Vocaloid Takeover!

[size=30]Vocaloid Takeover![/size]

Looking for somewhere to either find or post some catchy Vocaloid tunes? Look no further. Feel free to post any music from all the Vocaloid “artists” here. Whether it’s from Gumi, the Kagamine twins, Megurine Luka, and of course Hatsune Miku… or any others, it belongs right here. Let the Vocaloid TAKEOVER begin! :smile:

Here’s a link to the KARENT music group page where many song creators try to make things more official with many new works they create before it hits YouTube if it does. Also, I’ll be adding things from SoundCloud as well. If I find anything new, I’ll add it here later. And, have fun with it all Vocaloid lovers!

Also, this thread would not be complete without a link to Niconico! There are plenty of Vocoloid things to be beheld there if you like. Again, have fun posting what you enjoy here ya’ all. :wink:

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To start this off, here’s one of the best sounding and catchy Vocaloid tunes I’ve found thus far… :no_mouth:

[size=20]Meiko - Cradle Of Destiny[/size]

I do have a love for Vocaloid songs, so I might as well put a few of the ones I have enjoyed thus far. :smile:

In good standing to be my favorite Vocaloid song, here is Electric Angel by various artists (Giga, Yasuo, and Orebanana if I am reading this correctly).

There is also a Miku version, which I believe is the original, but I love this one so much more. :3

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I’ve been a fan of Miss Monochrome ever since watching her anime. Very cute!


I enjoyed this one too!

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I do not think I have ever heard of Miss Monochrome before. But I did like the sound of the last two. :smile:

You know, I am feeling the love tonight. I think I will put two of my favorite Vocaloid love songs. :heart:
MELT (by Supercell, I believe)

I Like You, I Love You (by JevanniP)


[size=16]Sega celebrates the 10th Birthday of Vocaloid Meiko with a bang[/size]

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A less real sounding take on the Vocaloid scene, but this song just seems to stick. It’s so sad and deep… :no_mouth:

[size=20]Megurine Luka - Lie[/size]


**Warning - video contains flashing images.

There is a whole series of these and I thought they were a little bit crazy and a little bit fun -


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Don’t look at me in that way (by kikuo)
Kind of an odd addition, but I have come to love it, even though the subs are kind of hard to read at times. It causes a little debate for some, but I see no reason to leave it out. :smile:

Come Home ( by Kuro Kouhii)
And of course, another one of my favorites.

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-Warning, the subject matter and imagery may be disturbing so view at your own discretion.-

-(Bacterial Contamination)-
Vocaloids in This Song:
Nosurname Mew (V3)
Nekomura Iroha (V2)
Utatane Piko (V2)
Hiyama Kiyoteru (V2)


And an English version of one of the songs -

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I can’t decide which version I like better!


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I think I will add a little more uplifting songs this time. ^-^ Both are songs that I originally found and still enjoy playing on osu! :smile:

Packaged (by livetune)

And here is the piano version that I found originally. No reason to keep it out:

Yellow (by kz ( livetune?))


Thank you guys all for the great videos! :smile: And, how can you not fall in love with Ia? Here’s a little gem that I stumbled across the other day to lift your spirits. Awesome video and tune…

[size=20]Ia - See The Lights[/size]

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I found this amusing… :laughing:

[size=20]Kaito - 2x Rainbow[/size]

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Reviving the Vocaloid thread?

Whatever! (by buriru-P)

Making a commitment to continue it past this point?

I Refuse (by Satsuki Ga Tenkomori(?))

Two good songs for very real-life situations. :stuck_out_tongue: