looks like Shoko is going to win the election by a landslide, but L-elf probably already knew that! LOL And the boys in the audience all wonder if they will be the one that she confesses to. Even Thunder, her opponent, is cheering for her!

Back at the shrine, Haruto is having a really bad attack. Saki offers herself to be body-jacked, but Haruto is already throwing Saki to the ground and is physically attacking her. Saki tries to fight Haruto off, but he’s an animal and completely possessed. Haruto brutally rapes Saki and the Valvrave AI seems thrilled. Saki seems to accept Haruto’s assault as she realizes that they really are cursed. This was the saddest thing. There is Shoko all happy and looking forward to telling Haruto she loves him and there is a possessed and crazed Haruto, raping a fellow member of his team. Sadder still is that Saki loves him as well.

When Haruto is himself again, and sees the state that Saki is in, he’s horrified by what he’s done. Saki sadly tells him that Shoko won the election. This was such a powerful and emotional episode! I wonder what the ripple effect will be from all that has happened and I wonder how things will turn out. I also wonder how much L-elf knew of all of this – he always seems to know so much more than he admits.

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Episode 11 –


The Dorssians hold a military tribunal for the former Prime Minister of JIOR, claiming that JIOR was supposedly neutral while they developed the Valvraves in secret. On Module 77, Shoko is sure everything will go back to being normal once they reach the moon. Haruto is just trying to live with what he’s done.

Haruto meets Saki in the destroyed city. Meanwhile, the ministers are chosen for the new government. Haruto and Saki walk through the empty city and end up in a bar. Shoko tries to call Haruto, but he’s too busy trying to get the fancy coffee machine to work to hear it and Saki covers up the ringing. She doesn’t answer her phone either. Saki hopes that Haruto really isn’t going to try to apologize to her.

Akira sends a message to congratulate Shoko, but ends up speaking with her. Everyone is surprised that Satomi has a sister. Shoko invites her come and celebrate with them and Akira has a panic attack. She gets hysterical and hangs up on Shoko. Shoko wants to go to her, but Satomi stops her by saying that Akira is his sister, and he goes to her instead.

Haruto takes Saki to a movie and in the empty theater, she tells him that she’s been alone her entire life. Although she was an idol, no one ever wanted her for herself. Haruto tries to disagree with her, but she won’t let him. However, when the same words are repeated in the movie, Saki laughs. It was a movie she had done a couple of years ago and she tells Haruto that she’s impressed that she still remembers the lines.

Haruto still tells her that she isn’t alone. It looks like he wants to say more, but an alarm goes off and they are suddenly on battle alert. The Dorssian fleet is between Module 77 and the moon! They will have to find a way to get through them if they want to reach the moon. At least L-elf finally makes an appearance. Module 77 flees and the Dorssians pursue. It’s a ploy, but I’m not sure what L-elf has in mind. The Dorssians plan to keep the Valvraves busy until they time out.

L-elf wanted the Dorssians to break formation and pursue them. Now, they are sitting ducks for Haruto’s weapon. L-elf hands command over to Satomi, leaving him with detailed orders. The Dorssians contact them, wanting to speak with the Prime Minister and L-elf makes Shoko go to her official residence to take the call. Shoko hopes to do what she can to protect peace and L-elf agrees that it’s her duty if to protect the safety of the citizens. He tells her that’s what Dorssia thought too and ended up with a massive military force. Shoko starts to disagree with him, but the call from the Dorssians is patched through.

Rear Admiral Delius Wartenberg addresses Shoko and steps aside to reveal her father. Wartenberg tells her that the military tribunal found him guilty and ordered his death. He orders his men to prepare the former Prime Minister for his execution as Shoko protests and threatens him. To add to her distress, L-elf tells Shoko that Wartenberg, in the heart of the enemy fleet, is within range of Haruto’s weapon. Shoko must decide between her father and the entire population of Module 77. They will never have this chance to defeat the Dorssians again. It’s a hard choice for Shoko, but while she considers it, time is running out.

