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Watch Online Schedule link wrong


I couldn’t check to see what came out today!

On the main schedule page, the Online link incorrectly points to the DISH schedule (and I was so excited to see Aria and Boogipop Phantom before I noticed it was wrong!)


Any update on this? There is still no way to access the Watch Online Schedule that I know of.

Could I also request that you keep around the last couple of weeks preceding the current date? That way folks like me can keep track of the recently added shows, and know which episodes are new for them to watch. (I understand there’s no purpose in keeping those around for the VOD schedules, but the shows stay around for Watch Online). Thanks.


It’s fixed. You may have to refresh your Schedule page when you get there. The correct link now, is


Thanks for the fix! It really is an impressive list of shows that are coming out.