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World Conquest Zvezda Plot / Sekai Seifuku ~ Boryaku no Zvezda

World Conquest Zvezda Plot / Sekai Seifuku ~ Boryaku no Zvezda


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Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, science fiction
Themes: superpowers
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Junior High student Jimon Asuta is in a fix. He had a big fight with his dad and was kicked out of the house. With no money and no place to live he shares the last of the food with an unusual little girl he encounters. It turns out she is Venera the Great, the leader of the secret organization Zvezda and committed to conquering the world. At first he thinks it is just a little girl’s fantasy, but strange events with weird technology soon prove that Zvezda is, in fact, for real.
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2014-01-11

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Blue Exorcist/Darker Than Black’s Okamura Helms Sekai Seifuku TV Anime

posted on 2013-10-19 11:30 EDT
A-1 Pictures animates “World Conquest: Stratagem Star” designs by Kino’s Journey’s Kuroboshi


A loli is going to conquer the world! Well, why not? Who cares if she still uses a high chair at the dinner table, or has training wheels on her bike? She is one determined little girl! LOL And I love the other wacky characters too. I also like the moving hideout!

Episode 5 –


Well, when you can’t beat the enemy, cop a feel. LOL But now, Asuta knows Renge’s secret identity. Or at least he thinks he does. Further investigation is required! The girl is also quite a klutz, so I can see how she ended up in the embarrassing position for which she was reprimanded. I don’t quite see her as the superhero type either.

Tentacles and a dramatic finishing pose made me laugh, but Dva did end up saving Robin from Slimy Taro. I think Robin is quite taken with her enemy now. LOL But wait! When her mask cracks and falls off, it isn’t Renge! What? Asuta is devastated. He was so sure. Well, so was I actually. Perhaps she was wearing a second mask. A shower scene later reveals that she was. Now, I feel bad for Asuta. And the poor guy now has a fear of tentacles too! LOL But Asuta still gets to see the love of his life at school, so he’s happy.

Episode 9 –


A “Masked Hot Spring”? It figures! LOL The proprietors are funny too. It seems that grandma belongs to White Light while grandpa belongs to Zvezda. It was funny too how the number of monkeys kept increasing while Natasha was bathing. Some even try to go home with her! LOL And somehow they end up on the bus with Asuta and Renge. And one of the monkeys just sits there, eating chips. Asuta doesn’t realize, but Renge knows he’s Dva now. Asuta is just happy that he got some alone time with Renge as they traveled to and from the inn on the bus. But grandma and grandpa definitely stole the show!

Episode 10 –


Things just took a turn for the worse. The Zvezda base is destroyed by the Tokyo Special Forces. The KuruKuru are gone and the Zvezda members are wanted criminals. I liked the makeshift dragon base, but it can’t compare to their old base. Yasu is missing and believed to be a traitor. Kate is all ready for some payback, and wants to attack City Hall. But they are all pretty helpless at the moment. Appeals are made for the Zvezda fugitives to give themselves up. White Light Robin makes a special appeal to Dva and the others, telling them all that “world conquest is a foolish goal”.

Egret is made commander of White Light. Falcon will stay with the organization as an observer. Zvezda is found by the Special Forces and the dragon is surrounded. Kate goes out to meet them and have her say. Her answer is gunfire as they try to take her out. The others rush to protect her and Asuta. They manage to escape, but Goro and Roboko are captured. Asuta knew it would come to this and it turns out that his father is the governor, a man that Kate hates. But she was the only one that didn’t know who Asuta was and blames him for keeping his father’s identity a secret.

Asuta is now given the choice to return home, but he wants to stay with Zvezda. Kate forgives him and Asuta considers going home. If he does, they may leave the rest of Zvezda alone for a bit and give them a chance to escape. But Kate doesn’t like that. She tells Asuta that she needs him to conquer the world. They argue and Asuta feels so useless that he begins to cry. The Special Forces clean up the remnants of Zvezda. Only Kate, Asuta, Natasha, and Itsuka are left now, along with three KuruKurus.

Natasha did hide a second Udo reactor and they head for that now. But it’s probably a trap since they are being monitored. Asuta wonders if they should just give up. However, they still have Kate and that is all they need. Asuta argues that Kate is just a child. What can she do? As they exit the tunnel, White Light Egret and the Tokyo Special Forces are waiting for them. Robin is there too. Egret demands the return of Asuta, telling him that he is being used as a hostage. Egret tells the group to give up their “game” of world conquest, but it was never a game to them.

