Missing Update News Article

Okay, I haven’t been up-to-date on the shows here for a while (other than simulcasts, and not consistently on them either), but where’s the News Article for the 12OCT2011 update? I rely on the links in those update bits to help me keep track of which ep I’m currently watching in each series. I’m hoping that nothing started that day, so that I can just use two articles together to get myself caught up, but it’s extremely annoying for it to be missing what with how I watch the shows.

Yeah, that week we were all at NYCC, so we couldn’t find time to post up that blog. Last week’s blog had the shows that debuted the week of 10/12 in there (Himawari, Towa), as well as that weeks new content, Night Raid’s English dub.

Sorry about that, too much stuff, not enough time. ;_;

There’s another way to keep up…

The http://www.theanimenetwork.com/Whats-On/Anime-Network-Online.

It’s updated automatically, so even if Rai’s blog doesn’t get posted for any reason, this is always there, and it has things well into the future. (Except for the surprise stuff.) :cheer:

Well, at least I’ve got something else to check against for the standard updates. It was just the fact that instead of getting completely caught up a show at a time I’ve been going a week at a time, and so I rely on those episode links rather heavily. To me it would’ve been nice to just have a double listing on the 19th’s update to include both weeks shows (since I’m running behind), or else do the same in an advance manner on the 5th’s update. I do understand that you guys were busy (didn’t pay a lot of attention to the news bit, I live over 1,000 miles away and can’t afford to travel a tenth that distance on a trip). I’ve only got a couple of shows left to go from that update (well, I’ve been treating MM! like a simulcast and watching the new eps rather quickly, there aren’t very many shows I like enough to want to buy and it’s already made the list), so I’ll survive. Just thought I’d give my two cents about the missing “lazy” links and call it good.