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What does the Hulu situation mean for TAN?


I’ve noticed a lot of series with subtitles that are available on Hulu - like the first two seasons of Mahoromatic and Godannar - but Hulu is going to purge a lot of anime really, really soon. What does this mean for the subtitled versions of many older shows? Will they end up going to TAN instead, since this is the only place that’ll be streaming them afterward? Really curious about this case.


If you look at it from Hulu’s perspective, they are basically purging a lot of shows that are underperforming for them.

They pay the companies for all the shows they stream, and the main goal is to bring views, which is where they make their money be it through subs or advertising.


@Midonin - Just because a show is leaving Hulu’s service does not mean it is leaving Anime Network Online.
The only change is that there is no longer an option to watch them through the embeded Hulu player on our site.