Robin makes an appeal to Egret and when that doesn’t work, she goes to stand in front of Zvezda. Robin doesn’t feel that this is justice and removes her mask, telling Egret that they don’t have the right to judge them. White Light has “lost the trust of the people” and only power is left. Robin tosses her mask on the ground and turns to Zvezda. Asuta can see that she really is Renge. She tells Kate that the world has gone mad and asks her if she still wants it. Kate says that she does.

Asuta removes his mask too, telling Renge that he doesn’t want to see her dragged into this mess. Asuta walks forward to give himself up as Kate calls for him to come back. He surrenders and tells the Special Forces why they’re wrong. Egret tells him that the governor doesn’t want his son back and gives the story of Asuta being kidnapped and held by Zvezda before being killed in battle. Robin is shocked, and Egret gives the signal to fire. It’s complete chaos as Renge grabs Asuta and runs one way, and Itsuka grabs Kate and runs in the opposite direction. Natasha falls to the attack as Kate calls out encouragement to Renge and Asuta. Wow, I never expected the story to get so dark. I wonder how Kate will conquer the world now.

Episode 11 –


Asuta is still hiding out with Renge and wonders about the fate of Kate. I wonder if that was her true story in the beginning of the episode. But the kids can’t even enjoy their breakfast before the soldiers come and Asuta and Renge have to make a run for it. Luckily, Asuta still has KuruMi with him. But if that was Yasu, he saw them.

Kate would be happy to see that she’s currently the star villain in her favorite anime. She and Itsuka are still free for the moment as well. It seems that Yasu did sell out his comrades and is currently working for the other side. And the city has been annexed to Tokyo.

Poor Roboko has been completely destroyed. White Light is about to investigate the ruins and it seems that was what they were after all along. That and they want Natasha to share her advanced technology. Miki is fitting right in with this group and I’m glad Renge left them. It looks like Goro is dead too.

Kyoshiro makes a television appearance and announces an end to martial law, since most of Japan is now Tokyo. He also has Kate’s stuffed animal and is using it to get at Kate. Kyoshiro thinks that Zvezda is finished. But it seems that Kate still has allies.

As Asuta tells Renge about his father, the annex ceremony is interrupted by Kate and Itsuka. Kate has laid claim to West Udogawa. In response, Kyoshiro holds up Galaktika, nicely handed to him by Yasu. In her prison, Natasha cries KuruKuru tears. Asuta, as much as he would like to stay with Renge forever, knows that he has to leave. Renge takes his Dva mask, but gives it back to him. She asks him to teach her the Zvezda salute. Afterwards, Asuta leaves and Renge feels rejected.

Back at the ceremony, soldiers surround the fugitives as the civilians run for safety. Miki orders a broadcast blackout, but Kyoshiro stops her. He knew Kate could not resist coming and he set everything up, hoping for a public execution. He throws Galaktika to the ground and grinds it into the stone. Lighting a cigar, that really isn’t a cigar, Kyoshiro sets fire to the stuffed toy. Kate accuses him of no longer being human and he says the same of her. Then his eyes glow red!

Episode 12 –


Kyoshiro blows that thick black smoke at Kate and Itsuka intercepts it. Miki demands to know what is going on and Kyoshiro tells her that “they” want the land, but it sounds false. Kate says that Kyoshiro is working for “them”. Miki and Kate transform and the fight begins. Kate takes on the soldiers as Itsuka and Miki go at it. But at Kate hits the soldiers, they disappear and Miki wonders what they are. Kate aims for Kyoshiro next and his eyes glow red again. He puts up a barrier and Kate is thrown back.

Asuta appears and yells for his father to stop. Kate collapses as she loses her power, but she tells Asuta that she’s fine. Kyoshiro wants to know why his “worthless son” is there. Asuta says that he’s there to talk some sense into his “idiot father”. As they talk, Asuta, Kate, and Itsuka are surrounded by more soldiers and there are people back in the trees with more black smoke. Kate vows to conquer the world and Itsuka’s eyepatch falls off. She begins to wail like a baby and clutches at Kate.

Kyoshiro tells Kate that world conquest is just an illusion, and she accuses him of trying to make Asuta in his image. Kate tells Kyoshiro not to “underestimate the power of an unhappy little girl” and announces that she has a secret weapon, but collapses again. She’s asleep again and Itsuka wails that she’s dead. What can Asuta do now? Kyoshiro says it’s time to end the “comedy act”. He makes a signal and Miki commands the soldiers to take aim at the group. But she hesitates in giving the order to fire.

An alarm goes off and Kyoshiro is informed that the other Zvezda “leaders” have escaped. KuruMi runs off to join his friends and form the tentacle monster and Natasha is with it. However, Kyoshiro was expecting this and calls for his anti-monster weapon. That robot looks very familiar! LOL Natasha tells Dva to protect Kate and Itsuka as she takes on the soldiers and the robot.

Goro is alive! He has a few choice words for Kaori and tells her to go find her own happiness. Then he kisses his sister-in-law! And Kaori doesn’t seem to mind in the least! The robot destroys the monster and the KuruKuru and Natasha fall near Dva. He drops Kate to see to Natasha, but Yasu uses the robot to pick up Kate. He also has Galaktika! The toy wasn’t burned after all! Natasha manages to grab Galaktika and makes a run for it. The soldiers shoot at her, but White Robin shows up to help her friends. It turns out that the Natasha that grabbed Galaktika is really Roboko – she’s all right too!

Asuta has to face his father again. Galaktika becomes a weapon and Asuta attacks Kyoshiro but he puts up his barrier again. But Galaktika is not to be outdone. Goro and Kaori now join the group, and Goro comforts Itsuka. Her first meeting with Kate is shown, as well as the story behind her eyepatch. Kaori puts the eyepatch back on Itsuka and she’s back to her old self – enough to complain that the patch is on the wrong eye. Galaktika and Dva rescue Kate, and she is reunited with Galaktika. And Kate gets another form!

Kyoshiro light another cigar and as he inhales, the people in the trees disappear. Yasu the coward feels it’s a good time for him to leave and runs, but Itsuka calls his name and he freezes in fear. Kyoshiro keeps smoking those cigars and finally blows out the black smoke. It covers the robot and transforms it with Kyoshiro as its head. Yup – the man is definitely not human. As Kate takes on the robot, the “Zvezda Converts Third Armored Brigade” shows up to help her. They feel that Kyoshiro has gone too far, and he’s angered the Prime Minister. Itsuka comes on her motorcycle to get Kate, but Kate decides she wants to drive. Love the name of the motorcycle now – “Venera’s Variations in Two-Wheel Evasion Windrunner”. And the girl can drive too! Asuta says that she can hardly ride a bike and wonders if she even has a license. As Kate passes, she whips out her license – and it has no expiration date! LOL

The robot emits black smoke and Kate crashes. But after a quick drink of milk – “Venera’s Variations in Milk-Drinking Snowflake” – she’s all better, and attacks the robot head on. Everyone else lends a hand, and I cracked up at Dva defeating the soldiers with a flyswatter! Robin has a chance to ask Egret what she wants to protect and her answer is “a world where Robin can smile every day”. Robin amends that to “we” and so, Egret joins Zvezda as well.

Kate faces Kyoshiro and the robot again. She tells Kyoshiro that he works for “them”, but she wants him to swear an oath to her and join Zvezda. Kyoshiro takes it as a joke and attacks Kate. As Kyoshiro laughs, Kate says that she will meet each and every person in the world and conquer them. Kyoshiro tells her that it’s another impossible dream. Kate tells him that once he’s abandoned his ideals, he can no longer reach anyone’s heart. With the help of Galaktika, the robot is defeated and Kyoshiro is conquered! Yasu has switched sides again too. LOL With Kyoshiro’s downfall, the conquest of West Udogawa is complete. Next!

Life is back to normal. The base is back and the kids return to school. Even Yasu is back in the fold. White Light is still around as well. Goro took a vacation to recover from his injuries and visited his old friend, Pierre – he survived as well. Goro has also married Kaori! Kate is back to riding her cute pink bike with the training wheels. As she goes down the street with Asuta, I see people saluting her or greeting her respectfully. Kate still has a vision of the future and shows Asuta the blueprints for the statue that was in the first episode. And the tentacle monster is building it! LOL

Asuta is truly offended by the statue and the “artistic license” Kate took with it. He threatens to destroy it, but that is taken care of by an attack from the sky. Kate says that the peace is over. A new enemy has appeared and Zvezda gathers together once again. It seems the new enemy is from North America and the missile that destroyed the statue was a baseball. Look out America, here comes Lady Kate! “May the light of Zvezda shine throughout this world!”

In the end, Asuta claims that Kate will never conquer him. Challenge accepted! What an unexpectedly fun show this was! I would love to see Kate’s conquest of the world continue. The fight must have been long and hard considering the state of the state of the old city in the first episode. But there is also that pretty new one in the distance. Yup, I do want more of this one!

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