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Waiting in the Summer (Ano Natsu de Matteru)

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]


[size=17]They’re actually watching HotD in ep. 04![/size]


That is all sorts of AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:


Now all they need to do now is dub Waiting using HOTD’s v.a.'s and that will make it all sorts of AWESOME-ER!

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 05 is now LIVE![/b]


Have to watch Episode 5 tomorrow but really enjoying this. Really hoping for a change to dub and Blu-ray release for this. :slight_smile:

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 06 is now LIVE![/b]


Finally caught back up and yay Beach episode! Was wondering when it was going to hit.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 07 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 08 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 09 is now LIVE![/b]


This is a pretty good show, but overall I think Onegai Teacher was better. Anyway, I hope the team who made this can put out another anime with less than a 7 year break.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 10 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 11 is now LIVE![/b]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 12 is now LIVE! (END)[/b]


Looks like it’s pretty much a guarenteed sub release now, and we’ll probably be seeing it in the Jan solicitations next month.


It’s coming to DVD in January. Subtitled Edition only.[/quote]


Cover art has been posted.


###Waiting in the Summer/Ano Natsu de Matteru Gets New Anime
posted on 2014-03-21 11:45 EDT
Staff, cast return from 2012 show with Please Teacher!'s story creator & original character designer