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Dub at least one song in English

I really miss the old ADV dubs when they’d at least dub one song in English. A few times they were kind of iffy,but occasionally we got stuff like this.

I’d like it if a Anime has a song in it if we could get at least one song dubbed every so often.

Also shame Gravion is not still on.

Well now that Sentai is going to distribute K-ON! Season 2 they have a perfect opportunity to do just that.

The best thing about the Bandai Ent Season 1 disks was the three English versions of the Hokago TeaTime songs.

I’d like to hear Rice is a Dish in English. :slight_smile:

Mark Gosdin

That is a TERRIBLE idea.

Yeah, FUNi redid the music for Dragonball Z. It sucked.

I bought the first US release of Bubblegum Crisis. They redubbed all of the songs and they SUCKED, compared to the original Japanese songs. I like the originals so much that I bought a 3 CD OST set. They still have a place in my iPod. Later on, ironically, ADV remastered the series and incorporated the original music with the english redubbed dialog. I have that version, as well. I like it better than the original M2K boxed set.
No, I want the original music.

When you redub, you often have totally change the lyrics in order to achieve the same rhyme scheme and meter. That usually means it is now a totally DIFFERENT song from the original.

I would be appalled of anyone tried to redub the song Maids Sanjou from Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru. It would absolutely RUIN it.

If you can’t understand the lyrics, just try and get a set of translations. Their list is rather large.

Well, as long as they use VA’s who can sing well it should be okay.

I have over 500 anime songs in my collection. That’s just the OP and ED theme songs.

Sentai dubbed the bard’s songs in Guin Saga, though they did it poorly (which I’m convinced was on purpose, for comedy, as it’s hilarious).

I remember the English intro to the infamous Dic release of sailor moon being much cooler than the Japanese intro. Funnier too.

I have very, very bad memories of Funimation ruining the opening to Blue Gender by changing not only changing the lyrics but also completely redoing the instrumentation, stripping the show of one of its best attributes. I think I have more bad memories than good. I just saw fractale and as far as I’m concerned that “daystar” song could have been left out.

It seem to me that they weren’t planning in dubbing the bard’s song in Guin Saga and thus cast someone who clearly couldn’t sing. I think at th last minute they couldn’t use the Japanese version for whatever reason and had to make due with who they had.

I wish they’d put a commentary track on guin saga so we would know why they did what they did with the dub. I thought it was hilarious and it got me to watch the show that I otherwise had no interest in, just like ghost stories. Seems more people just consider Steven Foster to have messed up the dub due to incompetence (which isn’t possible).

I’m glad they did dub it, it would have been more awkward and less funny IMO if the actor’s voice had suddenly changed and he launched into Japanese. I wish they had cast Vic in the bard’s role as he sounds similar to the man they did cast, and since we know he can sing we would know if Foster intended the singing to be humorously bad.

Or, we could have just had a commentary track. Of course, I’m convinced that every dub is better with a commentary track :wink:

It was a shame that after Guin Saga, 90% of the time, Sentai Filmworks just refused to even attempt to have even a little bit of singing dubbed (in the same matter that all singing in Lucky Star was not dubbed).

Is there a rule that in general, Only Japanese Seiyu are permited to sing in anime, and not US Voice actors?

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