Wartenberg offers Shoko a deal – the Valvraves in exchange for the lives of students and their families. He will also allow them to take asylum in another country. Somehow, I don’t think that deal includes her father. Heck, I don’t even believe that Wartenberg will even follow through on a deal like that! Wartenberg also tells Shoko that she will have to leave the rest of JIOR’s citizens behind and since they are total strangers to her, what difference could it make? Shoko declines his offer, refusing to only save themselves at the cost of others. L-elf reminds her that Haruto’s weapon is almost fully charged.

Wartenberg continues to try to talk Shoko into taking his deal, as L-elf secretly pulls out his gun. Shoko hesitates and L-elf cocks his gun. Is he going to assassinate the Prime Minster and take over if she takes Wartenberg’s deal??? Shoko’s father begins to laugh. Wartenberg says he’s not allowed to talk, but he ignores him. Shoko intends to save him, but Wartenberg orders his men to shut the man up and Shoko tells them not to hurt her father. I guess she didn’t hear that he was going to be executed earlier.

Module 77 continues to be attacked and even the Valvraves aren’t doing all that well. Satomi wonders how long it will be before Haruto can use his Harakiri Blade. Shoko’s father tells her not to worry about him and to do what she must; he’s ready for death. Even as the soldiers hit him to keep him quiet, he tells Shoko to keep looking forward. L-elf tells Shoko that Haruto’s weapon is just about ready. Still indecisive, tears begin to roll down Shoko’s cheeks.

The Harakiri Blade is ready and Haruto uses it. The majority of the Dorssian fleet is destroyed as Shoko screams and the students in the command center cheer. The way to the moon is clear now and Satomi orders them to proceed. Shoko is devastated over her first official act as Prime Minister. Her father is lost to her and she could do nothing to save him. She cries hysterically and L-elf puts his gun away. I’m glad he didn’t feel a need to use it.

Suddenly, an Ideal crashes into the base of Module 77 and drills through it. It destroys the pit, so the Valvraves won’t be able to get back in. The Ideal opens and Dorssian soldiers pour out. Satomi goes through the orders that L-elf left him, but there’s nothing in them about this invasion! Does this mean that for once, L-elf has failed in his predictions? I am shocked! More Ideals attack the Valvraves and Haruto asks Saki to take him back to the module since he used all his power for the weapon. He intends to fight the enemy hand to hand!

The bulkheads are sealed, but since Cain trained L-elf, he feels that L-elf is easy to predict. Saki delivers Haruto to the module and wishes him luck in rescuing Shoko. That doesn’t sit well with Haruto and he returns to Saki. He tells her that he’s been thinking of when the battle is over, and asks Saki to marry him! That seems to excite his Valvrave’s AI again and the word “marriage” appears on the screen. But somehow, from what Saki said earlier about not letting him apologize to her, I get the feeling that she is going to refuse him. Saki knows that he really loves Shoko and not her, so I don’t think she will settle for things in this way – she has too much pride for that. But, we shall see.

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Episode 12 –


As expected, Saki declines Haruto’s offer of marriage. It was her pride that made her decline too, especially the way Haruto asked. He told her that he wanted to spend his life with her in order to pay for what he did. No, I can see why she refused him. She tells him that as an idol, she already belonged to an adult world in which she’s had sex plenty of times, but Haruto knows that she’s lying. Saki softens and tells him that it was a Kamitsuki attack and nothing more. She sends Haruto off to save the prime minister and mourns once she’s alone.

Still distraught over the death of her father, Shoko is barely able to move, but L-elf needs to get her back to command. He coaxes her by saying that if she stays, her father just died for nothing. He receives a call from Haruto and tells L-elf to use him to drive the Dorssians from the module. He also tells L-elf to let Shoko know that they will win before he hangs up. Shoko requests that L-elf not tell Haruto that he was responsible for her father’s death. L-elf mumbles that Shoko and Haruto are very much alike.

The drill will be arriving at the school in about an hour and they need to stop it. As the drill advances, it emits a poison gas. If it reaches the surface, the entire module will be poisoned and everyone will die. L-elf tells Haruto about Cain, the man they are up against. Cain has Kibukawa and several of the students. The professor if put on the list for interrogation and is taken away. Cain leaves A-drei in charge and says he’s going to attend the “graduation ceremony”.

Thunder and Saki are still fighting the forces outside and know about the drill. They head towards the pit, while Kyuma shields them. Shoko receives a call from Satomi asking her to save his sister. But Akira is listening in as Satomi briefly describes Akira’s past to Shoko. Akira sends both Satomi and Shoko a message that she doesn’t want anyone’s help. Meanwhile, L-elf is coming up with a plan. However, he and Haruto run right into Cain instead. Cain shoots Haruto when he tries to prevent him from taking Unit One.

However, Cain notes that Haruto is unkillable and mentions that he’s “third generation”. L-elf attacks Cain, but gets nowhere. As Cain holds him off, he tells L-elf that he must know that he cannot win against his teacher. Outside, the Valvraves aren’t doing well. The Dorssians are overheating them, preventing them from fighting. Cain and L-elf get into a fist fight and I can’t believe how weak L-elf is against Cain. Just who is he? Even L-elf is surprised that he is being beaten so thoroughly. Haruto attacks Cain and tells L-elf to get away, telling him that they need him in order to win. L-elf runs but A-drei is waiting for him.

Satomi is still trying to get his sister to leave the school, but she won’t. She would rather die than go outside. Reading Akira’s messages to Satomi launches Shoko into action. The Valvraves are totally out of action now and that drill is still advancing. Shoko races to Akira, although Akira is still trying to dissuade her. Shoko tells Akira that they are friends and Akira is upset that Shoko would decide that by herself because she doesn’t want any friends. But as Shoko finally convinces her that they are friends, the drill arrives and Shoko is knocked out. Akira tries to save her from the gas, but it isn’t working. She panics, unsure what to do.

Akira finally overcomes her fear of the outside world, where she was once the victim of bullies. She runs off to save Shoko, but finds her way blocked by debris. There is no way past it and Akira repeatedly calls out for Shoko. Part of the debris collapses to reveal another Valvrave. Akira enters the cockpit and is faced with that same question of giving up her humanity. She says that she already has as she answers in the affirmative. Akira saves Shoko and then tries to stop the drill, but to no avail. As it breaks the surface, she finds out that her weapon is a hacking code and she utilizes it, reversing the drill and backing it out of the module. It passes Cain and his prisoners and L-elf sees Unit Six. Haruto wonders who the pilot is as A-drei orders reinforcements.

Akira hacks them as well and gets them to fight one another. Akira then attacks the platform, freeing Haruto and L-elf in the process. L-elf gets Haruto to his Valvrave, but Cain is getting away. L-elf convinces Haruto to shoot Cain because he’s too dangerous to be allowed to live. Haruto shoots at Cain, but when the smoke clears, both he and L-elf are shocked to find that Cain survived. Floating above them and glowing, Cain tells them that he can’t be beaten. Even his own men wonder what Cain as he flies away.

Cain gains access to a non-working Valvrave, but pulls out something he calls “Ploo” and it seems to be another AI program – one that Haruto’s AI is afraid of. As Ploo curses the humans, Haruto is stunned to see his AI speaking. Cain’s Valvrave begins to take human form as L-elf says that he was positive that Unit Two was broken. L-elf knows that only modified students can operate the Valvraves, and comes to the conclusion that Cain is not human. Cain reveals that he is of the Magius – “those that dwell in the shadows” – and this is how it ends! Not quite though, as season two is advertised afterwards. Very exciting!!! It’s a good story and I can’t wait to see more!

Season Two Trailer

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Wow, I missed that this was already dubbed. I guess Funimation isn’t the only one that can pull these shenanigans.

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Aniplex USA to Stream Valvrave 2nd Season

posted on 2013-09-18 16:00 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

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Aniplex USA Posts Subtitled Valvrave 2nd Season Trailer

posted on 2013-09-18 18:45 EDT by Egan Loo

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Valvrave the Liberator 2nd Season’s New TV Ad Streamed

posted on 2013-09-19 14:50 EDT by Karen Ressler
Nana Mizuki/T.M. Revolution’s opening song previewed in latest ad for show slated to begin October 10

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I’m very excited for the second season! I can’t wait! :cheer:

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Valvrave the Liberator 2nd Season’s New TV Ad Streamed

posted on 2013-09-26 20:30 EDT by Egan Loo
Nana Mizuki/T.M. Revolution’s opening song in latest ad for show debuting October 10

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